You’re Not Going To Believe Me When I Tell You…

I don’t have a time machine.

When I show you this picture, you’re going to be convinced I hoped on board my time-travelling-device and brought back a picture from 5 years from now.

But, I swear, THIS? Just happened.

That guy? Is NOT my future 8 year old son.


You know, the one who was just a baby yesterday? This guy?

That was ONLY T-H-R-E-E years ago!

This post is also excellent photographic evidence that, yes, eventually the meatball babies thin out.  Though I’m not sure he’ll ever lose those cheeks. 

Kendall is ONLY 3 years and 5.5 months old.

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  1. He is such a freaking cute kid! Too bad I don’t have any girls to arrange a marriage with. And I am with ya.. it’s frightening how around 3.5 they go from part toddler, part little kid with a hint of baby to mostly kid so quickly. Sad, huh?? Goes so fast.

  2. Sorry to be the one to say this, but he’s actually 3 years and 6.5 months 😉 But either way, he shouldn’t look that much like a grown up!

    (Also, if it seems weird that I know his birthday, just let me say mine is May 1st, and that’s why I remember his! haha)

  3. Ohhhh, mama, you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE. He’s just gorgeous. As he has always been, but you’re right, he looks SO grown up in this pic! I hope he always keeps the cheeks…. I think the same of my James, who was also a butterball as a baby (not as much as K and L, but….) and he still has the BEST cheeks. 😉

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