1. If this gives you any idea of how it is in our house, the other day I got dressed (in actual clothes, not pj’s or yoga pants) and told my son he needed to pick out a shirt and he said “Why? Where are we going?” yeahhhhhhh…sad but true, we practically live in pj’s. :-/

  2. Well a lot of truths. This is a credit to yoga clothing as you can go out in public wearing your pajamas and come back home to cut your veg.


  3. Jamie McMillan on

    slouchy linen pants. You can sleep in them and look like you took time to get dressed in the morning 🙂 I will be very sad when it gets too cold for my linen pants 🙂

  4. This is HILARIOUS!!!! I work about one day a month (yes, one DAY – I have worked at the same place for 12 years and I am blessed to be able to work out my own schedule!) . . . and this past Monday was that day. I was dressed up to go to work and all the teachers and parents kept telling me how nice I looked. I said “thank you” but I kept thinking that they were really wanting to say, “thank God she is not in her workout-pajama-type clothes today and so glad she has lipstick on!!!”

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