Milkstars Nursing Top Review & Giveaway

As much as I love breastfeeding (I really do this time around), it’s a hard thing to do in the summer heat of Texas. And you know what makes it even worse? FREAKING COVERS. Ugh. I actually sort of hate my cover now. I really don’t use it anymore. That said, personally, I like to be discreet as I can, and that cover was always great at hiding my stretch-mark-covered, doughy belly rolls spilling over the top of my pants when I lifted my shirt to breastfeed.

So when one of my 2 Milkstars shirts are clean, it’s likely I’ll reach for it to wear, especially if I plan to be out and about with the kids for a while. Milkstars sent me the Julian v-neck in purple and the Jenny scoop neck in gray right before Leyna was born. I’ve been wearing them since the day after we got home from the hospital.

These shirts don’t look like nursing tops. In fact, I expect I’ll wear them long after I’m actually done breastfeeding. What makes them work is a secret inside panel. You just lift up the shirt and under it is a full coverage panel in the exact same material and color, with cutouts to the left and right up top for the girls. Still confused? Milkstars explains how they work here.

Here’s what I love:

*The fabric is super soft and really stretchy.

*The quality is great. The stitching is solid and these shirts have great structure.

*The fit is really flattering. It’s not just like putting on a regular t-shirt. They hug me in the right spots.

Here’s what is a little less than perfect:

*They aren’t super long, but they are long enough. I have an average length torso and they hit me right at the hip. I’d LOVE if they were a couple inches longer. (It looks like there are a couple shirts that I don’t have that are longer, including the one I’m giving away today.)

*The fabric pills just a bit. It’s not terrible, and like I said, I’ve worn the heck out of them the last 6 months, so consider that.

*They really hug your curves. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. I found myself wearing the gray one more (size large) the first few months until I lost some of the baby belly. Now I’m comfortable in my medium, purple top. I would suggest ordering a size larger than your pre-pregnancy size for immediately after having your baby.

The shirts range from $54 to $60, they also offer a dress for $85 and pajamas for $79. Steep, I know. But, I would consider these quality investment pieces. I think they are neutral and robust enough to last you for many years, even beyond breastfeeding.

Milkstars just started selling a new shirt that I LOVE. I must make it mine! The Jolie is a little longer and can work even as a maternity top. And while I’ll have to wait a while to add it to my collection, one of you gets to win it! Up for grabs is one Jolie in black. You can choose from size S, M, L, or XL. This is open to US and Canada residents.

To enter, you must visit the Milkstars Shop and tell me in a comment below what your favorite piece is.

For additional entries, you can:

Follow me on Twitter- @BabyRabies
Follow Milkstars on Twitter- @Milkstars

Please leave a separate comment for each thing you do.

I’ll use to draw the winner Monday, July 25th.

Disclosure- Milkstars sent 2 tops to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

**Entries now closed. Congrats to commenter #146, Katrina, as chosen by**


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  1. Oh I so feel you on the nursing in the heat of summer thing! I was personally more comfortable using a cover, too, and SB would sweat so bad. I didn’t know about this company back then. Got my nursing tops elsewhere. Also had, and highly recommend, a nursing swimsuit. Got two summers out of mine, and it made nursing at the pool a breeze. Covered that post baby belly, too. 😉

  2. Saw these on babysteals a few weeks ago….love the Rachel. Looks so cozy for cooler weather!

  3. It’s a toss up for me. I like the Amy (and not just because it’s got my name) and like you I think the Jolie is beautiful. I have a few friends who are newly pregnant and I have to admit that it will be awfully hard to give this to them because you are right, they do look like pieces you Could wear for a long time.

  4. Summer DuPree on

    I actually really like the Jolie!

    I also follow you both on twitter 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. And now I’m following Milkstars too! Thanks for showing us this product. Another thing to add to the list of things I want for my friends (and secretly for me to).

  6. Oh gosh. I need one of these tops like you would not believe. What a wonderful product! I would probably go with the Jenny top if I were to choose.

  7. Wow, Milkstars is great! When I had my son last year, I didn’t purchase any nursing tops at all and just ended up wearing lots of v-neck shirts (which are now all stretched out as a result of me nursing him while wearing them). Looking at the site, I think the Jolie is actually my favorite. It does seem like you could wear it as a maternity top (which I hope I need soon!) or nursing top. Heck, you could even wear it with a nice necklace & black pants to go out on a date night!

  8. I really like the Jolie! I don’t like shirts that hug my curves too much and that one looks like it would be a little more flattering to a post-baby body! 🙂

  9. Oh, I would love to have one of these nursing shirts! I think The Jenny is my favorite because most days I dress casually, but The Jolie is super cute and would be perfect for work when i’m pumping.

  10. My nursing days are long over but I still like nursing tops since they are cut in a very forgiving way for those of us who have not exactly bounced back in to shape. I love the Jolie top. It is gorgeous.

  11. I like the Julian top! For my next kid, I will definitely look in to getting one (or more) of these tops.

  12. I’m a T-shirt kind of girl and really like the Jenny! I would love to try the shirt you are giving away because I’m also nursing right now, and the heat can get to you while trying to stay covered and feed my little one!

  13. the jana would be awesome for this fall (baby due in August, perfect timing for me to get some NEW clothes!)

  14. I love the Rachel!! And, I am a nursing mother in DFW too right now.. it’s MISERABLE. A temp of 111 is not right.. just NOT RIGHT.

  15. I also follow Milkstars on Twitter. I follow BabYrabies too, apparently I have fat fingers today and I am way too excited about this giveaway to proofread anything.

  16. I’m a three-quarter sleeve girl, so I have to go with the Michelle, though I also really like the Jolie!

  17. Oddly enough, I would choose the Jolie in black. Still a little worried about the baby belly and it looks like it would hide it nicely.

  18. I like the Amy…looks like it would be a shirt I’d want to wear everyday for nursing baby! Hope I win! Pick me, Pick me! 😉

  19. Cool! I like the idea of breastfeeding and believe everyone has a right to in public, but I just don’t see myself being comfortable whipping them out, you know? 🙂

    “The Rachel” and “The Michelle” are super cute.

  20. Oops, got so excited about the giveaway I didn’t read the whole post!

    I follow you on twitter (chrisnj0614)

  21. Holymoly there are a lot of comments so I don’t even know if you’ll see this, but I found that a translucent scarf worked just fine as a cover. No, it’s not opaque but it’s not like someone is going to come right up to your chest to decipher all the details. If you already have a scarf try it out in front of the mirror. You’ll see how much it covers without being so dang hot.

  22. I usually use a tank under a regular shirt when I nurse just for this reason (something to cover my belly and back. I would love this shirt!!!

  23. I love the Jolie shirt. It looks like the perfect (forgiving) post partum shirt.

  24. Ooh, I’ve been checking out The Julian for a while but haven’t managed to pull the trigger. It does help with my price-hesitancy to hear that you wear them so often, so thanks for that!

  25. I liked the Jolie too! I would totally wear this and I love the idea of tops that don’t show my belly when I’m breastfeeding.

  26. I like the Michelle (and like you, I don’t like the patch o’ belly that shows when I nurse. Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  27. I also follow you on Twitter (@kristielawler). Spelled my own name wrong in the previous comment!

  28. I know I wear the heck out of the Jenny and Michele. But the new Jolie look like some thing I would wear too. 🙂

  29. I love the Jolie as well! I have an unhealthy obsession with all things black so that’s the color I would choose too 🙂 And looks like I will be nursing next summer as well!

  30. I love the Jolie top as well, but would also be interested in the Julian because you can never go wrong with a basic V-neck! 🙂

  31. Erin Richardson on

    I love the Jolie as well! Please.., pick me.. I have a baby coming in 10 weeks, and I hate my old nursing tanks 🙂

  32. How do you pick a favorite! These shirts are great! I love the new Jolie, but I think the Michelle would also be great for me in Violent Femme, just lovely.

  33. I like the Julian. These are great since I had a hard time finding nursing tops that would work for me.

  34. I’m with you – The Jolie. I think I would feel wonderful in it and I’ll need that after my 3rd is born in February!!

  35. The Jolie and the Amy. I am about to wrap up feeding with my first child but we are planning on having a few more so this will be awesome.

  36. I really love the Jana and the Jolie! I completely agree with you about the covers being way too hot for me this summer, but I still want to be discreet!

  37. The PJ set is my favorite – I would absolutely wear that in the hospital after I give birth in December!

  38. I love the Jolie! I ordered a couple shirts on Babysteals the other day (otherwise couldn’t afford them!!!) and the day the package arrived all my mail was stolen and I am SOL. So I really hope I win!!!

  39. I LOVE the Jolie! This would be so great for nursing #2 so I don’t have to fumble around with a cover while tending to a toddler;-)

  40. Oh my goodness the Jolie is so cute!!! I would love a cute breastfeeding top like that!

  41. I can’t even tell you how much I want this. My favorite shirt is the Amy. I think the shirred bit at the top would work very well with my ginormous bosom.

  42. jenny kennedy on

    i would like any milkstar shirt i currently just wear tanks under all clothes. boring. unstylish

  43. My favvorite would be the jolie too….being 6 months pregnant I could use it now and would really love a great nursing top for when my second comes!

  44. The Julian & the Jolie are my favorites! I completely agree with you about the covers…I really hate using mine now and try to avoid it whenever possible!

  45. I love all the tops but if I had to choose I would probably pick the PJ set. This is my third baby and I have still not found a pair of comfy maternity/post partum PJs.

  46. I really like the Jenny and the Amy. I’ve been drooling over these shirts since I was pregnant the first time and never bit the bullet and bought one. And now I’m pregnant again and I think it’s time!

  47. I love the Nancy PJ set, so cute and comfy! It looks like something I’d live in exclusively for the first post partum month.

  48. Love these. I know what you mean about the covers during Texas summer. I’ve stopped using mine. I love the Jolie and the Randa.

  49. i LOVE the pajamas!! but out of the tops, I think you’re right – the jolie looks FAB!

  50. I like the Amy and the Jolie. They are both beautiful. I try to be discreet, but sometimes, it’s just not going to happen. These shirts would be great!

  51. I like the Amy, plain and simple, number 2 is due in Jan, and I need to make things as easy as possible with an almost-3-yr-old and an newborn!

  52. I love the Jenny and the Julian. The Jenny was my first thought but then I realized I always wish I had v-neck stuff, so the Julian would be great 🙂

  53. My favorite is the Jolie. Wish I had known about these when I was breastfeeding my first!

  54. While the Jolie looks great, the Amy or Jenny would probably get the most wear for me.

  55. The Jolie is so cute! I also like the Michelle. Both are perfect for casual or dressed up for work.

  56. I’m loving the Jolie, actually. I so wanted to say the Amy to match my own name, but cap sleeves make my arms look fluffy.

  57. I love the Jolie! Actually, I saw it on baby steals and they didn’t have my size or I would have bought it right then.

  58. I love the Julian. The V neck would help to break up my huge milk-filled boobs : )

  59. The Jolie looks amazing! The “Great with Denim Blue” color is so pretty. It would hide the baby belly until it shrinks, and it is ‘dressy’ to boot! LOVE! The Suzi looks so sporty and comfy as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  60. The Jolie is my favorite, but I could definitely see myself wearing the Jana in cold ND winters!

  61. I love the Jolie style shirt! It looks like it would be very flattering for the post-baby tummy, but still extremely fashionable. I would probably live in the Julian style- so classically comfy! Plus you can’t even tell they’re nursing tops.

  62. I love the Jolie! Also, I really NEED this…my other poor son is probably seeing way too much boob despite my attempts at modesty.

  63. The Julian and Jolie would be great – better than wearing nursing tanks like last time that I was falling out of with no support at all!

    jaimecoupons16 at gmail dot com

  64. Kelly in Austin on

    I like the Jenny! The shirred neck makes it cute enough to wear out and about and not feel like a “mom with a newborn so give me a break about my appearance.” What a great idea!

  65. I love the Jolie! The detail makes it beautiful – I’d wear it to church for sure. Otherwise I’m a v-neck girl so the Julian is great, too.

  66. I would love an Amy top…I’m 8 weeks into breastfeeding and still trying to figure out how to nurse while holding on to a scrap of modesty.

  67. I love the amy and the julian. All the tops are so cute! I have another year of breastfeeding ahead I need to look into getting a few of those. I mainly wear a tank top then a tshirt over but those would make things simpler 😉

  68. I visited their website and LOVE the Amy Shirt (for summer) and the Jana Shirt (for fall/winter!) I have to see how the money is working out for this month, and will hopefully be able to purchase one of these shirts. I love the idea of it covering my doughy, stretched marked belly as I feed my daughter!

  69. I would get the Jenny in heather gray because it’s a good all-purpose style and color combination. I’m having a winter baby and could layer it, then continue to use it into the summer.

  70. Michelle Nolan on

    So, I’m expecting #2, so I think I need this!

    I think I’d want the Joan in Heather Grey.