A House Divided… And United

Kendall’s really taken to the game of baseball this year. I think this can, largely, be attributed to all the softball games he’s watched his daddy play since this spring, as he sat in the dugout. Though, I know his love for it also comes from his ability to actually participate.

He lives to run those bases after daddy’s games. He loves when daddy pitches balls to him, and he swings like a little pro, hitting a very good percentage of them, if I may brag.

Baseball has brought him so close to Scott this year. Not that they weren’t “close” to begin with, but now, you know, they share more than just a father-son bond. They share the love of a sport.

What they don’t share, is the love of the same baseball team.

Kendall’s first pro baseball game was a Texas Rangers game. Scott was excited to take him, but told me he could not participate in purchasing any Rangers paraphenalia. So Kendall’s Rangers hat was officially a gift from mommy.

It was all in jest, though. They had a great time together, and Scott’s always said that he has no problem cheering for the Rangers… as long as they don’t play the Cardinals.

“But that rarely happens, anyway,” Scott said, “you know, unless they play each other in the World Series.”

I kid you not, this was a conversation we had mere months ago. 

This weekend, Scott’s parents gave Kendall a St. Louis Cardinals hat, and in a moment of complete un-graciousness, Kendall threw it to the ground and cried, “No! I want my Rangers hat!”

It was only with a little bribery (and a serious talk about how one should and shouldn’t thank MeMaw for gifts) that we got him to wear the Cardinals hat for a few hours the next day, but he’s been sporting his Rangers hat ever since we got home last night.

Tonight, they sat side by side, in opposing team hats.


But, mostly, united.

Kendall is 3.5 years old 

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  1. Go Kendall! 🙂 Was his little heart broken by the loss? I love watching my boys (and girls but especially boys) share a love of sports with my husband. We’re all united in our Rangers devotion though.

  2. Awesomeness.

    If Isaac ever becomes a Yankees fan there’s a chance that I might disown him. I must admit that, while I don’t like the Cardinals, I’m required to root for them since they play real baseball.

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