Sports- What ELSE Would There Be To Be Thankful For?

I know I tend to be a bit dramatic from time to time, exaggerate a little every now and then, but I am not stretching at all when I say Kendall is OBSESSED with sports.

A conversation from last weekend:

“Kendall, do you ever play with these toys?” I asked as I held up last year’s *hot* Christmas toy, a Sing-a-ma-jig, one of a pair he got from his Aunt Kelly.
“Is it for sports?” he asked without looking up from his hockey stick while chasing a hockey puck around the kitchen.
“Uhm, well, no.”
“Then I don’t play with it.”

(Sorry Aunt Kelly! At least Leyna enjoys them.)

When he was 20 months old, he begged to sleep with his football the night before the Superbowl.

One of his first words was “buhball.” He’s been known to choose ESPN over Nick Jr. The only kind of dress-up he plays is when he dresses up in his daddy’s old jerseys. He has a ball hoarding problem.

And, we all know how much he loves baseball.

Last week, he and the other kids in his class told their teacher what they are thankful for. She nicely recorded the answers on a list, and laminated them for the parents to keep. While most children’s lists looked something like this:

Kendall’s looked like this:

In case you can’t read that, it says:

sports stores
golf stuff
football and soccer fields
balls and bats

On the very last line his teacher encouraged him to think of something or someone he may have forgotten.

“Kendall, are you sure there aren’t any people you’re thankful for or anything else other than sports?” she asked.

“OH! Oh yeah!” he exclaimed. His eyes lit up.
“And punching! I LOVE punching.”

And so the last line of his “Thankful” list states that he’s thankful for “punching.”

And I? I am thankful for a little boy who is full of enthusiasm and energy, and a house with very few things of value in it. I would be even more thankful if I had a padded room in this house… or a basketball court. Since that’s not a reality, I am heavily considering getting him a punching bag for Christmas.

Kendall is 3.5 years old and a freaking riot

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  1. LOL. I read this to my hubs and we both got a good laugh. As parents to two little boys, I’d be ok with this list, too. The kid knows what he likes!

  2. So awesome! We keep hearing the threat of “I will be mad. I will punch you/Keegan/XYZ,” so taught him that if he is so angry he needs to punch, he’s got a great pillow. And now all we hear is “I can punch this pillow. I will be mad, and I punch this pillow.” Yet, I too feel like a punching bag is in our near future (Goodwill has some great ones time to time…and almost got one for $5 on half price day, but chickened out). However, The Hubs keeps reminding me it will only help him and his little brother better fighting tactics. I’m at a loss for what to do. Thankfully neither are into sports (yet), so we don’t have to worry about ball & bat attacks. However, the trampoline is now a wrestling ring. Those are always a great option…as long as they are enclosed (I like to consider it toddler jail. They just call it fun).

  3. We inherited a basketball hoop on our driveway. I am investing in a new net and basketball for Christmas. I need some place to send all the boys (brother-in-laws, they never grow up). The youth sized ones are frequently under $100 dollars. Maybe a court isnt so unrealistic after all.

  4. Our daughter, who’s about a year younger than Kendall, also recently had the “what are you thankful for” discussion at daycare. Her response: “FOOOOD!”

  5. Hey man. You gotta give him credit for writing the truth and not just writing what he thought he was supposed to write! Maybe he got your journalism gene and he’ll grow up to be a super famous sports broadcaster or something. 🙂

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