In A Word, Screwed.

These pictures are accompanied by the sound of my productivity plummeting. 

Because I can’t get anything done when I have to follow a daring 9.5 month old around to keep her from plummeting.

Leyna is nearly 10 months old, and this working-from-home thing just got a whole lot harder.

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  1. We have a baby jail! Doesn’t work so much, though. She pushes it around until she gets where she wants to go. Darn slippery hard wood floors.

  2. What about a jolly jumper? I didn’t use one with mine but heard from some people that they’re super helpful. Or maybe she’s too old. I don’t know… Gina’s too tired to count, I’m to tired for logic.

    • LOL. She’s too big! 25 lbs is the limit for those things, I think. We have a Jumperoo and an exersaucer and she officially hates them both because she can’t chase after Kendall from them.

      • I had the same problem with the boy. He had outgrown the bucket car-seat weight by 5 months. I thought the swing was out of batteries until it almost flipped over when I took him out… turns out he was a bit heavy for it. BAHAHAH!! Oh and apparently I’m too tired to use the correct form of “too”. (see 1st comment. Oy.)

  3. She defies the laws of physics that she can balance that big ol tush. 🙂

    And I do not know how you get any work done without childcare. I couldn’t even look for a job much less work one until I had part time preschool. Can you find another parent who wants to swap a few hours?

    • Luckily, I’ve cut way back on my assignments, and am basically just working for myself now (blogging, working on my book) with a few freelance things here and there. I do it late at night, during naps (if that happens), and right after Scott gets home from work for a couple hours. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, though. I think Leyna will start Mothers Day Out at least one day a week in January.

  4. LOL…baby cage/jail! Those chubby little legs are the cutest!

    I know how you feel! My 12 months old is all over the place. Trying to write with a baby almost walking is hard, I can’t even imagine when she walks!

  5. Love these pictures, she looks so happy and proud that she’s doing this now haha. Finally able to stand tall like the rest of the family!

    It’s times like this that you wish you lived in a bouncy house!

  6. My second aby walked before he was seven months. Let me say that again. BEFORE he was SEVEN months. This is why I haven’t sat down in a year. It is also why I will NOT be having any more kids. At the rate we’re going, #3 would walk right on out on its own!

  7. Carpet is my friend. At least for crawling and toddling little ones. My friend, who had hardwood floors (and we lived in Hawaii at the time, which makes this even funnier) would put a big, thick winter hat on her daughter to keep her from hurting herself when she wasn’t within arms reach. Complete with ear flaps and a tie under her chubby little chin. She stopped short of shopping One Step Ahead for the baby “helmets”. Yes, she had air conditioning. 🙂

  8. Um. wow. My 2nd didn’t start walking until he was 14months so that just looks crazy to me! Good luck? ::hands over tissue::

  9. holy crap, walking at 9 1/2 months. wtf.

    by the way, please send leyna to me if she gets to be too much of a handful. her baby chub is so fricken cute! after reading your blog, i really hoped my daughter would be just as roly poly as leyna is (especially in your daisy dukes post), but it was not meant to be. i’m just glad claire’s cheeks are chubby; babies need some chunk on them!

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