Preparing for Operation Fatten The Baby

It’s happened.

Now that Leyna is pulling up and crawling, chasing after her perpetually-in-motion big brother, she is trending more toward looking like a little girl and less like a ball of chub.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to the ball of chub! The girl’s lost AT LEAST 3 rolls from her legs and arms in the last couple months.


All we’re left with is this…

Oh, sure. She’s adorable. But she’s also fastย and way too close to walking.

We need cheeks that will weigh her down, both on top and on bottom!

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to pump the chub back into my little meatball. If I can keep her round, I can ignore the fact that she’s turning ONE in a little over a month, right??

Leyna is nearly 11 months old, and I’ve got some serious cooking to do for baby’s first Thanksgiving

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  1. I want to borrow some of her chub for my 9 month old ;). You see since she too is getting mobile and has always been a peanut the doctor is concerned she’s falling off the curve. So now we watch. So can I just take some of her chub to stuff in my LO’s diaper in a few weeks ;)? If I promise to give it back.

    • Oh goodness! That’s not fun having to worry. Wish we could loan out a part of her butt. She still has quite a chunky butt. She did not get that from her momma.

  2. Yeah, Jolene began “thinning out” after she hit 5 months. All she’s left with are the CHEEEEKS. I love the squish, and I’d be happy to keep it sticking around (and, don’t tell my husband this, but I’m REALLY wanting her to outgrow the infant carseat so that I can buy her a new one, but she’s got another 2 lbs to go. ARG!)

    • Girl, I can’t believe you’ve held out this long! I hated those damn infant seats. Both K and LL were out of them by 5 months. Maybe there will be some good sales over the next couple weeks.

    • I never know what my babies are really going to look like until they start to loose some of the chub. She does look so different now. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I totally agree that Leyna losing her chubby fat rolls is a crying shame! But, can I just say that your little girl is GORGEOUS! I mean seriously she is so, so pretty.

  4. Oh yes, I constantly tell my family not to let BG2 crawl (which is hard bc she’s always on the move) or do any work because she’ll burn calories and start getting skinnier! They laugh, but I say I love the chub & want her to stay like that for as long as possible! We were just saying yesterday how she used to have 2-3 rolls on her thighs and now she’s down to ONE, albiet big one. Sigh…

    Yea, I can tell Leyna is thinning out, poor thing! But she’s looking so adorable, as usual and I’m sure she’s a ball of energy, haha. I can’t get enough of her eyes!

  5. I’ve been experience the same thing with my twin chunky chunks. It’s crazy how fast they stretch out. I love your pictures, have you written any posts about what kind of camera you use? I’m camera shopping for my Christmas wish list and would love to know what you recommend. Happy Thanksgiving!

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