Blogher Away Message

Hello, I’m unable to come to my blog today because I’m busy doing one of the following:

1. “Packing” (stuffing and throwing myself onto the tops while begging others to zip) my bags
2. Embracing my geekiness
3. Covering myself in glitter
4. Pumping
5. Having conversations with adults while wearing not a drop of baby puke

If you are here to find out more about me, click here.
If you are here to read about how I almost birthed my 2nd baby in a toilet full of poop, click here.
If you are here to check out my crafty tutorial for making a pillowcase dress, click here.
If you are here to figure out what the hell Baby Rabies even means, click here (my very first post ever).
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Would you like to learn more about my super awesome conference sponsor BornFree and enter to win the Newborn Prize Pack, valued at $515, that they are giving away to one lucky entrant? Then click here. They are drawing the winner on the 22nd.

I will return late Sunday evening, and then I will sleep as long as the children let me before I wake up on Monday, throw some food at them, turn on the TV, and again try to sleep some more. All non-urgent comments and emails may be answered by mid next week. Maybe.

If you would like to speak with the operator (okay, me, so keep in mind the timeframe and the frazzled-chaotic-panicky state of mind I’m in), please leave a comment after the beep.


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