The Rundown of A Perpetually Exhausted Procrastinator’s Days

7:30 am- Why, Dear God, WHY must the children wake before 8? Ugh. I’m going to HAVE to nap today. It’s happening. And then tonight? TOTALLY going to be before midnight. I SWEAR.

9:00 am- Oh, this coffee is awesome. I think I might do all the things today! When the baby goes down for a nap, I’m going to rock the shit out of my to-do list.

10:30 am- Or not. Yeah, definitely not. Definitely going to take a nap once I get this snuggly little sleepy baby off my boob… and crawl out… of this..yawn… dark room.

10:45 am- I should check my emails first. Just in case.

11:45 am – Still “checking emails” and Facebook, and Twitter, and blog comments, and Pinterest, and forums, and basically exploring the entirety of the internet because that is SO AWESOME TO DO when it is quiet.

12:45 pm- Drink more coffee. Get the baby up from her nap. Kick myself for squandering precious sleep time.

3:45 pm- Beg the Lord to have mercy on my exhausted soul and magically make it bed time… or make both the kids want to take a nap. Then give up and drink more coffee.

6:00 pm- Bedtime is ON. I’m going to BRING IT. The kids are going DOWN, and then I’m going to bed EARLY tonight, yo. Seriously. I am. 

7:30 pm- Kids are sleeping. I think I’ll have a glass of wine… and check some emails.

9:45 pm- WHEEEE THE INTERNET IS FUN!!! And also, I’m reminded of how much work I didn’t get done today. I’ll get it done… eventually… not now. Pour another glass of wine.

11:15 pm- Start work.

12:45 am- Apologize in advance to myself for how much 7:30 am is going to suck.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Fellow procrastinators, amirite??

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  1. Not sure how many wake ups you do over night…but 730 AM is a sweet ass time to wake up (in parent world only)!! We have a 3.5 year old who thinks 5 AM is a grand merry time to start the day. He even sings, ‘it’s morning time! Time to start the day!’. Which isn’t that fun or merry after being up every few hours to nurse a new baby. Or even if there was no baby, it still is too early in my books.

    I do the same thing each night as you. I promise myself ten times over to go to bed early. Then my first goes to sleep and I just have my sweet baby. Then the two of us snuggle and nurse in bed and I watch episode after episode of some TV series on Netflix. Then it is midnight and I turn out the lights and curse myself.

    • 7:30 would be a lot more awesome if I wasn’t waking up 2-3 times a night still. But, my God, I know it could be so much worse. 5:30??? How are you even still alive?

    • HAHAHA oh yeah this is me…it is nap time right now and what i am doing….getting sucked into the black hole we call the internet…

  2. Speaking as someone who is currently procrastinating, and the baby AND my husband have been asleep for an hour and a half, and yes, you are right on. I should so be doing work – but I NEEDED to take that quiz on whether I’m smarter than a Fox News viewer – really! Ugh. Now to decide – to sleep or to get the work done? Sigh.

  3. do you KNOW me?!? haha, this is my daily routine…as I’m sitting here at almost 10:30pm reading your blog instead of writing my school papers or working on my sewing projects…

  4. get out! this is me minus the whole nursing baby. i always, always, always have such grand plans and then i get internet ADD. every night i hope that maybe, just maybe a magical fairy will have come to my house in the night & clean all the things.

    • Some nights it happens, others it doesn’t. But, most of the time, at least the baby is down by then. She’s down to one nap a day, sadly, so she’s exhausted come 6:30. With Kendall, it really all depends on if we wear him out enough during the day. It’s been easier since he dropped his one nap.

      • It’s a give and take. My 20 mo still naps — sometimes twice a day. The soon to be 4 yo still needs an afternoon nap. We usually have them in bed by 8:15 & 8:30ish.

  5. See, I have to keep my kids up till 10:00 to get them to sleep later than 8:00 the next morning but other than that, you hit the nail on the head.

  6. Are you watching me? How did you know what I did today?!
    I can’t count how many times have I taken a shower at 3 pm during the afternoon nap because I wasted the morning nap on Pinterest.
    Pinterest is a succubus!

  7. Yep! Except add in the jillions of pages of homework I must do each week to maintain my grades, and then you get “Stay Up Until 3 Am And Want to DIE DIE DIE DIE In My 10 AM Class Lecture.”

    • Chocolate cream cheese?! I must try this! I usually have Nutella, but this sounds better! Did you know there is a large tub or cheesecake filling too? I ate almost a whole one with graham crackers when I was pregnant.

  8. Amen! This is my life in a post. Now, I must quit reading your blog and begin my work. School dropoff comes really early, and the darn kids want me to feed them first. Oh, wait, you thought it got better when they went to school? WRONG! Just more Facebook, pinterest, and because you are already out, may as well run into Target, Joanns, Costco…..oh to be one of those motivated people!

    • Go to bed! I have a love/hate relationship with school. Love the time I get with just one kiddo, hate that I have to get dressed before 9 am those days.

      • ha this post is magical, it’s like you just creepishly peeked in my windows and saw me sitting on my couch, with nothing but sweatpants and a sports bra from 1992 on, then you watched as I ate cheesy pretzels and read blogs, rather then worked on actual work, not even emails, mygod, I’m lazy.

        Oh, but in reply to the school thing, I send my daughter on the bus! She loves it, I love it, I don’t even have to get out of my sweat pants in the morning. Just wait a few years, it’s glorious, promise. 😉

        and 7:30 is early-ish over here, my two youngest sleep till after 8 every day. ::hallelujah choirs singing:: too bad the baby still wakes up 3 times a night 🙁 ::wah wah wahhh::

  9. Oh geeze . . . it’s like looking in a mirror (though I have just one 5-year-old). I made a New Year’s resolution to absolutely, 100% guaranteed start going to bed before midnight. No excuses. Guess what? Currently it is 12:15 and I’m at least a half hour from bed. Assuming I don’t get sidetracked. SIGH.

  10. Been there. I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet. I love it because it’s awesome, I hate it because it takes up SO MUCH TIME. But it’s still awesome. I just keep coming back for more.

    I used to set a timer for when I had to go to bed. It didn’t work, but I’d set it anyway.

  11. I get it! I totally do … but what I don’t understand? Is how it takes you 2 HOURS to pour a 2nd glass of wine! That glass better be huge!

  12. This is a version of my day with a few exceptions. My boys (7 and 5) are up daily (yup even on the weekends!) by 5:30 – if not earlier. We can close down a Disney park at 1 am and they’re still up by 5:30 the next morning! I work four days a week 7a – 6p and I’m 36 weeks pregnant so I’m practically falling onto the couch when I get home at night but then there’s dinner, showers, homework and a million other things to be done. I’m exhausted now – I don’t know what I’m going to do when this one arrives! I am looking forward to a few weeks of maternity leave to sit and watch crap on tv during the day, read random things on the internet and not do much else as long as I can get away with it 🙂

  13. Wow. That is very much my day, with the difference being that my one year old is still doing the two naps a day thing (oh how I fear the day when that comes to an end). Sometimes I squeeze a shower into one of those two naps – but not usually.

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  15. So did I read that right that you are still nursing the youngest? I’m also pregnant and thought I was the only one cray cray enough to still be nursing my 2 yr old and prego. Hubby thinks I should quit soon but it’s the way I get him to sleep for his nap and I NEED him to nap so I can nap…..or surf the Internet!

  16. Holl-A! This IS my life right now… Ugh. Second babies are hard work! 😛 But they are sweet {5 weeks old already! Yikes!} and I am loving having her around. :DD

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