Turn 4 Swaddling Blankets Into A Family of Bunnies

It’s here! The sequel to my Elephant from Swaddling Blankets tutorial. I know, the anticipation was killing you all.


Round 2 of fun with swaddling blankets will turn 4 of these…

into these…

It’s a momma bunny and 2 baby bunnies, complete with fluffy tails. (I swear, these things are much cuter in person. I took a million pictures of them in different poses, but nothing conveys the cuteness like actually seeing them in real life. Sorry.)

What you will need- 4 swaddling blankets (I use Aden & Anais muslin blankets. They come in a 4 pack and you can even get them at most Super Targets.)
A spool of tulle, or tulle cut into about 9 2 inch by 18 inch strips

Let’s start by making the momma.

Take 2 of your 4 blankets and lay one on top of the other. If they have tags on them, align it so the tags on both blankets match up. This just makes it easier to hide them so they’re not hanging out of the bunny ears. Starting with the corner closest to the tag, roll the blanket into a long tube.

Then take that  tube and fold it in half.

About 4-5 inches from the fold, wrap a piece of tulle around and tie it in a knot on the other side (this will be the underside).

Flip it back over, then cross the ends over and back like this.

Place a stip of tulle (about 18ish inches long, I guess) over the top of the bunny’s head, over where the body is secured with tulle. Wrap it around and tie it in a knot under the body (this will be on top of the tulle that’s holding the body together). Don’t clip the excess, though. You’re not done tying it.

Flip the bunny back over, then tie the ends behind the ears. To make the ears stand up a bit more, you could wrap the ends around the base of the ears first, and then tie it behind the ears.

Now you can trim off the ends of the tulle.  (Click through to see the rest, including a super easy tulle pom pom tutorial inside a tutorial!)

Next, cut off another strip of tulle. Maybe about 18 inches long. We’re going to make the poofy tail, and it’s super easy.

Wrap most of the strip around 3 of your fingers like this.

Take the last 6 inches or so of your strip and push it through the center of the wrapped tulle.

Knot it through itself.

Then pull it tight.

Carefully cut the tulle off of your fingers like this.

Ahhhh… tulle over my ring. I don’t even think we captured that on my wedding day.


Fluff. But do NOT cut off the long piece you just used to tie it together.

Now use the long piece to help you tie it onto the bunny butt.

For the eyes, I just cut a circle from felt, then cut the circle in half. The felt will stick on and stay as long as it doesn’t get shaken around or blown by the wind.

For the babies, everything comes together the same, except you only need one blanket, and you start with it folded in quarters.

If you want a smaller tail for the babies, you can just wrap the tulle around 2 fingers.

And there you have a momma and 2 baby bunnies from 4 swaddling blankets!

I think this would be an awesome shower gift, especially when paired with a book like The Runaway Bunny or Guess How Much I Love You. And with winter baby showers approaching, it would be adorable to do a snow bunny shower and make a bunch of these out of white flat cloth diapers. Even if the mom-to-be isn’t planning to cloth diaper, those things are awesome multitaskers, and one of my Top 10 Newborn Essentials.

Let me know if you have any questions or if any of this is confusing to you. Happy bunny making!

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