Leyna’s Infectious Joy (And Her First Kiss)

One of my BFFs (since Jr. High!) came to visit over the weekend and brought her 15 month old little boy. He was so sweet to Leyna, and kept petting her face and her arms. He’s going to be a big brother in December, so his momma’s been working hard with him on being gentle to babies (even though Leyna probably weighs as much as he does and could possibly steamroll him).

As they were playing on the floor before bed time, he leaned in and…

Only 8 months old and already kissed.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Everyone wants to hug and kiss her. If there is one thing I hope I always remember about Leyna as a baby it’s that she is always smiling (unless she’s hungry).

Her joy is truly infectious. Stern and busy business women, and grouchy old men all stopped to smile back at her today at Starbucks. Everywhere we go, people comment on 2 things about her: they always mention how happy and smiley she is… and then follow it up with how squishy and rolly she is.

I hope that even when she’s a moody, hormonal teenager she’ll still have the gift to make others stop and smile.

Leyna is 8 months 2 days old

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  1. awww, so sweet!… my 15 month old monkey is the same way, everyone’s first comment is “He’s so happy” or “Is he always this happy?”.. I know he didn’t get this from me so I’m thinking he was given to me to learn from, that I need to lighten up and “be happy” more often… I’m trying….

  2. gaaa!! She’s SO sweet! I love smiley babies. My 8 mo old is always smiling at strangers and she has a fondness for the ones with the stringy ponytail and the dirty tweetybird t shirt. At least she doesn’t discriminate. 🙂

  3. My daughter is 14 months old and is constantly getting comments about how cute she is and how happy she is also! She can turn any grumpy old man into a teddy bear. That’s my girl. 🙂

    PS…She has those jammies too!

  4. Dude, enjoy every single second of it.

    When Julesy was a baby, he was Happiest Baby Ever. I swear to god, every single picture I posted on facebook had that kid gleaming from ear to ear with his giant puffy cheeks. I didn’t notice it, but other people would always say “Jesus, is that baby ever NOT smiling?!?” and I’d say “Nope!” Just happy baby!

    He’s the one I refer to as The Terrorist now. When he’s happy, he’s joyful. But when that kid is NOT happy – oh holy jesus. A couple weeks ago we had friends over, and Julesy started throwing a screaming fit that made my friend jump up and go “Oh my god, is his hand caught in the door?!?” and I’m all “Nope, that’s just what he does now… screams bloody murder. All the time. No good reason.” It upset her older daughter so much that she asked to leave. Yeah. Her kid wanted to get away from my kid. Awesome.

    Can I please go back to the Happiest Baby Ever days? Just for a minute? I’d change diapers all over again if it meant him not screaming bloody terrorist murder at me.

    • Mine’s the same way… people tell me they want to babysit the baby for me, but if I mention the 2 year old, they quickly change their minds!

  5. Well add this grumpy old lady to the list of people that Leyna has brought joy to. Seriously, your baby gets cuter by the day & pics of her smiling face make my heart melt!

  6. She does look like the smiliest*, squishiest baby ever. And it’s SO sweet that you captured that kiss. Camera magic, right there.

    *Apparently this is not a word and wants to correct to slimiest, which is definitely *not* what I wanted to say. Psh, spelling.

  7. I postively love how squishy she is! But it looks like that is how you make them. Smiley and squishy!
    I love the look she is giving her playmate in the first photo! Almost like, “What you want mister?”

  8. I’m glad to hear my daughter isn’t the only one who could outweigh a 15 month old! Both of my youngest kids (boy, 2 and a half, and girl, 8 and a half months) were just under 6 pounds at birth. My 2 and a half year old monster (who used to be a charmer 24/7, but the terrible twos and not being the “baby” anymore have given him a newfound wickedness) is 40 pounds, and the baby was 20 pounds 2 months ago… They’re not fat, just solid! Anywhere we go, I get a comment on how cute Gunner is with his puffy cheeks and charming smile, and Tanner (yes, I know… how much crap is she gonna get for THAT?!) has always gotten comments about how pretty she is… Sometimes I wish I’d get the “wow, your kids are so well behaved” comments, but the minute they see Gunner smack Tanner for no reason at all and then start laughing at her crying, I know those comments are NEVER going to be uttered around my kids!!

    I’m a new reader, and LOVE your blog!

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