Rockin’ Green Jingle Bell Rock Giveaway, Featuring Red Hot Apple Cider!

I am thrilled to be one of the very first to help Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent help announce this year’s LIMITED EDITION Holiday Scent.

Red Hot Apple Cider

I mean, I know it’s detergent and all, but YUM. If I were pregnant (and craving rocks and soap), whoo boy!

Now, you can go purchase this lovely scent over on today, as part of the Jingle Bell Rock Holiday Gift Bundle. So if you really, really want it, you better get there pronto. This stuff (limited edition holiday bundles) typically sells out inΒ just a few days.

If you’re too late to order it before it sells out or you want to try to win a Red Hot Apple Cider Holiday Bundle, then I’m your favorite person right now! Because I’m giving one away.

Here’s the scoop. (Get it? Scoop? Detergent… scoop? Ha! Turkey makes me… amusing to only myself.)

One bag Rockin’ Green Soap in the limited-edition Red Hot Apple Cider or Bare Naked Babies (unscented)
One Melody odor neutralizer and air-freshener room spray in Red Hot Apple Cider (not sold separately, only included in bundle)
One limited-edition red laundry detergent scoop
One reusable Rockin’ Green tumbler
One Rockin’ Green ornament
One Rockin’ Green reusable tote bag
One gift tag
Retail Value $44.95Β 

To enter:
Tell me why you want to win a Red Hot Apple Cider Holiday Bundle!

Extra entries if you:
Follow @BabyRabies on Twitter
Like Baby Rabies on Facebook
Like Rockin’ Green on Facebook

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. I’ll use to draw a winner on Friday, December 2nd. Only open to people with US mailing addresses.

Let the holiday fun begin! Rock on.

** Contest Closed. Congrats to commenter #114, as chosen by, Jacklyn!***

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  1. I want to win a RnG Holiday bundle because I sadly did not save money to shop on Black Friday πŸ™

  2. Would love to win because would love to try CD with #2…and a pretty apple scent would surely spur me on πŸ™‚

  3. I’d like to win, well because I love RNG it’s the only soap we use right now and I never win anything. πŸ™‚

  4. I would love to win this bundle. I love all the smells of the holiday season! I can’t wait to try Red Hot Apple Cider. (Plus, I’m running low on my current bag of Rockin’ Green. This bundle would come just in time!)

  5. I would like to win this because I love Rockin Green, and I bet the Red Hot Apple Cider smells amazing!

  6. I would love to win this bundle because I love Rockin Green detergent. We currently use the lavender scented one, but would LOVE this red hot apple cider one. We just had our little girl yesterday, so between her and my 2 year old son, we will be Rockin more laundry;-)

  7. Would love to win this as we are planning to cloth diaper for our upcoming child and I’ve heard how awesome rg is!

  8. I love Rockin’ Green for our cloth diapers and wipes! With a new baby due next Monday, our diaper laundry will be growing, and I could really use all of these items! Plus the cider scent sounds awesome!!

  9. I would like to win because, well, I’m a cloth diaper drop-out. I have tried three separate times to get my cloth diapers to work. I don’t know what I did wrong but every single one leaked no matter what I did.

    But now that we’re on our new budget I decided to pull them out again and low and behold, they work on Landon for nap and night time! It only took three years πŸ˜‰

  10. I would love to win this because I’m new to cloth diapering and LOVE ROCKIN” GREEN!!!! I would pass some off to my grandma who wants to try to use it for her regular laundry πŸ™‚

  11. I would like to try this detergent because we are planning to cloth diaper our baby when she is born (second child, first cloth diapering) and this sounds like awesome soap!

  12. I have tried the unscented version and it really gets the stink out of the cloth diapers. I would love to try this scented version!

  13. Why do I want to win the new holiday scent? Well, simply put… I feel inadequate with my motley clean… I need something more. πŸ˜‰ lol!

  14. I’d like to win this because our first baby is due any day now and we are cloth diapering and plan on using Rockin Green detergent so it would be nice to win some. Thanks!

  15. I want to win because I am laid off from a military contractor and on unemployment. I would love to try be able to try the hot apple cider scent.

    Twitter Name: SapphireDaisy14

  16. I’d love to win because I’ve actually been thinking of switching over from Charlie’s Soap to Rockin Green!

  17. Hi Jill,
    I need to win because my diapers are now being used on two kids and my lil girl could use some yummy soap since she has to wear brothers diaper.

  18. I LOVE Rockin green, been using it for 2 years now. I can always use more and I really want to try the Red Hot Apple Cider scent!

  19. Because I craved apple cider all through my pregnancy – it only makes sense that my daughter’s baby clothes smell like it.

  20. I need to win because who doesn’t like winning things?! And I’d really like to try out RG before this kiss pops out and I have to figure out how to cloth diaper.

  21. I will start using cloth diapers when my little one is born in May and I’ve heard that Rockin Green is the best cloth diaper detergent available.

  22. I’ve been wanting to try rockin green soap for our diapers — this would be the perfect chance.

  23. Because I’m in the middle of exclusively cloth diapering my newborn πŸ™‚ and yummy smelling detergent would make it just that much better!

  24. What cloth diapering mama wouldn’t want to win?? I’d love the chance to try out the new melody room spray in addition to all the other wonderful stuff in he bundle. Not to mention the awesome bag of detergent!

  25. I would love to get some rockin green in this scent! My husband doesn’y get paid until Monday and I am sure it will be sold out by then:-(

  26. Ive been wanting to try rng for my diapers so now would be a great time w a scent to match the holidays.

  27. I would like to win the Red Hot Apple Cider Holiday Bundle because i’m considering switching from Charlie’s and would love to try it out first!!!

  28. I would love to try a detergent that doesn’t break out my sons bottom. I have heard that rockin green is good but haven’t been able to try it since my husband got laid off. Right now I use all clear and free and constantly have to strip my diapers. Help! Pick me!I like you on Facebook and rockin green too!

  29. Rockin green lover already! Would love to try the holiday scent! You convinced me to try cloth diapers and we are almost 8 months into it and absolutely loving and and trying to convert all our friends!

  30. I love Apple cider & I’ll be cloth diapering triplets in the next 6 months or so. I’d love to stock up on Rockin Green!

  31. Jessica Jokisch on

    I would LOVE a new scent for the twins’ diapers. Not allowed to buy anything new until we run out and just bought a new bad of watermelon lol

    Already like you and RnG on FB, as well as follow you on Twitter. Thanks for the giveaway!!! xo

  32. I would love to win some Rockin’ Green holiday scent…because I love that it is good for my diapers AND smells good too. (I admit that I miss the smell of laundry detergent sometimes.)

  33. Rachel Ballard on

    I would like to win the bundle because I am about to start my first cloth diapering experience and I think it would be great to try some different things out. Thanks.

  34. I’m new to cloth diapers and have only tried one detergent so far and am not entirely satisfied. Would love to try Rockin Green for free!

  35. I would love to win as I am running low on rockin green and would love to try the holiday scent.

  36. I would LOVE to win! I’m a momma-to-be, and I’ve yet to begin the cloth diaper discussion with my husband. I have a feeling, he will be VERY wary. SO, if I win this giveaway, it gives me leverage!

  37. cody metropoulos on

    I would love to win as I have baby number 2 due in a little over a week and we will be back to cloth diaper mania, the new amazing smell may help me forget just how many diapers a newborn goes through! Plus I liked rockin green on Facebook!

  38. I’d love to win because I’ve never tried the rockin green products but would like to! especially with a baby on the way in February, I’m trying to make the switch to being as green as possible.

  39. I would love to win the bundle as I am a soon to be first time mom who will be using cloth. And it would be a real treat!

  40. I’d love to win because I want a new scent to spice things up for the holidays. It makes laundry a little bit butter. Plus, I love Rockin Green products

  41. Michelle Pederson on

    I would LOVE to win this bundle!!!! I would LOVE to try the new scent and have the cute cup and ornament!!!!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!!!!

  42. I would love to win! I have wanted for ages to try Rockin Green detergent. I’m kind of addicted to cloth diapers and detergent πŸ˜‰

  43. Martha Ruth Brecht on

    I’ve been wanting to try Rock N Green for a while. My current detergent just doesn’t seem to work as well as I’d like. πŸ™

  44. I want to win because I love Rockin Green. It’s the only detergent that works for us, but unfortunately I have to use 1/4 cup to get things clean πŸ™ So it’s spendy for us to buy. Plus, my fiance can use the tote to bring his munchies to work πŸ™‚

  45. I am due in May with our first and can’t wait to be cloth diapering and using Rockin’ Green! This scent sounds amazing!

  46. I like Rockin’ Green on facebook.
    (I forgot to add my names. Facebook: Benny Candace Page. Twitter:MsCPage)

  47. I LOVE Rockin Green!!! It is the ONLY thing I use it on my cloth diapers!! Ohh and the tumbler is soooo great I really want that too πŸ™‚

  48. I would be ecstatic to recieve this bundle! I have three boys who all use cloth diapers! Plus Rockin Green totally got rid of my husbands funk! We love it so much we tell everyone! Nothing has made our clothes softer, fresher, and cleaner! We have been avid Rockin Green junkies for just over a year now, and theres no going back!
    Hope to win!

  49. I love Rockin’ Green detergent for my dipes! It’s the only detergent I’ve used, and I’ve never had a problem!

  50. Bobbi Kilbarger on

    I would love to win because we love Rockin Green and the holiday scent sounds amazing. And, who wouldn’t want the full grab bag???

  51. I just recently started using Rockin’ Green soap to wash my upcoming little bundle’s clothes and cloth diapers. As any new parent knows, preparing for the first baby is expensive! I’ve been so happy with the outcome of my wash (bare naked babies scent). I can only imagine how much more enjoyable washing my newborn baby’s clothes will be with this yummy smelling scent!

  52. I wan to win because we haven’t tried an RnGreen and need to figure out what to use when our little guy gets here in March. This is the perfect way.

  53. I love Rockin’ Green! I just picked up the new Red Hot Apple Cider detergent at my local store and it is YUMMY. I would love to win this package, my little guy goes through lots of diapers, so I’m always washing them!

  54. I’ve liked Rockin’ Green Soap on facebook for a few weeks now! And, I love they support the military! Thank you Rockin’ Green!

  55. I would like to win because I haven’t tried any rockin’ green scents and I desperately need a scoop.

  56. I would like to win the bundle as we are starting cloth diapering and am trying to find the detergent that works best for us!

  57. I would love to win as I have yet to use cloth diaper detergent. I haven’t been able to afford a separate one to just wash the cloth diapers in.

  58. Aleia Chambers on

    I would love to win this bundle! I love RNG and how it cleans not only my cloth diapers, but all my laundry! I liked both on facebook!

  59. I would like to win a Red Hot Apple Cider Rockin’ Green Bundle because it sounds delicious and Rockin’ Green is always needed in our house.

  60. Katelyn McArdle-Rodriguez on

    Budgeting for new baby due in January. Winning stuff is awesome and helps out immensely!!

  61. Brittany White on

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this bundle! I have a 2 month old who is wearing cloth
    And we would be so thrilled to be blessed with new goodies! Running out of detergent too.

  62. Jessica McCune on

    What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to win and try out that apple cider scent!

    I liked baby rabies AND rockin green on Facebook.

  63. I would love to wash my new babies clothes in rockin green. I have never tried it and want to start out rockin around the Christmas tree with the sweet smell of clean baby booty!

  64. I am new to cloth diapering and detergent is something I still haven’t got! This would be so great to get started with!

  65. Nicole Domuczicz on

    Would love to try this scent, apple and spices are my favorite scent around the house and it would pair perfect with his diaper cream from cjs yummy

  66. Angela heffner on

    I’d love to win because I’d love to try red hot apple cider!
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  67. I love Rockin’ Green but couldn’t budget in a holiday pack this year and would LOVE to try the limited edition scent. Thanks for the chance!

  68. I tried Rockin Green three months into my cloth diapering journey and haven’t looked back. Still get a smile on my face when the diapers come out clean, i would love the bundle.

  69. I’d LOVE to win a Red Hot Apple Cider Holiday Bundle beacuse I’ve been begging my husband to buy some Rockn’ Green for our fluff. My last stash didn’t do so well cause of the crummy detergent and they have a bad case of the stinkies! BLEGH I just got our new order of diapers in the mail and would love to treat them right!!! πŸ˜€

    Already a Rockn’ Green fan on FB and just now liked Baby Rabies…haha, Baby Rabies….love that name! πŸ˜›

  70. Love Rockin’ Green and saw this bundle but it isn’t in the budget. Pick me! Pick me! :o)

  71. I want this because I need to wash my cloth, and I am a fan of awesome smells. I already like BR and RG on FB. I don’t do Twitter, sorry.

  72. I’d love to win the rockin green holiday pack because we’re struggling to find the right laundry routine for our CDs. I’ve heard great things!

  73. I’d love to win for two reasons:
    Because I am a Christmas fanatic πŸ™‚
    And because I need a little detergent cheer up after dealing with the stinkies for the last month :-/

  74. Damn smart phone! Sorry!

    Those last two should have read:
    “liked you on Facebook”
    “liked RnG on Facebook”


  75. I’d like to win because we use Rockin Green Barenaked Babies for our baby girl’s Fuzzibunz and money is very tight–free detergent would be a big help!