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Going to take a few minutes to give virtual fist bumps to the people who’ve sponsored me in the last month, and I wanted to let you know that it’s now hella easier to give me money. I’m officially up and running on Passionfruit Ads.

So, if you want to see your shiny ad up here for all to see, all you have to do is go here. (Pssst… like me on Facebook for a discount code. I posted it on my wall.) And the rest works itself out. No more of this emailing me, only to not hear from me for days… okay, weeks when I finally dig my way through my disaster of an inbox. Then you have to email me your ad and I have to invoice you. Then you have to remind me to put up your ad.

Dudes, follow through is not my strong suit. Obviously.

Anyway, NOW you don’t have to deal with me being lame and procrastinate-y when you want to send me dollars!

(And if you’re a fellow blogger, there is really no reason in the world I can see why you wouldn’t want to sign up for Passionfruit Ads, too, so you should just go ahead and do that AFTER you read about the awesome people I’m going to mention below.)

Let’s start with my girl Michele at Olive Bungalow. Now’s the time to start emailing obvious hints about what you want for Mothers Day, ladies. I suggest you start here, perhaps with some stackable rings? I’m loving her new emerald cut bands.

Steph from Good Girl Gone Green is one of those eco bloggers that inspires you but doesn’t make you feel like shit for reading her blog while drinking from a disposable Starbucks cup.  I mean, not that I would know much about that. (What? I recycled it!) What I’m saying is she gives good green living advice and info without the unnecessary pretentious attitude. She’s also a Canadian who just moved to Texas and I’m already praying for her survival this summer.

My Fun Clothes is an Etsy shop run by a long-time loyal reader turned friend. I’m so happy that she’s doing so well with her venture. She’s an inspiration in more ways than one, including being a mother of 4 children, 2 biological and 2 from international adoptions. Now she gets to use them as the gorgeous models they are to help sell all her “Fun Clothes”.

Pea Wee Baby is back for another month, and all parents in the southern states, CHECK THIS OUT. It’s a swaddle that lets them keep their legs free (and cool). Though, they advertise that it’s great to keep babies swaddled while in swings and bouncy seats. I mean, I guess that’s a good idea, too, I just immediately thought how great it would be when it’s 115 out this summer.  I almost wish I had a newborn to try it out on.

Noodle Knobs oh Noodle Knobs. Y’all, every time I check in over there, I bust out laughing. If  you’re currently in Thomas The Train Hell, I know you’re gonna love this one.

Mrs. PTB Makes... the cutest fleece hats I’ve ever seen. And if you missed out on this bunny rabbit getup for Easter, I’m sorry for you. But it’s not too late to dress your little man in this bow tie onesie for a spring wedding or Father’s Day!

Daily Mom Report- “Headlines for moms who want to go beyond the front page” is a great site to add to your daily internet rounds. With one stop, you’ll find all the news you may be interested in as a parent, curated in one, easy to navigate spot.

So, my friend Valerie from Charmed Valerie is basically famous now. She interviewed the cast of the Hunger Games. If you ever get a chance to see me in person and hug me, just know that I’ve hugged Valerie, so that puts you, like, only 2 degrees of separation from some Hunger Games awesome. Even better, just keep up with Valerie. I’m sure she’s got a lot more awesome coming soon.

Moderate and Motivate is a new blog, started by a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist who also happens to be a “real person” and a mom. She’s sharing her own struggles to stay healthy and on track, while also educating the rest of us. I love me a good healthy eating blog, but I especially like that hers comes with some education backing her up and from the perspective of a busy mom.


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