1. When mummy pushes the buggy and sounds muffled talking it’s because she is eating a sneaky chocolate bar ! When mummy says look at that dinosaur flying past she popped a cookie in her mouth while your head was turned. Oh yes three kids in and I’ve perfected sneaky eating.

    • Oh, that, too! Be sure, I was stuffing my face with Oreos WHILE playing on the computer. I am very talented like that. Also? My computer is filthy.

  2. I may have peed a little laughing at this. My three year old doesn’t yet recognize the sound of the oreos being opened, so I can still stealthily sneak a whole one in my mouth and claim I’m eating a “mommy snack”. I wonder when she’ll figure out what’s been going on.

  3. This also works with husbands, lol, I’ve bee known to hide snacks in places that men & teenagers will seldom look, cookies are always safe in the laundry room or the dish washer

  4. My kids -all male–are 56, 23,21and 16 (okay, technically the 56 y/o is my husband but he never matured past the age of 14) and I STILL hide things. Its a matter of survival. I would kill any one of them if they ate the last cookie when I was having a craving and there were no goodies to be found.

  5. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this! My 2 year old didn’t nap the other day so I tricked her by putting chocolate ice cream in my coffee cup instead of a bowl. She just kept asking, “is that coffee, Mama?” I think she may be on to me.

  6. Danielle Hull on

    And if a certain 2 year olld finds me eating from my secret stash, and I bribe him with a bit, he then finds it necessary to go invite everyone to have some. So generous of him. Though he is totally missing the point ;).

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