Sparkle & Shine- A Beautiful Giveaway

Because beauty’s not hard to find this time of year…

And because I want one of you to sparkle and shine in a beautiful new piece of jewelry.

I have a lovely giveaway for you for $100 to Olive Bungalow, the creator of beauties like these…

And all you have to do is comment to tell me what makes you feel beautiful.

If you’d like an extra entry, you can sign up for the Olive Bungalow newsletter.

That’s it. Enter a comment for each entry, so up to 2.

I’ll draw a winner this Friday, December 9th.

Olive Bungalow’s holiday order deadline is midnight, December 11th. All Baby Rabies readers can use the code BR10 for 10% off through the holiday deadline.

And yes, this was a shameless way to work in more beautiful pictures of my children. I just can’t help it. They are freaking adorable when they’re so festive.

**Entries Closed. Congrats to commenter 275, Katie, as chosen by!***

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  1. What makes me feel beautiful? The way my husband still looks at me like the day we met when three kids have terrorized and ruined my body!

  2. Just being around my children! They love me and want to be around me no matter how I look! Oh yeah, and a wonderful husband!

  3. My husband makes me feel beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve had my eye on the stacking rings for a long time! 🙂

  4. I feel beautiful (inside and out) when my 2.5 year-old spontaneously tells me she loves me 🙂 That unconditional love tells me there must be something beautiful about me.

  5. Wow beautiful jewelry and cute kiddos! A brand new tube of mascara, even if I haven’t even used it yet, always makes me feel beautiful haha. Not sure why but there is just something about new mascara.

  6. The way my husband’s eyes shine when he looks at me 🙂 Always reminds me of the way he looked at me when I walked down the aisle to him.

  7. I won’t lie, when I have time to put on makeup and style my hair and really get dressed to go out – I get excited and feel beautiful.

    But, what really makes me feel wonderful and beautiful is when my little girl is super excited to see me and hugs and in her little toddler voice shouts “mama”. That feeling is better than my favorite lipstick.

  8. My awesome husband makes me feel beautiful!! I can be in yoga pants, tshirt and two day old hair and he will come home and tell me I am beautiful, that is true love!!

  9. My boys hugging me and kissing me is what makes me feel beautiful. I know they think I am no matter what….even if no one else does….LOL!!!

  10. My babies make me feel beautiful and so loved. I can wear pjs and have not showered yet and they run to me with kisses and smiles! LOVE

  11. As of late, what has made me feel beautiful is when my husband puts his hand on my growing belly and smiles…all while our toddler giggles in the background. After a day chasing my toddler in yoga pants and a too-tight-on-my-newly-huge-midsection, I usually feel anything other than pretty, but the look in his eyes is all love.

  12. I feel beautiful when my husband looks at me like I’m the only one in the room and then he says “forever and always”. My daughter now says “always mama, always”. This let’s me know I’m beautiful in their eyes!

  13. I’m going to go with freshly styled hair and a pretty new dress and heels. Really that’s what makes me feel beautiful as opposed to loved by my family or cherished by my daughter. I feel wonderful when I’m around my family but beautiful in a pretty hairdo and new clothes!

  14. At this very moment, it would be not having a giant cast on my leg. I am so looking forward to my next real shower on the 19th.

  15. If I had children that beautiful I’d work them in shamelessly on a daily basis 🙂

    For me beauty is a feeling that very much comes from within and helping others is the fire that feeds it. When I am able to make a difference in the lives of others I feel wonderful, beautiful, humbled by the opportunity to contribute in some small way.

    Charities, especially those that benefit children are near and dear to my heart. I’m fortunate to be associated with a number of small grassroots charities both locally and far, far away. Some of the most beautiful people I know are quite plain on the surface. Their beauty is deep, astonishing, without compare.

  16. hmmmm, that’s actually a harder question than it should be since not much makes me feel beautiful these days. when I’m confident in something I’m doing, that makes me feel beautiful.. guess I just need a little more confidence these days!

  17. What makes me feel beautiful at this time of the year is a sexy little black dress, and a cocktail in my hand!!!!! 🙂 Tis the season to get all dressed up and festive so that is what makes me feel beautiful this time of the year!

    Great giveaway, thank you!!!!

  18. During this season of my life, actually getting to do my hair and makeup makes me feel so much better about myself. When my husband compliments me, it helps, too. 😉

  19. I realized after getting really sick recently and not wearing makeup for almost a month that I’m actually really beautiful sans makeup. So make up free days make me feel beautiful. (Think I’m gonna start trying to go make up free for good!)

  20. I like to put on some shimmering eye make-up and give my hair a good blow-out just to run errands with my sweet little son!

  21. I’d have to say when my 3-year-old little guy looks at me and says, “I like your pretty face.”

  22. I feel most beautiful when I’ve gotten in a strong run, a warm shower, and have taken the time to actually dry my hair and put on make-up.

  23. Running makes me feel beautiful. Even after a long, crazy toddler day, I’m still strong enough for a few miles. Cheesiest fucking sentence of my life. 😉

  24. Getting five minutes in the bathroom to myself to put on mascara and my favorite red lipstick, a spritz of my favorite perfume, and I feel like a movie star even though I’m just chasing around the kiddos.

  25. I loooove this seller. And I like that this giveaway made me show it to my husband, who promptly told me that no one in the world was more beautiful than I am. And nothing makes me feel more beautiful than that. <3

  26. I feel beautiful when my 4-year-old daughter says “Mommy, you look so pretty” even when I don’t.

  27. What makes me feel beautiful is having (just) clean hair and some makeup on. And wearing a cute pair of blue jeans.

  28. Taking the time once a month to get my hair cut and colored makes me feel beautiful. It’s a few hours for myself and my one splurge. I feel so refreshed when I get done.

  29. My little 18 month old makes me feel beautiful when he says “mama” and looks at me with all the adoration in the world. He doesn’t care if my hair is dirty, no makeup, and in last nights pajamas all day long. I just hope he feels the same way when his little brother gets here in a few weeks and we can add spit up to my “mom look”…

  30. What makes me feel beautiful?? When I get comments about how I (and my husband, of course) make beautiful babies! 🙂 Other than that, being able to stand in the shower for longer than 2 minutes, and I actually get to shave my legs, makes me feel gorgeous! LOL

  31. Days I can give myself a pedicure… Do my nails… Hair & a nice long shower! Pampering myself = beautiful!

  32. I feel most beautiful when I’ve had a long, full day of work and housework and familywork and I get everyone to sleep, the house ready for the next day, and I finally get a hot shower. I feel most beautiful with my hair in a towel, without a stitch of makeup, celebrating another day in my simple, wonderful life. Laugh lines, grey hairs and all!

  33. My 4yo telling me I’m beautiful on a daily bases (even when I haven’t showered for 3 days)makes me feel beautiful!

  34. Jessica McCune on

    Doing my hair makes me feel beautiful and so does wearing some pretty jewelry to polish an outfit.

  35. I feel like this is so superficial but I feel beautiful when I’m able to have an hour to get ready with makeup and pretty clothes, when I’m not bloated and my nails have french tips. If I was mom that is when I’d feel like a MILF:]

  36. Being able to take an uninterrupted shower, followed by being able to blow dry my hair and putting makeup on makes me feel beautiful.

  37. When I look at my children I feel beautiful. Before their birth I felt ugly and uncomfortable in my own skin. My hips were HUGE in comparison to my waist and I felt like my “sturdy” muscular build made me look to big. But once I gave birth I realized how powerful a woman’s body really is. And boy did my large hips come in handy during my 40 hours of labor 🙂 I think the difference is that I became confident and beauty is all about attitiude!

  38. I feel beautiful when I have time to do my hair and make-up, which is rare., and I get to dress up in nice clothes ( that’s not covered in baby goo lol)

  39. When I actually get a chance to take a shower AND shave all in one day…. with a 2 1/2 yr old and a 10 mths old that proves to be challenging.

  40. I feel beautiful when I get to get dressed up and go on a date with my husband. I’m a stay at home mom so most of the time I’m not very glammed up. But I feel pretty and more like “the old me” when we go out, which is rare, lol.

  41. Natasha Anderson on

    when my baby wakes up in the morning and sees me and his face lights up like i am a beautiful sight to behold. that and wearing sparkly toenail polish!

  42. Being pregnant and nursing a baby. Having always felt self conscious of my body, I felt beautiful because my body was doing what it was supposed to….growing and nourishing a child. So what if I had flub, chub, and loses skin. I earned that beautiful body.

    But, on the other hand, I splurge on a good spa facial 2-3 times a year and I feel pretty damn beautiful in the end.

  43. I feel beautiful when my husband wraps be in a big hug and kisses me like he did on our wedding day. No matter if I brushed my teeth or took a shower its the one things that makes my day better.

  44. When my husband looks at me that way. You know. With a smile and a kiss – or more. 😉 That’s when I feel beautiful.

  45. Now that I have a baby, really simple things like getting dressed (especially putting on a bra!) and brushing my hair make me feel beautiful. Sadly, these two things together happen about twice a week.

  46. I feel beautiful when I finally get time to shave my legs. I manage makeup each day but shaving my legs is a luxury 🙂

  47. This could be the most cliche thing, but my children make me feel beautiful. I really learned some lessons on TRUE beauty after having the boys. I feel like my beauty on the inside just seeps through to the outside now that I’m not so focused on myself and my appearance.

    Also? Wearing black. It’s always slimming and a little sexy. That makes me feel beautiful.

  48. My 2 year old little boy. He makes me feel beautiful, even if I’ve had a long day at work, look tired and am short on energy… I love my little boy.

  49. Having a wonderful husband and two precious boys (ages 10 and 11) who tell me every day that I am beautiful, and having an 8 month old baby boy whose eyes light up every time he sees me, and having belief that my Jesus thinks I am beautiful, that is why I know I’m beautiful!

  50. I’m not sure what it is about a pair of heels, But I put them on and I swear my confidence levels rise! I walk taller, prouder and feel prettier than ever. Unfortunately, with a baby I haven’t worn heels for some time now. In addition, I was laid off from my office job so wearing nice clothes is no longer mandatory. It would be fantastic to win $100 worth of jewelry. I’d make my husband take me out somewhere where I could wear something other than flip flops and baby-food crusted t-shirts.

  51. I feel most beautiful when I’ve just gotten out of the shower & washed my face. Being completely make-up free is when I feel my best. It doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend thinks I’m beautiful without make-up too!

  52. I feel beautiful when my husband gives me an impromptu hug or kiss. And after a few glasses of wine, no matter where I am!

  53. I feel beautiful when I look at my 2 and a half old daughter and can see the features I passed down to her in a new perspective. I can finally see what my mom had told me for yearsabout my own beauty, which I will in turn pass down to my baby girl.

  54. I feel beautiful when I have something a little special going on– my hair done, or a shirt I like on, or some makeup, etc. It doesn’t take much 🙂

  55. A great pair of jeans make me feel beautiful! So does a little eye makeup! It’s the simple things! 🙂

  56. I’ve lost 30lbs since July and recognizing all of the hard work and the dedication to get there makes me feel beautiful.

  57. Getting my hair done, it’s too expensive to get it done often, but when I do I just feel so good!

  58. I feel beautiful after I get my hair done.

    Side note…where’d you get those cute ruffle butts for Leyna?

  59. What makes me feel beautiful? A kiss from my husband after a long day, when my kids say “You look so pretty”, when someone I don’t know compliments me. These things and others that I just can’t think of right now make me feel beautiful.

  60. When my 2 year old son says “Mama, pretty” and gives me an unprompted kiss. When my 6 month old daughter smiles and I think “she’s so beautiful” and remember that people tell me she has my smile.

  61. I feel beautiful when I take the time to blow dry my hair and put on something other than yoga pants!

  62. Make up and a blow out goes a long way 🙂 And those two happen at the same time about 6 times a year (maybe).

  63. When I crouched down to give my almost three year old niece a hug goodbye and she asks to see my (very large) baby belly, then she proceeds to lift up her shirt and puts our bellies together and at that point my almost 6 year old and 5 year old niece lift up their shirts and join in. I may just be hormonal but, I almost cried and in this last trimester it was one of the times I really felt beautiful surrounded by those pretty little girls trying to press their bellies to mine.

  64. I feel beautiful every time I look into my kids’ eyes and they smile back at me without hesitation.

  65. Definitely NOT peeing when I sneeze.

    Um, I guess when people tell me my daughter looks just like me. Because I know she’s a beauty 🙂

  66. krystle randow on

    when people tell me how much my daughter & I look alike, because shes the most beautiful thing ive ever seen!! also, when i actually have 30 minutes to myself which happens once in a blue moon anymore, make up & a blowdryer can do wonders for making me feel good!

  67. I feel beautiful each day with my toddler and newborn, wearing mismatched clothes and an exhausted smile. I am woman. lol

  68. Though they can drive me nuts, and I them. My kids make me feel beautiful. Waited 5 long years for my family and finally, the judge declared us all adopted!!! Even though I now have more wrinkles, more grey hair, and darker circles I feel my most beautiful 🙂

  69. Honestly a shower and forty minutes to dry and fix my hair is all it takes. But it doesn’t happen as often as it should.

  70. when actually get a chance to shave my legs…with a 5 1/2 month old, this happens much less frequently than i would like to admit!

  71. I feel beautiful when my husband rubs my ever growing belly and talks to the little girl squirming around in there!

  72. When my 19-month old baby girl looks at me and says, “pretty.” Nothing in the world is better than when she looks at me with adoring eyes. Sure makes a mom feel beautiful.

  73. In all honesty,nothing in my life has made me feel a Beautiful as my children. I struggled to accept myself and my appearance for a long time before having them. And now, looking at tbeaut west faces and recognizing myself in each of them I have finally started to appreciate my own beauty.

  74. I feel beautiful after a nice, chilly morning run with naturally flushed cheeks and misty eyes. Silly but true!

  75. A fresh dye job and haircut go a long way to making me feel so much better! I have come to enjoy the solitude of the experience actually. Sure there are other customer and blow dryers buzzing, but that is nothing compared to a two-year old in the middle of a class A tantrum.

  76. I feel beautiful when I take the time to put on make up and my husband says “doesn’t mommy look pretty today” and my DD looks up and smiles at me.

  77. I feel beautiful after I take the time to shave my legs. Ha! I never would have said that before having kids because I don’t think my legs even had time to get hairy.

  78. I feel beautiful when my 15 month old son sees me come into a room, seeing how his eyes light up and how excited he is to see me makes me so happy. And I feel most beautiful when I am happy and when I am simply being his mom.

  79. My eyelashes, because they are naturally long, dark, and curly. And my husband. He always makes me feel beautiful!

  80. My 3 year old when he tells me I am pretty like a princess and my husband, because no matter what I look like he still says I’m sexy and beautiful.

  81. When I actually have time to blow dry and straighten my hair and put on lipstick! Amazing what a different that can make! 🙂

  82. I feel beautiful when I get to get dressed up for date night and feel like a woman and not just a snot rag 😉 But really, I feel beautiful everyday when I look at what my husband and I created in our two wonderful boys !!

  83. Honestly, my boys. I had an eating disorder and almost died and yet somehow my body created and grew these beautiful boys. There for my body is beautiful. When I look at them I see triumph and beauty in myself.

  84. I feel beautiful when my husband tells me so and I’m not covered in spitup with my hair unwashed, so I know he’s not completely lying lol. I also feel beautiful when I look at my gorgeous little baby girl and see some of my features in her face because she is incredibly beautiful and everyone says so, even people who do not usually care much for babies. Wearing red lipstick and nail polish or an unusual outfit that I’ve carefully put together makes me feel beautiful too 🙂 I feel silly posting stuff like this, but for so long I felt completely ugly because I was the class nerd and was called things like “dog face” and “four eyes…”I think one of the best things about growing up is learning to like your face for its very idiosyncrasies. For example, I now love the “elf ears” that got me called “Dumbo” as a child and was proud to see that I’d passed them down to my daughter.

  85. It has to be after I spent forever getting ready, battling my wardrobe and putting the finishing touches on my make and then walking out of the bathroom/bedroom and my three year old hugs me and tells me that I look pretty and sparkly. After that I get the playful smack on the ass from the husband so I know I look better than I did before. LOL.

  86. Love this giveaway! I have been pining after the stackable rings since you first featured them!

    I feel the most beautiful on the inside when the family is at it’s happiest. I couldn’t care less what I look like on the outside. However, I feel the most beautiful on the outside when I have had “me time” that allows me to do frivolous things like pluck my eyebrows, blow dry my hair and wear something I feel good about myself in (which is hard to do at 6 months pregnant).

  87. I feel beautiful when someone tells me I look like my mother. My entire life, I’ve thought she was the most beautiful person I’ve ever known.

  88. Laurie Halliday on

    When my hair does what it’s supposed to (which is a different requirement every day) 🙂

  89. Kids are the most brutally honest and won’t hesitate to tell you when you look awful… So when one of my kids says “Mommy you look beautiful!” I feel like a beauty queen!

  90. When I have the chance to actually DO something with my hair. It’s almost down to my waist, super healthy and definitely makes me feel beautiful … especially in a land where 90% of the Moms I know have cut their hair above their shoulders.

  91. It’s pretty sad, but these days I feel beautiful when I am able to shower, straighten my hair, put makeup on and put on a nice outfit. I am usually able to do some of these most days, but it is rare to do all on the same day!

  92. I feel beautiful when I just finished exercising and I feel exhilarated and my muscles are strong and my hair slightly mussed. Yep- that’s when I feel most like some supermodel, you know, before reality hits and I see the smudged mascara and get a whiff of myself! But even then, I feel healthy, and healthy feels beautiful!

  93. I feel beautiful when my kids look at me like I am the most important thing in this world. I don’t care about anything else in the whole world at that moment! Well….ok, maybe myAlso…what would u say  us inviting u and the boys husband. 🙂

  94. I feel the most beautiful when my husband wraps his arms around me and tells me how much he loves me. 🙂

  95. I feel beautiful when my 6 YO son pays me a compliment: “mommy, you look really nice. I like your sweater” It totally makes my day 🙂

  96. I feel beautiful…
    …when I wear a nice set of underwear that fits properly (not that easy…)
    …when I wear something and my 3-year-old says “you look good, mommy!”
    …when my jeans and T-shirt fit and I am not covered in food by the end of the day (my 16-month-old baby has some bad habits…)
    …when I get the chance to blow-dry my hear.

  97. I love rocking my babies quietly, nursing them. Breastfeeding can be so un-glamorous so much of the time, but I think there are moments where it’s just me and my baby and they are happy and content at my breast that I feel so incredibly beautiful. Of course, the point of the moment is that no one is there to witness it.

  98. High heels. High heels make me feel gorgeous. No matter what I’m wearing, I put high heels and I immediately feel like a super model. 🙂

  99. Angela Harrell on

    I feel beautiful after yoga class, even when I’m sweaty-it’s so relaxing and rewarding.

  100. Not much makes me feel beautiful these days, but for the sake of the giveaway, I will say new clothes help.

  101. a compliment from my daddy! I always try to dress up and put on make up for my dad because I know that’s something that’s important to him. I don’t usually, since my husband could care less, but my dad notices the effort I put in. So when he compliments me, I get an extra spring in my step! Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl!

  102. When my daughter compliments my clothes, hair or make-up, it’s just the sweetest thing ever and no one could mean more to me!

  103. What makes me feel beautiful (and most guys won’t admit or speak the word beautiful in the same context as “feel” in public):

    I have a beautiful wife which I love very much,
    She is beautiful to look at no matter what time of day it is.
    I love my wonderful life.
    I love my three beautiful children and I hope I can always spend as much time with them as possible.
    I love the opportunities I’ve been given and where I’ve ended up so far.
    I’m not rich, i’m not poor, but I’m happy nonetheless.
    Day to day, week to week, it’s easy to forget,
    To stop and look around at how beautiful it is just to be alive,
    To look at the bright blue sky and the warm sunlight in winter,
    To pet a dog or purring cat that only wants to be near you.
    That’s what makes me feel beautiful.
    Even though I’m a guy.

    And I even signed up for the newsletter.

  104. I feel beautiful when I’m able to shower without a a toddler talking to me and when I have time to make myself look presentable.

    Also when my husband flashes his flirty smile.

  105. My hubby always makes me feel beautiful. I really don’t deserve him 🙂 That and an awesome hair appointment!

  106. holy gorgeous kids!! 🙂

    what makes me feel beautiful? having someone not in my family tell me I look nice. that’s always a treat!!

  107. A happy family, my fave pair of jeans, a cozy sweater, a good hair day, and being productive early in the day all make me feel beautiful.

  108. My new jeans. I haven’t bought new pants in a long time and omg, they fit and they aren’t frayed or sagging at the butt, or stained. I was also never pregnant in these new jeans. They are liberating. Like pulling on a new skin that says–still young, still strong, still me underneath the mom!

  109. Right after I get my hair cut, I get into my car a apply lipgloss. That is when I feel the prettiest. I am a fox on the drive home!!! =)

  110. I feel beautiful when my husband rubs my pregnant (but only just pregnant enough to be bloated and awkard, not super pregnant) belly with awe and I remember what’s in there!

  111. Seeing as I work at home, I feel beautiful pretty much any time I make an effort to put on nice clothes and go out into the world.

  112. My hubby sending me a text in the middle of the day saying hes thinking of me……beautiful!

  113. Having some time to shower, dress, and even do hair and makeup always makes me feel very beautiful. It’s a rare treat but it works wonders!

  114. when my 2 1/2 year old tells me “you look pretty Moma!”

    That and a shower with out the boy banging on the bathroom door 🙂

    (I already get their newsletter)

  115. A new outfit with knee high boots, taking time to get ready, and a night out with my lovely boyfriend makes me feel beautiful.

  116. Lately, beautiful is when I get the chance to wear clothes free from any food or bodily by-product for more than 30 minutes…

  117. … a shower and some make up 😉 and the ol’ husband not caring (HAHA) if either are done and loving me anyways 😉

  118. I feel beautiful when I make it out of the house without any of the toddler’s or infant’s bodily fluids on me! Sadly, this is a rarity! 🙂

  119. I feel beautiful when my “skinny” jeans fit for a night out, but only after I’ve had a productive day in some way 🙂

  120. A fresh hair cut and freshly done eyebrows really makes me feel great and boosts the confidence. Being a SAHM, any day I can actually get to do my hair and my makeup feels great also.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  121. Oh Dear Lordy LOO! Seriously – the babies?! SUPER fantastic! The sparkly jewelry?! Well….ALMOST as fantastic! ; )
    What makes me feel beautiful? When I am alone with my baby girl (who shares the same amazing rolls as your baby girl!) and we are in our comfy clothes singing a song just before bedtime. Hair a crazy mess, no bra, no make-up – just a big ol smile and off-key music! HO! HO! HO!

  122. My pregnant belly makes me feel beautiful. The back fat and cottage cheese thighs that came with it, not so much. But the belly? I feel like a walking miracle.

  123. Getting my eyebrows done (or doing them myself) so simple yet something since I had the second child, I NEVER have time to do anymore!

  124. My husband makes me feel beautiful, even on those days with sweats and no makeup! Knowing that I have carried and given birth to two beautiful children makes me feel beautiful!

  125. Being 8 months pregnant it is sometimes difficult to feel beautiful. These days when an outfit really comes together and is comfortable at the same time, I feel beautiful.

  126. My family makes me feel beautiful. 🙂 My husband and my kids remind me often. Nothing is better than a 3 year old telling you you’re pretty!

  127. I’ve got to agree that being a mom and a wife makes me feel beautiful. However, getting 30 minutes alone to get ready to go somewhere…adds to it even more!

  128. Rocking the big boobs while nursing and fitting into the next size down jeans as I am losing the baby weight of said nursing baby!

  129. I feel beautiful when I’m doing something I feel like I’m called to do. I sing in our worship team and when I see people worshiping around me I feel humbled to know I have a gift that flows from above. It makes me feel beautiful and helps me know I serve a purpose.

  130. My son is three months old today! I recently got up to courage to breastfeed out in public. Being a new mom it’s hard to feel beautiful, but when I get a smile and approving nod from another mom it feels wonderful!

  131. Jamie mcmillan on

    Wearing something nice like my great tall boots with a skirt or carrying a gorgeous bag that is clearly not a diaper bag 🙂

  132. I signed up for the newsletter…hopefully I’m not too late to be included in the drawing (nothing like waiting till the last minute!).