The Way I View: Happiness

It’s time for my March post as part of my Clickin Moms The Way I View monthly photo challenge.

Happiness was the topic for the month of March, and I think this image so sweetly sums it up for me. My little family, out to breakfast at Starbucks. The boys were bonding over the Nintendo 3DS while Leyna took turns eating a little of everyone’s pastries, completely ignoring the healthy puree pouch I bought her. Even beloved Mr. Mousey Mouse came along for the trip.

In the words of Natalie Merchant, These… are… days that you’ll remember.

That’s happiness from my eyes.

Head on over to Tracy’s blog to see what lights her up with happiness. Then you can keep clicking through all the links to the blogs in our circle until you get back here. I dare you not to smile the whole time.

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