My Baby Starts Preschool (A momAgenda School Years Review & Giveaway)

After a 3 millennia week summer break, Kendall’s gearing up to start his first day of K3 (preschool for 3 year olds) next Tuesday. He’s attended the Mother’s Day Out portion of this program since he was a year old, but now? It’s all official. He’s in a class with his name on the back of a chair, they have to line up to go get water from the water fountain, and they get computer time (!). He even has the cutest weetle locker you ever did see. (If you’re on my home page, click through to see said adorable locker and read more)

He’s like a real little boy. A straight up, potty trained (except for at night), little boy who even wears tennis shoes with LACES and goes to SCHOOL in a CLASSROOM where there are letters and numbers on the wall that he will LEARN. OMG, I can’t handle it.

He’s growing so fast, and I’m scrambling to try to document and remember as many of these small moments. It’s possible I feel a bit of guilt over the whole no baby book thing. So, I’m going to make up for it!

I got a large School Years journal/organizer from momAgenda. It has one page/pocket for every year from Preschool- 12th grade.

Since preschool will consist of 2 years for him (K3 and K4), I will have to split the information on that page. I just did that by drawing lines with Sharpie in the middle of each field to fill out. I’ll put 2 pictures up top. There’s plenty of room.

Each page is actually part of a pocket (a pretty generous one) where you can store art, report cards, silly notes and other mementos.

And the back of each one has spaces to fill out things like friends, activities, sports and special achievements, along with a spot for them to sign their name.

I’m itching to fill it out for this year already!

As part of momAgenda‘s Back To School campaign, they want to help one of you celebrate and document your child’s time in school, too. So I’m giving away one large School Years journal. You’ll be able to pick your own color. Exciting, right?!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment below with one of  your favorite first day of school memories.

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Disclosure- I’m a member of the momAgenda Council of Media Moms. This is a sponsored post, and I was provided the School Years journal at no cost to me. All opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. My daughter starts pre-k this Monday so no memories yet..

    but I can’t wait for the first stick-figured people drawing she brings home

  2. I would love to win this! I have fond memories of being very excited about my new outfit for the first day of school, and lining up for a picture with my brother then a full family picture on the front lawn each first day back. There was a sense of pride and excitement that had been building all summer.

  3. My favorite memories-although not specific-are of getting new school supplies and organizing them, writing the classes on my folders, etc. And picking out my first day outfit!

  4. My very first day of school I remember the school tagged us like cattle with signs around our necks, with our names, phone numbers, address, bus number, teacher, and allergies. We had to wear those signs for a month! My mom saved mine and I just found it last week 🙂

  5. I remember my first day of kindergarten at a new school. It was half way through the school year and I think I was crushing my mom’s hand when I was introduced to the new students. I ended up being friends with all of the boys, even the only girl invited to birthday parties, because the other girls in my class already had their little kindergarten “clique.” That marked the beginning of me having more guy friends than girls all the way up through high school. 🙂

  6. My baby is nowhere near school yet, but honestly it’s the time that most excites me… I can’t wait to take him shopping for a backpack and talk about all the cool things he’ll learn and the friends he’ll make and the memories he’ll have.. it’s one of the things I’ve most looked forward too since he’s been born. I absolutely can’t wait for his first day of school and I hope he will love it sooooo much!

  7. My favorite memory of starting school is walking into my new classroom and seeing my name on my desk and cubby for my coat, etc. It made me feel like the teacher really cared that I was there and wanted me to feel like that desk was MINE and special to me.

  8. My favorite first day of school memory was the new outfit and school supplies. I was a total nerd, and I loved the smell of a new box of crayons and the sounds of brand new pens on brand new paper!

  9. I always loved that my mom would take a picture of my twin sister and I outside the house every year on the 1st day of school.

  10. I remember my mom giving me a special little gift to keep in my backpack on the first day of kindergarten.

  11. I remember loving that my mom would make us stand on the front porch in our new school clothes, with our backpacks on and brand new, shiny lunchboxes in hand for the annual “First Day of School Photo!” 🙂

  12. My favorite 1st day of school memory was when my mother splurged and bought me a BCBG skirt to wear on the 1st day and I thought I was hot s**t…looking back I would never wear that skirt now!

  13. My favorite first day of school memory was my mom waking me up for a special pancake breakfast. It was a great send off!

  14. My favorite first day of school, for me, was getting dressed up in the matching dresses my mom would make for my sister and I ~ smocked, saddle oxfords, you name it. Now my favorite first day of school tradition is heading to IHOP, the whole family, for a fun breakfast.

  15. So Cute! I am with you on the no baby book guilt! Baby #5 starts Preschool this year! Would love to do a school book for her!

  16. 9/7 my baby girl starts pre k, my last one to go, now I will have all three in school. No more babies for me 🙁 I have the book for my one son (2nd grade) and I would love to have one for my daughter as well!!!!!

  17. The best thing about the first day is the fresh school supplies, I think!
    I hope I win, I hope I win!

  18. My favorite part of my first day of K was wearing this pink dress that I was obsessed with. I still remember what it looks like and how much I love it! I may have worn it every day that first week. Thankfully it didn’t make me loose cool point later on 😉

  19. My favorite first day of school memory is my mother lining me and my neighborhood friends up for pictures. I still remember standing tall, so proud to show off my smurfette lunchbox and roo sneakers.

  20. BEST MEMORY of my school years has to be when I was in third grade and I had the priviledge to stand in line next to the boy I crushed! It was a pretty good morning I must say =)

    Gosh, I’m glad I have a little boy and not a girl!! lol

    I just signed up for your newsletter and follow you too!! =)

  21. My favorite first day memory is our old Collie Shawn walking me to the bus stop (the end of the driveway) and waiting there for me until I got back off the bus 4 hrs later! He was such a sweet pup 🙂

  22. My favorite memory of back to school was all the new clothes I would get. It was awesome!

  23. Kelley Statham on

    My favorite first of day activity is special pancakes for breakfast – special flavors or shapes!

  24. I loved school – the first day of school meant a new bookbag and all new supplies! I loved wearing my starched uniform and new shoes!!!! (I know I was weird for loving to wear uniforms, but I did!)…

  25. I loved buying back to school clothes and school supplies! Plus my birthday was right before school started so I loved getting new stuff for school for my birthday!

  26. Oh, he is adorable and looks so grown up! Can you believe we have preschoolers??? I can’t either.

    One of my fave memories was my first day of second grade. Or was it third? Not sure. But my sister Kelli did my bangs. They looked so perfect. I remember that photo because I thought I looked just right. I could never do my own hair (still can’t!).

  27. I have to laugh now, because for the 1st 4 days of school for me (Kindergarten), I cried like a baby when mom left me at school. I even got a note sent home from the teacher on day 5…which mom kept…that says HipHipHorray! No tears today!

  28. My favorite first day of school memories are wearing my new school clothes! I loved going shopping with Mom in anticipation of the upcoming school year. Those clothese were hands-off until that first day of school.

  29. When we brought a box to Kleenex to the 1st day of school in elementary. I used to get SO excited for that part (who knows why?!?)

  30. my favorite first day of school memory was standing outside my parent’s front door getting my picture taken before going to school each year. i hope to continue this tradition with my own littles, the MomAgenda will be great for preserving those memories for them.

  31. I can remember having a HIDEOUS red and green plaid dress from my first day of 2nd grade … so, 1988? The pictures are awesome.

  32. I don’t think I remember my first day of school…however, I do remember my younger brother’s first day! He was riding the bus with us for the first time, and decided to make it memorable by wiping boogers on the other kids. Awesome.

  33. Charlotte Anne on

    My favorite memory was my two best friends since we were 3 walking into school together every first day. We don’t talk much anymore but those nervous first day jitters always subsided once they were by my side and I will forever be grateful.

  34. My first day of kindergarten, I remember waiting for the bus and being sooo excited to have y picture taken, which my other continued to do each year until it wasn’t COOL anymore 🙂 I know it will be a bittersweet moment when I get to start this tradition with my daughter!

  35. One of my favorite memories is from a teacher visit in 4th grade, and she was taking pictures for her bulletin board for the classroom. She let me climb my favorite tree and used that picture on her bulletin board. Loved it!

  36. I must have had totally lame first days because I don’t remember anything specific about a single one of them…sad, right?

  37. My first day of school memory is actually from a photo. Its me (with a horrible bowl cut that I was oh so proud of), my friend Jeff and my friend Chris. We were lined up at the bus stop for kindergarten and so excited. I remember my mom crying that her baby was off to school. I spent the next 12 years of school waiting at the bus stop with Jeff and Chris and remain friends with them still.

  38. I remember my first day of preschool & I told all of my classmates I wanted 100 babies when I grew up!!

  39. I remember loving my outfit and getting my picture taken and walking to school. Can’t believe mine are almost that old!

  40. My favorite memory is taking my son’s “first-day-of-school pic” on the front step. It was his first day in the toddler classroom at school, and despite his “Happy Camper” tshirt (adorbs), he was BAWLING. It’s the kind of photo that makes people laugh, even if they aren’t kid people. 😉

  41. I need this.
    And every year on the 1st day of school, my mom took my picture with the bus driver- Mrs. Cahill. She was a grumpy bitch!

  42. For each and every one of my First Days of School, my mom would have us pose in front of our front door, backpack on and loaded up, making some sort of silly face. It was tradition, and here in a few short years I hope to start the same tradition with my little punkin. 🙂

  43. My memory of every first day of school was how I was so excited that I could never sleep the night before. I may have lined up my pencils ten different ways, lined up my notebooks and stacked a million sheets of paper neatly in my binders. My lunch bag was always brand new with that great new plastic smell on the inside. Best of all, my crayons all had that perfectly flat tip and full paper wrappers. I loved it! I think that lasted maybe a week but good enough.

  44. Sharon Marrero on

    Dropping off my preschooler and being ready for tears just to be surprised…he said : “bye see you tomorrow” and went to play with a smile and a spring in his step!

  45. My favorite “first day of school” was my 7th grade year, we were just entering the big bad “Junior High” – (same building as Senior high) It was the first time I had a locker! This was “big kid” stuff! I loved doing my combination (dork).. and thought I had on the coolest shirt ever… a smiley face with blue petals around it – seriously!?!?!

  46. My kid is only 11 months but I want this! I remember the first day of 4th grade… Although we had not coordinated our outfits, shopped together or even discussed style, my best friend showed up at my door and we were in totally matching jumpers. I can still remember the details of each of our outfits. (Something very similar happened with another friend many years later right before prom.)

  47. I don’t remember any of my early first days of school, but I do remember the first day of 7th grade. I was at a new middle school and had some trouble registering for my classes so or I was late to first period Social Studies. I opened the classroom door and the teacher glanced at me and said, “Tom, how do you pronounce your last name?” I was confused, but answered with my last name and said, “But my name isn’t Tom, it’s Courtney”.

    She had been talking to another student when I happened to walked in the door. Pretty much everyone laughed at me and then called me Tom for the rest of the year.

    • Wow. I just noticed all the typos. That’s what happens at 11:20 at night when you have a six month old, I guess. Sorry!

  48. Favorite back to school memory was always being so excited for class. Not being able to sleep the night before because I was so anxious to go!

  49. My favorite memory I can remember was starting kindergarten and being allowed to walk to school with my friends and big brother. I felt so cool!

  50. My favorite first day of school memory was getting to go out for breakfast with my Mom. I got to order whatever I wanted and it was a special treat for me!

  51. I think my favorite memory was always the first day of school. I love the excitement and buzz.

  52. My favorite back to school memories have to do with which awesome trapper keeper I picked out over the summer!

  53. I cherish the 1st day of school photos my mom took of my two younger sisters and me every year on the driveway.

  54. The new outfits, getting to see friends I hadn’t seen all summer, and the photos.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  55. My favorite 1st day of school memory(ies) are the pictures we took every year. When I started Kindergarten we bought a maple tree and planted it in the front yard. Every year, on the first day of school, we would take a picture in front of it. First it was just me, then me and my sister. Right up through high school! My sister and I even took a wedding picture in front of it, it was that special of a tradition to my family.

  56. My favorite was going clothes shopping. I still remember that first paycheck I got from corn detassling. I went to the mall and bought all the expensive stuff my mom wouldn’t buy. I also remember taking pictures in front of the fridge with our brand spanking new backpacks and new outfits.

  57. My mom used to put us in the same place in front of the tree in the front yard year after year for school pictures – it’s a great memory to have those pictures to look back at what we wore and how we grew each year

    jaimecoupons16 at gmail dot com

  58. signed up for the Monday Morning Procrastination Club Newsletter

    jaimecoupons16 at gmail dot com

  59. I’ve never commented before, but I have decided that I’m a terrible mother that never documents her children’s growth and development so I need this book.

    I remember starting kindergarten very vividly and the best part was getting to sit at the table with the blue chairs. I was so glad I didn’t get stuck at the table with the yellow chairs because they were ugly.

  60. Favorite memory was picking out the outfit I would wear and getting to school early to see who else was in my class

  61. I remember my first day of grade 1 and using markers to colour a picture. I got super excited for the rest of the year after that!

  62. Favorite memory was the smell of the new back to school clothes and all of the new school supples. And the excitement!

  63. My favorite memory is getting dressed for my first day of 6th grade in my BRAND NEW Limited Too outfit and riding my bike to school with my best friend Amy. When we were across the street from school, i fell over into a ditch and was covered in MUD! I then rode back home in tears 🙂

  64. My kid acted so horribly on his first day of 3K this year, that I got a call from the director – ON THE FIRST DAY! Yeessh. :/

  65. I’m a complete nerd and I love to buy school supplies. It was my favorite time of year to meet my teacher, get the list and go buy all the stuff. I would bring it home and get it all organized for the first day. Still love it.

  66. My favorite first day of school memory is the agony of choosing the outfit! Then laying it all out from undies to socks to hair bands, etc!!

  67. I remember going to school late (I missed the first 2 days because they started school earlier that year) and showing up in a first day outfit that I totally loved with a new haircut and a tan. Isn’t it weird what we remember?

  68. My 1st day of school memory is kinda awful lol. My dad told me when I went to kindergarten that I would get spanked if I was bad. He used a paddle so when I went in I looked at the top of all the shelves for the paddles peeking out, just like his was… I still remember that VIVIDLY!!! :)))

  69. I don’t have a favorite first day of school memory… just the memories of general excitement over new school clothes, supplies, teacher, and seeing friends.

  70. Have so many first day good memories. It’s like a party in our house as everyone has on their “first day best.” Everything is neat and organized — backpacks brand new. An extra special lunch that will not be duplicated until next year. Special notes tucked away that probably don’t quite have their desired effect (kids get embarrassed SO easily). The first day of school is about all the possibilities. All the unknowns. I think I’m usually more excited than the kids.

    I follow both you and momagenda on twitter! And I desperately need to go on an organizing bender.

  71. My baby is also starting preschool this year so we have no first day of school memoires yet. Looking forward to taking a picture of her standing on our front steps with her cute little backpack on!!

  72. My favorite first day of school will be this year on Sept.8th when I get to drop both of my boys off for their first days of PreK. We are all looking forward to it.

  73. Look at your big boy! Precious! I cried so hard after watching my son walk through the door his first day of school you’d a thought Id been shot. In the end, of course, you’ll love all he learns and the ways he grows. Hugs!

  74. My favorite first day of school memories are waking up to the smell of my dad’s homemade cinnamon rolls and him waking us up singing silly songs.

  75. #1 – My best memories are more from all of the back to school supply shopping, and then getting all my stuff organized in my backpack or locker. #TypeA

  76. I remember the first day of my Freshman year. It’s not my favorite memory but definitely my most memorable one. I wore this cute dress I got from the Gap. I was so excited to wear it and thought I looked so cute. At lunch some senior girls, who were fortunately my friends, told me to close my legs because they could see my panties. I guess I was too much of a tomboy for that cute dress. 🙂

  77. Back to school time meant shopping for awesome school supplies, I loved map pencils and fun notebooks!