This Is My B Face

Yesterday was the last day I could submit a photo to the Clickin’ Moms “I Am A…” Project (to benefit RAINN, an anti-sexual assault organization). Of course, being the procrastinator I am, I waited until the last possible minute.

All I needed for my beautiful vision of  “I am a multitasker” was a baby to just sit there and a husband to just take the picture. Well, Scott kept putting me off, the light was fading fast, and the baby was getting cranky.

It was the perfect storm, all the elements I needed for my Bitch Face to emerge.

“What am I supposed to take a picture of? What is this for?” Scott asked.

That enraged me.

“I’m not going to tell you AGAIN because I’ve already told you 5 times, and I doubt you’re going to care or remember if I tell you again. What do you take a picture of??? The ceiling. I’m just sitting here for funsies,” I sarcastically replied.

All the while he half-heartedly snapped away before I finally threw my hands up and told him to forget it. Leyna was freaking out.

Looking back, especially after looking at the pictures last night, I have to laugh. This is what it looks like to argue with me. And the “multitasker” picture of me consoling my screaming child while bitching at my husband is just priceless.

Multitasker, indeed.

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  1. angryworkingmom on

    I love all of the devices… My hubs makes fun of me all the time..He’s all the kids don’t see you w/ out your laptop, ipad and phone. I respond..yes dear that is how I see them at all. Would you prefer I stay at the office until 9 every night?

    He shuts it pretty quick!

    Love the photos!

  2. Mu husband calls it the pirate look. Apparently one eyebrow goes way up and i resemble a pirate. The funniest thing is when I see my kids trying to make their own “pirate look” they haven’t quite got the eyebrows right yet 🙂

  3. Ha ha, I wear that same look way too often. What you need is a wireless remote for your camera! It is on my list once I get some money.

    Btw, thanks for letting me know about Clickin Moms, I just got my camera for Christmas and I am obsessed!!!

  4. I love these pictures of you and Leyna. So pretty! The first one is my fav, altho I like the Multitasker, too. Ahh, men…seriously, they’re like rocks you have to push and kick to do things & then you still have to tell ’em 10 times what to do and why. Might as well do it yourself. Tripod! 🙂

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    • Not a toy. It’s my iPad on it’s Zagg bluetooth keypad, which turns it into like a netbook, so I can operate with 2 laptops almost. I love that keypad. If you have an iPad, it’s awesome. Not so much a toy, though.

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