We Dressed Up, Stepped Out, and Struck A Pose

Saturday nights around here are pretty much the same for us: comfy pants, glass of wine, movie from Redbox, maybe even dinner from Chipotle if we’re feeling crazy.

But this last Saturday night was special. We got all fancied up with real shoes on and everything, and we met someone I’ve had a photographer crush on for years- Lyndsay from Life In Motion Photography– in downtown Austin for a late night photo session. Just Scott and me.

I saw some of her Love Light sessions last year and adored the way the dark can make a couple’s love shine through. When I saw she had an opening for this last round, I booked right away and told Scott it was a Valentine’s gift to myself. We have no nice, non-pregnant pictures of the two of us together since our wedding.

I wanted some to document this time in our life. The love we have for each other. I want us to look back on them when we’re 80 and cherish them… and I want our children to be able to look back and see that love, even when they were not sleeping through the night and generally driving us a little crazy.

Lyndsay posted a couple teasers yesterday, and I love them! They are very… dramatic. I assure you we weren’t actually making out on the streets of Austin the whole time, and I’m sure there will be some of us cracking up at each other when we get the rest, but she managed to capture a couple very sexy, sweet moments.

We are pretty amazing actors. In that black and white pose on the left we were whispering to each other, “I think I just snotted on your face.” And in the one that my parents probably shouldn’t even see on the right, Scott’s on the other side of my face laughing, not actually giving me a hickey.

So, since this was the first Saturday in…. ever? that we dressed up and ditched the kids to “step out,” I HAVE to link up to my friend Mandy at The Haps to document it. She hosts Stepping Out Saturday every week where lovely ladies all over the web link up and share what they wore when they stepped out. Since mine is always ” yoga pants, no bra, stained college t-shirt” I see no point. But this time! Here’s what we wore:

Me: strapless teal dress-J. Crew (on uber clearance), royal purple cardigan-J. Crew (again, fire sale clearance), NO BRA (some things never change), vintage looking peep-toe 2.5 inch pumps (I’ve had them so long I have no clue where they’re from), hair and makeup by Katie from Modern Muse Makeup

Scott: dark wash jean-Banana Republic, black leather shoes-DSW, gray v-neck sweater-Express, black under shirt- Calvin Klein

Check out what Mandy and the rest of the lovely ladies wore when they stepped out by checking out the link-up here.

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  1. You looked beautiful, my dear. What a great idea!

    You know, I have always made sure to get a few photos of Naaman and I by ourselves during the photo shoots we do. I don’t know how we make it happen with two kids running in circles around us but I cherish those photos of just us 🙂

  2. I love how you say you want your children to look back and see how much their parents loved each other! I want to do pictures like this soon. Maybe this fall and I love how you did them at night so they don’t look like your typical family outside photo session!

  3. YES! This! 1000 times this! I am always wanting people to get their photos taken at the high points in their life. I have never had anyone regret it. You look amaze balls and so happy. So happy you did this. Next up, boudoir photos 😉 Trust me, it is so much fun!

  4. I’m loving these pics! You look so sexy & gaw-geous! I’m completely amazed that after breastfeeding 2 babies over a year that you CAN go bra-less! You should be proud!

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