Shiny New Blog!

HI!! Just stopping in real fast to say LOOK! Look at my new space! Isn’t it beautiful? And clean? And organized? And faster?

I’m in love with it, and I hope you all like it, too. There are some small changes to be made still, some things I need to add and move around. But, for now, it’s at least functional and looking pretty.

I had not very much to do with that. My friend Brett, who I met online nearly 6 years ago while planning my wedding, designed the header and social icons for me. She came up with the idea for my re-branding, with the hexagonal tiles that represent all the little pieces of this blog that are about “more than a (baby) fever.” Pretty genius, I think. I’d link you up to her, but she’s a very busy woman who doesn’t typically do this kind of thing for bloggers, so I think she’d kill me if I sent “business” her way.

The brains behind the back end of this operation is Karla Archer from Archer Creative. She is definitely in the business of doing this sort of thing for other bloggers, so if you’re in the market for a new blog design, I 1,000% endorse her and think you should get in touch.

So many cool new features, and one of my favorites is the ability to click on a photo in my header and go to it’s corresponding category. That’s not such an easy thing to DIY, but Karla hooked it up without a problem. She was responsive and proactive with all our communications (not such an easy trait to find in the blog designer world, it seems), and she’s made this entire process stress free for me. I can’t say enough amazing things about her.

She also does things like logo design, branding & marketing consulting, and even wedding invitations! Check out her services here.

If you want to learn more about her, her adorable love story of how she met her husband on Twitter (true story!), or her business, here are the links you should check out:

Archer Creative
Living The Life Fantastic

I wish I could stay and play, but I have so much to do before Wednesday morning. I’ll be working with Karla for a while still to get things perfected around here, so if you see something that’s not working or doesn’t look quite right, could you do me a favor and tell me about it? Either comment or shoot me an email? Thanks so much!

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  1. LOVE. Much faster too.

    The only thing I’d love is a way to comment AFTER reading the post. Minor pet peeve when I have to scroll back up top. Every thing visually is lovely. My re-design is planned out in my head but ya know, those things aren’t cheap!

    See you at #hautegreen (I think)


  2. SallyNichole on

    On the home page the little dots that separate the home link to the pregnant&prior link appear in the middle of the word home. It’s fine when I went to the comment page.
    And I like then new look

  3. I normally read you on google reader but came over to see you new look. Love it. Love that “baby fat” is its own category. I also love that you are getting so professional. Glad I can say I met you before youbgot big. 🙂

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