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If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a natural born (effective and compassionate) teacher. Oh, sure, I can “teach” things to people, but if you don’t get it the first 3 times or you start messing with the order of things? My head explodes.

Honestly, that’s a huge reason why I pay to send my kid to preschool, and why the thought of homeschooling sounds about as appealing to me as shoveling horse shit. (Believe me, I’m sure it would be worse for the kids than having them shovel horse shit.)

I hate filling down time here with lots of TV shows, though, and Kendall has such a thirst for learning right now. I’ve tried to find cutesy crafts and lessons on Pinterest and at the nearest educational store, but it’s all so… hard for me to coordinate.

I was THRILLED when a local company reached out to me a few months ago to review their activity packs because I really needed something to do with Kendall on the days he’s not in preschool, and I wanted someone else to tell me exactly what to do and how to do it.

Let’s Go ActivitiesΒ makesΒ activity kits, which are boxes built around a central theme, and they include nearly everything (with the exception of some items you probably already have and anything you have to buy fresh from the grocery store), to pull off crafts, lessons, even kid-friendly recipes!

We chose the farm one, and it was immediately tons of fun for Kendall. He colored and made a farm scene from stickers while Leyna napped and I worked.

What? Pinterest is “work” for me sometimes. I swear!

I made sure to stop and guide him along the activities he was working on, but I was also able to let him work independently while we both quietly shared a bag of popcorn.

Since then, we’ve done just about every activity included, and we’re getting ready for another kit. I can’t wait to sit down with him and let him pick out the next one. For us, I would guess the box lasted about 6 weeks. That was just doing a little something 1-2 times a week. It will really depend on how much you want to get done in a day with it as to how long the kit will last you.

Each kit sells for about $23, and you can purchase a booster kit for $7 if you’d like to stretch the supplies to accommodate an extra child.

Let’s Go Activities wants to send a kit of your choice to one of you, so check out the box below to see how you can win!

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  1. We would definitely enjoy the farm pack in this house. Every book we read is centered on farms or farm animals. Plus I am amazing at imitating their little noises so it automatically drags everything out a little longer and becomes a “learning experience”. πŸ˜‰

  2. What a great idea, especially for moms like me (like you) who aren’t teachers but would love to do deeper activities with kids! The Ocean Exploration looks great!

  3. I think I’d start with the farm one too. My daughter is obsessed with cows and horses lately. I’m pretty sure if we could have a cow in our (suburban) backyard she would die of happiness at 2.

  4. Probably the ocean activity pack, its super cute and with summer coming it would be an awesome thing to have for fridays when my son will be home from his preschool program.

  5. I sooooooo need something like this. My (almost) 2 year old watches wayyyy too much TV. I had grand ideas of the stuff I’d do with her when I quit my job, but yeah I stink at this type of stuff! I like the ocean pack or the bugs and butterflies

  6. Ooohhh the Bugs Activity pack. We’ve been working out in the garden the past few weeks and my daughter is all about the bugs!

  7. this is so awesome! I think we’d end up with the bugs or all aboard box. this is exactly what I would love to put together on my own for my kid, but like you, I’m kind of …. not good at that. mostly figuring out what to DO.

    I posted about this on my blog page and was told I was ‘cramming’ worksheets down my kid’s throat… that kids learn best by play.. who says a worksheet with stickers CAN’T be play, along with the 5 million other things kids play with?

    so glad you found this, and I would LOVE to win!

  8. My little girl would like the farm one best, I think! Since we don’t have a car during the day, I’m always looking for fun stuff to do…it’d be great to have this box of activities. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh, this is awesome! I feel the same same way. My daughter is in preschool four days a week while I’m at work and we’re both home on Fridays. I have a bad tendency to let her watch too much tv because it’s my one day to catch up on laundry, house projects and blogging. She LOVES coloring right now and any sort of project but I’m definitely missing the craft gene. I subscribe to all these magazines but then every craft seems too hard to pull together without my constant supervision. I would choose either the Ocean kit or the Bugs and Butterflies one. I wish there was a space one because that’s her current obsession. These are great!

  10. My 3.5 year old daughter is obsessed with butterflies right now, so I would most likely choose the bugs and butterflies pack. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. My son would like my first airplane. I totally understand what you mean about your son and teaching. I am the same way with my son. People that homeschool are very brave!

  12. Love the farm pack or the bugs. The little guy is obsessed with anything outdoors, and living in ND, the farm and bugs are a lot more relatable than the ocean!

  13. My daughter is very interested in animals right now so we would go with the Farm pack. What a cool product!!!!

  14. All Aboard or Ocean Exploration for sure. All the others look amazing too. Okay, we’ve changed our minds. Bugs & Critters. No. Fun on the farm! Gah! They all look like fun in a box. We’re excited. Can you tell? πŸ˜€

  15. We would probably start out with the farm activity pack… maybe follow it up with a visit to the local farm!

  16. I grew up in the north, but live in the south now, and we don’t see a lot of snow. I think I’d pick the winter pack first to get more time to explore and play with winter activities I loved.

  17. I am thinking my curious little 4 yr old would love the bugs and butterflies pack. She would have a whole bug farm in our house if I’d let her. Excited about this giveaway!

  18. I don’t know which we would choose…my little guy would love them all…Thanks for the chance to win one.

  19. My son would flip for the All Aboard pack since he loves Thomas at the moment. Second choice would be the Farm one.

  20. I enjoy doing arts and crafts with my boys, but it is so hard to find the time to put things together with them constantly on my heels. This sure would make it easier! I think my boys would love any pack but the “Bugs” pack would be fun this Summer.

  21. What a great idea! My daughter would have such fun with all of them but I’d go for the farm pack too… We live around lots of farms & she is always commenting about them when we drive. This would make summer activities with a newborn & a three-year-old so much easier!

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