The Playdate Pledge- Free Printable!

Are you tired of polishing your trash cans and cleaning your baseboards before other people’s kids come to play? Take the Playdate Pledge, and pledge to be okay with letting other parents see that you don’t always keep things perfect. Embrace your clean enough, yet generally biohazard free house!

I hired Alex from Type A Calligraphy to help me with this, and she came up with a wonderful design for the Playdate Pledge (originally blogged by me in the fall of 2011). We have 5 different color combos for you to choose from, each sporting it’s own coffee ring stain to give it that extra oomph of authenticity and transparency.  And they are all free for you to download and print!

Frame one for your playroom, pass them off to your moms group. Even better? Share it with that mom you just met who is graciously hosting you and your kids at her house next week BEFORE you get there. Let her know you can’t expect perfection from anyone else when you don’t want to live up to that yourself. I bet it’s a great icebreaker.

All you have to do to get one of your very own hi-res PDF images, suitable for printing up to an 8×10 (or 5, really) is click on these links:

GrayLavender , Mint, Pink, Sky

Here are some low-res images of the rest of the color combos. Alex really did a beautiful job with this! I would be over the moon happy to see pictures of these displayed in your homes, so post them to my Facebook page if you want to share.

I really hope you enjoy this, that it brings a smile to your face. I ask that you PLEASE respect that these words are my words (and Alex’s design). Please don’t take them and re-post them without crediting me. Please don’t design your own image with these words. The Playdate Pledge is copyrighted work. That said, feel free to print as many of the images I provided you.  Sharing, with credit, is caring, and I love you all for that! (Please no selling these images. Obviously.)

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  1. LOL! Fantastic.

    There are days when the “dish pile not being visible from the living room” thing might not happen so I appreciate that you used the word “strive.”

  2. I remember when you wrote the original post 🙂 Love This!!

    Right now the dishes are piled out of the sink, there are definitely dust bunnies on the floor, and the lid is off the trash can on the floor. I’m playing the sick kid card though. We are currently self quarantined, so while the toys don’t have Ebola, they do probably have hand, foot, mouth germs 🙁

  3. My girlfriend and I had a version of this pledge that we agreed upon. She lived upstairs from me so it was easy to drop by each other’s apartments on short notice. We agreed that our lives would be happier if we both agreed not to care if our homes weren’t perfectly clean or if we were still in our pajamas without makeup when our kids wanted to play together. It made playdates a lot more spontaneous and much less stressful. Thanks for the download.

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