Be Afraid, Leyna. Be Very Afraid.

Kendall is 3 years 4.5 months, Leyna is nearly 9 months old, and the Laugh & Learn Puppy is baaaaAAAAccck.

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  1. My sister has one of those. She let the batteries die when her son was a baby and never replaced them because it was so annoying. It now has batteries again for when she babysits my daughter. It gets locked in the closet so nobody plays with it unless the baby is there.

    • I swear the batteries in this one were long dead before we put it in the attic for a year and a half, but it revived itself for a few days, and Leyna fell entranced by it’s evil spell. So we had to put new batteries in it.

  2. Oh, that thing… My husband’s aunt gave our daughter one, and she’s figured out the exact combo of things to press just to get it to do the songs. She doesn’t care about anything else, but loves the songs. I, however, somehow still can’t get “I love you. Come give me a hug” out of my head. It follows me throughout the day. Augh.

  3. Yep, precisely why we give those sorts of toys to relatives to have at their houses. Keegan had the VTech crawl ball…now at my sister’s house. We have very few battery operated toys, but a lot of noise makers (drum set, drums, keyboard, etc.). Not sure which is worse musical instruments or battery-operated annoyances?

  4. Oooh I love this puppy. Ours is possessed though too. He used to come on in the middle of the night & start talking. Scared the crap out of me. We have a thomas flashlight that steams or whatever it is it’s doing.. it will go off ALL NIGHT LONG. Usually it starts just as I fall asleep.

    • Why do these things come alive at night?! We have a Melissa & Doug sounds puzzle that makes an ambulance noise randomly at night. That’s super comforting.

      • Lol you’re telling me. I live in my Grandparents old house. My boys room is their old room. Both Grandparents are gone now… so you know, yeah.. real comforting when it happens at 3am. To top it off my toddler was sleeping in my room not long ago (on the floor w/ his mattress) and wakes me up in the middle of the night saying “Whats that Mommy?” pointing to the corner in the dark. So one little sound from one of these toys you can only imagine my response LOL.

  5. We have that one. My 21 month loves the music (specifically Heads, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes). I can’t wait until my 6 month old starts to play with it.

  6. We had one of these given to us. But after my daughter played with it for the first time and it sent her in to uncontrollable tears each time it sang, it went to the trash. Definitely am with ya on it being possessed!

  7. Oh, the possessed puppy. That will randomly go off in the middle of the night. And give me heart attacks. “I Looooove YOU” at 2am from the depths of the toy chest is creepy as hell.

  8. I have absolutely no idea where on earth my daughter’s went, but I was soooo thankful when it disappeared. It would get left in the car while I was alone, driving, it would suddenly yell “IT’S LEARNING TIME!” And I would have a stroke every time.
    … no real off switch. no volume control. buttons that go off if you look at them.
    This was honestly the toy from hell.

  9. OMG. Oh. Oh. Oh that THING. I had it and a few other “older” toys behind our rocker from before she was born. One night a few months ago I was rocking E to sleep. In the dark. I hear, “Peek-A-Boo I SEE YOU.”

    Needless to say the baby woke up when her mom screamed FUUUUUUUCK at the top of her lungs.

  10. At least some of you get a “Peek-A-Boo” before the “I See You!” part. I swear ours just says, “I see you.” I call it the creepy dog. Sadly, my second looooooooves it.

  11. There is nothing I can say about this toy that has not already been said. Ours does it’s talking in the car. I keep it in there where, presumably, it talks to itself at night.

  12. We have My Pal Violet – who I would imagine is quite similar. My husband wants to hit it with a baseball bat. “I’d like a MONKEY please! It’s my faaaavorite animal…”

  13. That thing IS posessed! The middle of one night when G was about 9 months, I heard giggling over the baby monitor. I ran into the nursery completely freaked out that someone was in the house. No intruder, just that damn puppy entertaining itself in the dark. I removed the batteries in a cold sweat.

  14. Jack had this toy as well. For some reason, he didn’t really get into it until after he was 2….lol. I didn’t mind the toy, but agree that they are possessed.

    His to would go off randomly. It would be in the toy box and go off. So it’s like something creepy moved a toy that in turn hit the puppy. I just tell my self that Toy Story is true and our toys come alive. 🙂

  15. So true. Ours tends to blurt out “I can see you!” five minutes after anyone last touched it. We’d get rid of it, but I think it would just anger it. I’m certain it would come back and attack us.

  16. We have a LeapFrog Scout and it says “I love you…Miles” but you have to picture the I love you part in a childish voice and Miles in a creepishly deep voice. Baby toys that say I love you are way creepy!

  17. Oh my, we actually ended up with three of those crazy puppies……and one of them speaks Spanish (it was buy one get one at Toys R Us and my mom decided we needed a Spanish version??). No me gusta!

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