Announcing the Top 11 Inappropriate Elves

I went back and forth with Jason of Passionfruit Ads all morning and there was NO way we could settle on ten. It was nearly impossible to narrow it down to eleven, and getting rid of just one more was out of the question.

So, top ELEVEN it is!

The top 3, voted in by all of you are:

1. Making Ends Meet Elf from Babbling Dreamer (1088 votes)

2. Dobbie Writes His Name In The Snow Elf from The Bearded Iris (1053 votes)

3. Step One: Cut A Hole In A Box Elf by Adventure Mama (1001 votes)

And now for the ones chosen by Jason and me:

4. He’s Watching You Elf by The Lame Sauce  

5. Wiggle x5 from The Walker Fab Five

6. Dexter Elf by Dirty Diaper Laundry

7. Birth Control Flushing Elf by Jessica Marchetti

8. Are You My Daddy Elf by Melissa Bulfone Photography

9. Kidney Theft Elf by Little Blue Boo

10. Flasher Elf by The Nut House

11. Working Elf by Blog Treat

This was SO SO SO SO SO HARD!! You all were hilarious. I loved every single one. I’m really glad I don’t have any say in choosing the winner. That will be the tough job of our amazing judges.  You can read more about all of them and see the rest of all the great entries in the Inappropriate Elf official contest entry post. 

The winner will be announced on Saturday, Christmas Eve!

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared this with their friends. This has been a total blast to be a part of.

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  1. They are ALL hilarious, but I actually snorted my water when I saw the d*ck in the box elf! LOVE! That one gets my fist bump just because JT was in the original skit 🙂

  2. You could have easily dropped #5, to hit your Top 10 list., instead of 11.

    As for the best, it’s a toss-up between #3. (Step One: Cut A Hole In A Box Elf by Adventure Mama) and #10. (Flasher Elf by The Nut House).

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  9. Christy Garrett on

    I had fun with Rascal. I wanted to thank you for making Rascal popular during the month of December on my blog. He will see everyone next year. 🙂

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