I Like Big Bows, And I Can Not Lie

Look at how pretty Leyna’s Quilt Hoop Bow Holder  is, all filled up with pretty, bright bows!

Of course, now that I have a pretty penny invested in all these gorgeous accessories, the girl suddenly has an opinion on the matter and tries to pull them off… especially the big ones.

At least they make for pretty wall decor for now.

If you want to make your own Quilt Hoop Bow Holder, or a version of it, here’s the link to the tutorial I posted when I made it.

Leyna is 1 year old, and so help me, I will find a way to get her to wear that big rainbow bow for her rainbow birthday party.

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  1. I am also lover of all things big and bowy that I can stick on top of my daughter’s head. Compromise with Leyna…get a few pictures of her wearing the bow at the party (especially cake and present time) and call it a day. You’ll have great birthday party pictures and in a year’s time no one but you will know she didn’t wear it the whole day.

  2. You mean it would be frowned upon to glue it to her head? It will only hurt a little bit when I take it off. She really doesn’t have much hair.

  3. The title of this made me laugh… I LOVE big bows… but I don’t have a daughter… so I have to wear them myself (ironically i even posted about it today hahahah)… maybe if you wore them, she’d be more inclined to want to keep them on her head? Just a thought… it works with our toddler and new foods… lol. Anything on mommy’s plate looks delicious, while the same thing looks gross and throwable on his plate…

  4. Layli does that too!! Since she was able to grip, she’s been pulling stuff off of her head. I have this picture of her at 6 months trying to pull of a woolen cap, and she couldn’t get it all the way off, so she got it stuck over her eyes.
    She does it with her dolls too. NOTHING ON ANYONE’S HEAD. EVVVERRR.

  5. Krystal Howell on

    My little girl didn’t have hair until she was almost two years old and I’ve been putting bows in her hair ever since I could figure out a way to attach them, until there was something up there of any significance that would hold a bow. Now, she’s got a collection that is unbelievable of bows that are probably too big for her head, but I just love them…therefore, she wears them. And even will tell me when they’re falling out and insists on having it put back in. It’ s like she’s not completely dressed unless she has a bow. Consistency!! that’s my therory. Keep putting them in there, even if she’s pulling them out!

  6. when you first mentioned doing this project i thought it was a good idea because we lose bows and hair ties at a rate of about 2 per day, so i repurposed one of those french memo boards and it works great. it also has a long daisy chain of hair ties dangling off of one corner. lol.

  7. The only way I have ever been able to keep anything on Penny’s head (she’s 15 months) is to put it on in front of a mirror with her watching. Then we clap and “yaayyy!” about the cuteness 🙂 If I go in for the sneak attack she’ll rip it off immediately.

  8. Sadly, my older daughter has always been anti-bow. My youngest, at 17 months, walks to the bathroom after getting dressed and points to the drawer where we keep the bows.

    I agree with the comment about just putting in on for pictures. They’ll be less stress for everyone that way.

  9. Those are so cute!! And I know just how you feel. I have been working on making Deanna lots of really cute hats that match her dresses and she will not wear them. Pulls them right off. Ugh! 🙂

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