Better Than A Bag Of Chips

Thank you to LUNA Protein for providing me a LUNA Protein sample pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.

Behold! Me, minimal makeup, glasses on, hair not brushed, talking about how I usually start my day. Also featuring a cute baby who’s ready to throw down for one of my Luna protein bars, and who can blame her? They’re delicious and covered in chocolate. (Click through if you’re on my homepage.)

So yeah, yum! I love Luna bars, have for a long time. Whenever I get around to writing a Top 10 New Mom Essentials list, they will definitely be on there.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, the play date went great. The house was moderately clean by the time they got here, I was wired on 1/2 pot of coffee and didn’t eat a single chip.

As promised, there is a giveaway for 5, yes FIVE of you. Each winner will get a sample pack of Luna Protein bars and couple other small surprises. It’s open to US residents only, and I’ll draw the winners with next Friday, September 2nd.

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me when it’s the hardest for you to fit in a balanced meal. Is it crazy in the morning or do you find yourself skipping lunch? Or maybe you power through dinner just so you can get everyone to bed on time?

You can get additional entries if you do (or have already done) any or all of the following:

2. Sign up for my Monday Morning Procrastination Club Newsletter (great to read while drinking coffee and eating a LUNA bar!)
3. Follow BabyRabies on Twitter
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Please leave a separate comment for each entry and allow time for moderation before retrying.

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  1. Breakfast. They are hungry but grumpy. I’m tired. Nobody can ever agree on what to have and the options always seem limited. Before I had kids I just skipped breakfast so this must be why I’m terrible at it now. We usually opt for spinach or kale in scrambled eggs which I guess is “balanced-ish” enough.

  2. Whenever I’m ‘getting ready’ I normally skip the meals, or grab a spoonful of whatever my children are eating. I do remind myself to grab my water cup and take it with me, because I know that if I don’t eat, I get thirsty and water quenches that ‘my stomach is eating itself!!!’ feeling.
    I’d love to try the Luna bars…I hope they don’t taste like cardboard wrapped in chocolate though…

    • I think, as far as protein bars go, they’re pretty freaking delicious. But, I’ve been eating them for a while, so maybe I’ve developed a taste for them?

  3. The hardest balanced meal for me is definitely lunch, especially now that my calorie intake is supposed to be higher due to EBF my 4 mo old.

  4. During the work week, I get all my meals in like normal…it’s the weekend or days off that I forget to eat. Lunch is normally the meal I forget about. I always eat a late breakfast on those days and then it’s mid-afternoon and I am ready for dinner already…but instead I eat junk food until it’s time to eat dinner. Need to fix that problem soon! Oh and I stopped breastfeeding after 14 months and I am having to learn to eat normal portions again…so far it’s not going so well πŸ™ I have gained 5 pounds in less than a month…someone help me!!

  5. breakfast is definitely the hardest time of day to actually eat. trying to get the household up and running, get the husband off to work and feed my two little ones makes me lucky to grab what i can. and when i do i the presence of mind to actually put in some toast or make some oatmeal…it is ALWAYS cold by the time i get to actually eat it. yum! πŸ˜›

  6. Def hardest for me at lunch time. We are always out and about and it’s SO EASY to stop at Chik Fil A!!!!

  7. I work fluctuating shifts, so mornings when I have to be to work early, breakfast for me is a forgotten task. Baby up, out of bed, changed, fed, hopefully a Momma shower and some clothes and I’m gone! Makes a donut on the way to work a convenient option, even if I’m a wreck later in the day!

  8. Lunch for me is pretty hard. I’m usually so busy trying to figure what to feed my daughter that she chill actually eat that if I end up eating lunch, it’s not until 2 and consists of some snacks thing like chips or even ice cream of we have it.

  9. Breakfast is the most difficult meal of the day for me. Usually, because I’d rather sleep an extra 15 minutes than get up to make breakfast.

  10. Breakfast for sure! I have a little one about the same age as your cutie pie, plus 2 older kiddos I homeschool. I’m lucky if I get coffee ! πŸ™‚

  11. I need something quick before my early morning runs. Oh, and for breakfast as I’m wrangling four kids out the door to school.. Then there’s the — cant-leave-my-desk-at-lunchtime-or-the-world-will-come-to-an-end lunch. So yeah, for lunch too. I also had their newest flavor coconut chocolate for dinner last night (since I did get away for lunch and ate way more than I should’ve). I heart Luna. I’m also a follower on Twitter (cafootwearco).

  12. Lunch, for sure. I sometimes am too busy in the morning to pack my lunch (like I keep telling myself I will!) and I end up eating out or grabbing a sandwich from a gas station. Neither is very healthy (and the second one isn’t very tasty either!).

  13. I’m a breakfast skipper!! Guilty! Valerie and I are TRYING HARD to get at least a small bowl of cereal in in the mornings.

  14. First off, you are ridiculously cute for it being 9 AM in that video. And Leyna is even cuter, she really had eyes for your Luna bar! I would say that breakfast is the toughest for me, with getting my son ready for daycare and trying to get out of the apartment in time to drop him off and catch the bus. I’d love to try a Luna bar.

  15. and I aleady receive MMPC, follow you on twitter, and facebook… that is my four entries for this week ? =)

  16. Jennifer Heuslein on

    I find it hard to eat breakfast now that my daughter has also started solids. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

  17. Kendal Barriere on

    I find it hardest to eat a balanced dinner meal. My husband is away for military training, and I just don’t like cooking for myself and my two year old. I tend to eat crap. lol.

  18. When I’m not pregnant (with twins this time!!), the hardest time is breakfast. I’ll chug some chocolate milk and call it good. Right now though, I’m eating every time I pass the kitchen!!!

  19. I forget to eat all the time, so anytime is hard for me to eat a balanced meal. I’m always chasing after kids or cleaning something up, so there is no time for me to stop and think about it.

  20. word. breakfast is for sure the hardest. I gotta bring the kid 25 minutes to the sitter, and then I drive 20 minutes to work and I just don’t ever have (make) the time.

  21. P.s. I watched that first with no sound….Leyna is a Riot watching you and following what ur doin’…the second time I figured out how to plug my speakers in and her squeals of “GIVE ME THAT PROTEIN BAR NOW LADY” made me giggle, she is sooooooooooo cute!

  22. I have trouble getting around to lunch (there’s just always so much going on, and places to be, and “oh, it’ll just have to wait a little bit longer . . . ” and next thing you know, it’s dinner!)

  23. I already like you on Facebook and receive your newsletter, but I would have to say that dinner is the most difficult meal for us. Both my husband and I work full time so between trying to cook, eat, play with the kids (who don’t want to eat since they haven’t seen mom and dad all day!) then start bed time it is like we completely rush though dinner.

  24. Breakfast is usually hardest for me. I have the best intentions every morning but usually wind up with a cup of coffee, iced, and creamer to the max. I could surely do better than that.

  25. It’s hardest for me at lunch, because of all the work to make food for the kids and then get them down for naps. After that I just grab whatever I can stuff my face with.

  26. I have a hard time at lunch. Nannying three kids by the time I get them all eating usually one is done and I never have a chance to fix myself something.

  27. Just signed up for your newsletter cause let’s face it, who couldn’t use a pick me up on Monday mornings? This girl that’s who.

  28. breakfast is hard every. single. morning. i always have to time my morning just perfect to get the baby together and out the door for a run. food for mom rarely happens.

  29. my hardest is usually lunch, with trying to get the kids to nap, and getting ready for whatever afternoon “thing” we have going on, so luna bars would probably be pretty great for that!

  30. Mmmmm, luna bars. LOVE them. I’m telilng you right now I would not be able to survive w/o protein bars. I barely ever eat. There is just not time and by the time I remember I’m too tired to eat and I’d rather just sit on the damn couch πŸ™‚

    Soooo, protein bars are my usual go-to food item. I get sad when I realize I’ve run out!

    I follow you on twitter and facebook and speaking of being forgetful I just subscribed to your newsletter for the second time, I think.


  31. I think lunch is the worst time. Usually I don’t even bother sitting down, I just try and wolf down a bowl of cereal (yes, at lunch πŸ™‚ ) while tending to my 3-year-old and 1-year-old.

  32. I find breakfast is the hardest meal to raelly “think” about. I go for quicka nd simple…and whatever I grab on the way out the door!

  33. Lunch is definitely hardest, because after making a kid-friendly lunch, and trying to fight a toddler into nap-time submission, I don’t feel like cooking something for myself, or eating mac and cheese leftovers.

  34. Ooh! They have protein bars now? Awesome!

    Lunch on the weekends are the hardest, by then we have no food in the fridge and end up scrounging around or spending money on eating out.

  35. I find evening/dinner to be the hardest time to fit in a balanced meal, since no one in the family likes the same things, I end up making 3 different things. After all that, I’m usually not hungry anymore and just eat what’s left on the kids plates. So then around 8pm after I’ve tucked everyone in I get hungry again and go for ice cream when I should eat something more balanced.

  36. Lunch is the hardest meal for me. I never know when my daughter’s nap will fall and if I’ll get to have my lunch in peace, or wheteher I’ll be juggling a baby and grabbing something quick!

  37. I always eat in the morning because that’s when I’m the most hungry – if I could wake up with a pancake in my mouth I totes would.. but I always find myself skipping lunch because that’s usually when I’m running my errands or cleaning the house and I just can’t find the time to make myself something.

  38. I love luna bars. I ate them all the time while pregnant and during middle of the night nursing sessions during the newborn days. I have to much trouble eating a good lunch now. Between feeding the baby and naptime I usually eat half a sandwich and a ton of oreos. A luna bar would be a better idea.

  39. I just subscribed to your procrastination club newsletter. I had been meaning to subscribe earlier but hadn’t gotten around to it.

  40. Breakfast is always my nemesis. I just can’t seem to get a well balanced breakfast. I never leave myself enough time in the morning before work and jump to convenience food.

  41. These would be perfect for when I don’t get my butt out of bed on time, and then get in the car to drive to work and discover I am FAMISHED! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. I’ve been following you in Google Reader for a while, but I just signed up for the newsletter.

  43. lately it has been all the time! I have to get my 5 year old ready for school in the morning but then I want to workout after I walk her to school so I don’t want to eat early. Then when I do get home I need to shower super quick before the baby wakes up and demands to be on my boob for the next 6 hours of my day. Food? Where does that fit in?!?!

  44. It’s hardest for me to get in a good, non-wolfed-down lunch. I get back from my PT job, put my son down for a nap, then I want to eat just anything. Luna bars are great!

  45. Mornings are hardest for me to eat a balanced meal since I’m getting myself around, the kiddo around, into the car, dropped off to preschool and to the office all by 8. I am NOT a morning person! Something that I can grab & go and eat in the car on the way to work that’s actually beneficial to my health sounds fantastical!

  46. After work for sure. We eat lunch at 11:30 a.m. and then dinner at 10:30 p.m. (Jack works late so that’s just when we eat dinner), so about 6 I’m very hungry and have what I like to call my “after school snack.” I try to make it something like carrots and hummus or fruit, but you know, sometimes it’s more like a pint of ice cream. πŸ™‚

  47. 2 year old to get ready. 36 weeks pregnant, and trying to leave the house by 6:40am to get to my teaching job. Breakfast time is NONEXISTANT!!

  48. I subscribe to the Monday morning newsletter. Loving it. Especially your links from around the web, since I check in at baby rabies most days already.

  49. Umm, all meals? If it weren’t for my husband who would protest I would probably forget to eat at all except for drinks and snacks. Lunch is the worst. I start most mornings off with a Luna bar that I leave next to my bed for the 6am nursing session.

  50. Karen (@mrsmikefireball) on

    If I don’t make breakfast the night before (overnight oats = my new favorite thing), I end up skipping it and eat anything and everything in sight the rest of the day. No good.

    I follow you on twitter and fb! My world is about to be complete as I sign up for your emails. πŸ™‚

  51. I already follow you on eTwitter, but my I tend to forget about lunch. Which means that I look at the clock at about 3:00 and wonder why I’m so hungry. I then gorge myself on some junk and feel super guilty. Go me!!

  52. Hmmm, breakfast. It’s coffee, typically. If I get a bowl of cereal that is amazing! By the time I feed 1 kid, nurse the baby, and put the baby down for a nap, it’s already lunchtime already!~ I lurrrvve me some Luna bars!

  53. Lunch! Ugh, trying to get my two year old to eat…then right off to (hopefully) naptime! I skip lunch regularly and its sooo not good for my waistline,

  54. My one and only child, Ayden, is 7 months old and dinner time is impossible for me!!! He’s usually a little cranky and fussy in the evenings and with my husband being deployed right now it’s really hard to get dinner in. Once I get him in bed I don’t want to cook a meal so i end up with something not healthy!!!

  55. Lunch is definitely the hardest! Both kids are either cranky or screaming, nap time is right at 12:30 and after they’re all taken care of all I want to do it lie on the couch. So I often end up shoving a chocolate bar or handfuls of chips into my face instead of making a proper sandwich or meal.

    But I LOVE Luna bars. I actually had the coconut one for breakfast this morning!

  56. Breakfast. I somehow neglect to eat breakfast all the time and suddenly realize it’s noon. Oops.

  57. That’s difficult. It might be breakfast when I’m just downing coffee and wrangling monster boys or it might be lunch when I’m trying to feed them a balanced meal and stuff something down my throat before naptime.

  58. Breakfast is insane over here. I’m hoping I’ll figure it out once we are part the fourth trimester (holla for the Dr. Karp reference! ha) with my second baby. I too just fill up with coffee, which is BAD BAD BAD since I’m a dietitian.

  59. Lately I have had to eat with one hand (baby in the other) so I would say I Am most likely to skip any/all meals in exchange for whatever I can grab, open, and eat with one hand. Which is why I am entering this contest.

  60. What time of the day am I NOT snacking and wishing for a balanced meal?! I am so concerned about my 1 yr old daughter’s yummy, healthy meals that I am just happy to get something OH-SO-Yummy at some point of the morning or afternoon!
    I am a huge Baby Rabies fan on your blog and facebook but I am a bit twitter-challenged so I haven’t taken the plunge just yet!

  61. Great vlog! I find it challenging to get breakfast in because the am is just busy for us. I would love to try these, they sound yummy!

  62. I usually don’t eat a good breakfast. My ‘good’ breakfast on weekdays tends to be a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast, and it’s only good until about 10.

  63. I have the hardest time with dinner. I’m too tired to cook and getting my almost 2 year old to bed is of utmost importance…why would I want to spend one more minute with him at the end of the day if I don’t have to???

  64. Breakfast is hardest for me. There’s never enough time to do a balanced meal. I don’t know how people do it.

  65. Ugh. I’m always skipping meals. And if I do happen to actually make myself something to eat, the vultures (my kiddos-the same ages as yours) eat over 1/2 of my portion. Sigh. Yesterday I barricaded myself in the bedroom to scarf down some scrambled eggs.
    Now on the shopping list: Luna bars.
    Thanks Jill! Love ya!

  66. Lunch is so hard for me. I’m usually exhausted and just counting down the minutes until my little guy’s nap, so I just scarf down anything I see (and then get hungry again during his nap!).

  67. I usually miss lunch between preschool pick up and then hurrying home to get my girls lunch.

  68. For me, the hardest time to have a good meal is breakfast. I feel like I am always running out the door in the morning with my toddler.

  69. I usually end up washing dishes and trying to clean the kitchen when the kiddos are eating lunch, telling myself I’ll take the time to make something nutritious for myself once they’re down for a nap…I usually end up eating at least half a bag of chips. blech. It’d be nice to have something more nutritious I can grab and not have to worry about.

  70. I skip lunch ALL. THE. TIME. I’m in such a rush to feed the boys & get them down for naps, that when I have a choice between collapsing on the couch or making myself lunch, the couch wins.

  71. I work 12 hour shifts, and somtimes I’m too busy to eat anything all day. I know….sad.

  72. Breakfast! I am a first grade teacher and mom of two (4 yrs and 3 months). Our morning routine is hectic. Up at 5am, shower, dress, makeup, hair, get the 4 year old up, dressed, teeth brushed. Then…get the baby up, diaper change, grab her clothes, nurse her. As we continue our routine it’s make lunches, make coffee, make breakfast for 4 year old, pack the diaper bag, grab the pumped milk. Make sure I have all of my bags, school bag, diaper bag, 4 year olds backpack, purse and the breast pump with accessories. Head to the car. Everyone’s in…where’s my coffee?? Back into the house…then on the road!! You get it…it’s busy!

  73. I’m usually not so great about eating lunch. And when I do it’s leftover pieces from whatever the kids ate….not so great for my waistline. Ugh!

  74. I have the hardest time with breakfast and lunch. I’m typically not hungry at breakfast. By the time lunch rolls around, I’m too busy to actually make myself something to eat. I typically binge eat at 3 pm. Super bad habit!!!

  75. I actually eat fairly well when I am at home. It’s when I’m out and about (either running errands or going to class) that I tend to grab a burger (and fries, and usually a cookie) from the McDonald’s drive thru.

  76. Lunch is the hardest for me – I usually make my daughters food they do like, for example PB&J, which I do not like. I usually don’t know what to make myself, so sometimes I just don’t eat. Which isn’t good now that I am expecting again!!

  77. Often times I don’t get around to eating breakfast until 10-10:30ish so by that point I figure I may as well wait until lunch. So then I try to make my lunch and the kids need everything in the world right then, so my lunch doesn’t get eaten until 2ish. Then sometimes I think I should just wait for dinner….

  78. I never eat lunch, usually it’s a handful of something (usually chips) because I don’t enjoy normal lunch foods that my 2 year old likes lol he’ll have a sandwich n veggies, or pb&j (I’m not big on sandwiches).

  79. I skip breakfast most mornings…and then pig out on whatever the pantry hold during nap-time… I know it isn’t good for me but most days there is just too much going on to actually fix myself breakfast.

  80. Erin Richardson on

    breakfast is the hardest. Trying to get out the door! Extra sleep is always trumped by a breakfast break.

  81. For me, it is hardest to eat well in the morning. Between packing lunches, getting everyone dressed and their teeth brushed, walking the dog, trying to maintain some sense of cleanliness and driving my daughter to the sitter–I am lucky if I even realize I am hungry before 10!

  82. I’m safe at lunchtime but in the evenings, my time gets crazy-crunched and I end up snack-eating all night! Instead of having a nice, filling, healthy meal I jump from one little tidbit to the next. Not good!

  83. Lunch is the worst! I use my “lunch hour” to pump for my girls, so I end up eating at my desk while really means that elevinty bazillion people can pop on by and then look concerned that I’m eating, but still ask a stupid question as my leftover spaghetti gets cold. And what is worse than cold spaghetti? nothing. that’s right. nothing. i also like you on FB. πŸ™‚

  84. I find that it’s hardest to eat a balanced meal at breakfast. I usually get something down, but I would much rather it be from all 4 food groups instead of just 1!

  85. My hardest “food” time of the day is definitely breakfast- between making breakfast & sometimes lunches too, I’m repacking diaper bags, packing school bags, & tidying up the kitchen before we leave the house, wiping off faces, putting on clothes, etc. I’m lucky if I grab something for myself on the way out the door. Oh & my “morning coffee” is usually consumed at naptime at 2pm- which is actually when I need it the most…

  86. I always have a hard time with lunch. By the time I get the kids fed, down for naps, the house cleaned up, they have woken back up and I have forgotten to eat!

  87. I also follow you on Twitter!

    I really hope to win! I am in the middle of my weight loss journey. I have lost 25 pounds, with 25 left to go, and I am training for a half marathon to run this December (the White Rock half) I think the Luna bars would be perfect for me!