She’s Fearless And I Love It

This girl went with me to drop big brother off at school…

But, instead of coming back home with me, she got to stay.

Not a tear was shed, by her or me. Her reaction seemed to scream to me, “Finally! I get to stay and play at the place with all the kids!”

“And all the TOYS!”

“Don’t worry, mom. I’m good. See you at 2!”

So, without any hesitation at all, I left my baby in the competent care of two amazingly sweet teachers, stopped by the grocery store on my way home for more coffee creamer, and came home to a silent house with many grand ideas of what I will accomplish today.

Confident children are such a blessing. I followed her cues and trusted her joy. It’s not hard to leave your baby somewhere when she embraces it and sets out to conquer it the second she gets through the door. Now… we’ll just see how she acts when I pick her up. I wonder if it will be at all like her brother’s first day? 

Leyna is just about 15 months old and I’m now looking for a MDO program for my freaking DOGS who do not understand that I only have 5 hours of peace that I must cherish, and they are ruining it with their incessant dog demands. 


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  1. Yay for Leyna and you! I love that my daughter is the same way. To me, it means I am raising a strong, independent, self-confident little girl. Which I see as a good thing. But I’ll warn you. Those 5 hours? Fastest of your life. I NEVER accomplish everything I hope to when SB is in preschool. 😉

  2. I’m getting my day of peace for the week too. My big boy gets so excited to go see “friends” it makes the alone time even sweeter. He’s happy, I’m happy, it’s wonderful!

  3. “came home to a silent house with many grand ideas of what I will accomplish today”….If this were me, the next logical step would be to waste the next 4 hours on Pinterest. Have fun!

  4. My daughter is the same way. Wants to go to school with her big brother in the worst way! I started taking them to sunday school recently and you would have thought we were going on a trip to disney world 🙂

  5. That’s so awesome! Yay for a silent house (other than annoying dogs….same here!). My first is a NIGHTMARE when I drop her off anywhere, but my second is awesome with it! Maybe it’s a second child thing? 🙂

  6. A similar thing than what happened to your son after his first day of preschool happened with my son on his first day of Kindergarten. He was so excited to go. We had gone to meet the teacher already and he seemed to like it. I walked in with him that first day, we took a picture at the door with him looking proud and a little annoyed that I was keeping him from going inside. He sat down at his desk. I watched for a few second than left, happy that it had gone so well.

    Only it hadn’t…

    Turns out moments after I drove out a crying child came running out the door after me. Teachers there had to comfort him. He had been excited about going to school, but thought I would be coming with him and staying (like I did at the “back to school” night). I had no idea he didn’t understand he would be going without me.

    He did have fun that day, after the initial upset. But when he came home the first thing he told me about was how mad he was at me for leaving and not telling him. UG! He still brings it up occassionally. But he loves school anyways, so it didn’t scar him for life.

  7. OMG I am currently looking for a good MDO in the north dallas area. Any recommendations? Obviously I don’t expect you to put your kid’s school on the web. Just an idea on where to start looking. I have a one year old daughter and I need some me time.

  8. I’m jealous! My 10 month old is a totall mama’s girl who screams and reaches for me when I leave her with anyone. I don’t see her outgrowing this anytime soon.

  9. My two dogs make more noise and create more stress than my 10 month old. When you figure out how to get some peace and quiet from the fur kids, please share.

  10. Amazing. I went to checkout a daycare today for little E to go 2 mornings a week so she can play and meet some kids, and well i can get some work done! She looked at me and went right to the kids and toys. When we left she was upset. I am happy that she wants “to conquer” as you put it. 🙂 🙂

  11. We just dropped off our two and half year old at her grandparents for the night. It was awesome to see her so comfortable. She couldn’t wait to get mom and dad out the door. “You go now, ok?” she kept saying.

    It’s crazy to think these squishy poop monsters actually grow into little human beings 🙂

  12. 🙂 my now 10 year-old Liz was the same way. I think she was more annoyed I selfishly kept her with me when she finally got their (in her mind). Now when I am home on Friday mornings my two dogs are convinced I stayed home for them. Ah No! I actually have a “to-do” list and I don’t see them on it. I pointed to it once and said that to one of them (what a mistake!) only to come home from work and find it in shreds… I guess maybe I should add them to it from time to time 🙂

  13. I think I need to find us a Mother’s Day Out program. Or a preschool program. Or something. Vicki used to be very anxious whenever I left, but she’s getting better and I think this would help us out.

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