If Only Pictures Were Scratch & Squish

After Kendall was born, the first and only thing I could think upon laying eyes on him  as he laid on my chest and stared right at me was, “CHEEKS!”

With Leyna, the word that shouted itself in my head as I held her 9lb 9oz rolly polly body between my hands was, “SQUISHY!” (I guess after exhausting labors my mind can only process one-word thoughts.)

Those 12-18 mo bloomers are dunzo. Time to look for a bigger pair of daisy dukes.

While she’s remained “squishy” and has quite a bit more chub on her now than the day she was born, I know one day it will fade away. Her fat little thighs will learn to walk, and that big ol’ butt will melt away as she chases dogs and a big brother. If she takes after me, she’ll be nothing but chicken legs by the time she’s 8.

I can't even handle this picture. THAT is 10 lbs of sugar in a 5 lb bag if I ever saw it. (Love that saying!)

I wish there was some way to preserve and forever remember what it feels like to hold her right now and squish her between my hands. I want to remember what it feels like to squeeze the rolls that wrap around her tiny rib cage, to snuggle my nose in the creavices of her neck. In an effort to help me always remember this, I’m obsessed with photographing her fatness.

Yes, she will likely hate me for this some day.

It’s not the same as scratch and squish pictures (must invent!), but it’s the closest I’ll get to remembering the baby pudge 20 years from now. I wish I’d documented Kendall’s a little more. He’s thinning out and looks much more like a real boy…


He often plays baseball in the backyard shirtless... and pantsless.

than a meatball these days…


7 months old, striking a pose for the laaaaaadies

All the pudge picture taking is giving me a great reason to practice with my camera, and I have to brag that I kept it on manual all weekend and sort of felt like I knew what I was doing, thanks to all I’m learning in Beyond Snapshots! I’m a few weeks in and already feel like I have a better grasp on what all those fancy buttons on my camera do. Can’t wait to make sense of Photoshop.

Kendall is 3 years 2 months, Leyna is 6 months, and I’m off to work on my scratch and squish photography prototype.

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  1. Gawd I LOVE that pic of K in front of the Christmas tree. Leyna’s will be the back fat/booty/naked photo. Both will live on in infamy. 🙂

  2. Yes, you need to get on that, Jill.

    Please please make your photos squishable. I need to squeeze those thighs? I have always had a thing for gnawing on baby rolled thighs. It’s kinda like your pica. It will eventually go away but I crave baby rolls 😉

    • RAW scares me because I’m not sure I have the storage space for it on my already slow computer. It’s my goal to switch to RAW when I switch to a better laptop next year.

  3. Holy moly! That baby is borderline for one of the Maury shows…and I love it! It is amazing how chubby and rolly they can get. I always find it a little bit sad when they start to grow and move and lean out. There is just something delicious about those chunks.

  4. My youngest is just a couple of weeks younger than your’s and she is about 21lbs or so. I’m convinced all of her weight is in her thighs. I love her chubbiness, I know as soon as she starts to crawl and walk it will fall away and she’ll be long and lean like her sister but for now I enjoy it!

  5. OMG she is too cute. Is it weird if I say I want to give her raspberries? Because that chub is begging for it.

    And Kendall is so big! He’s a real boy now!

  6. Alright, we decided that we aren’t ready for another baby right now. But seeing your pictures makes me WANT ANOTHER BABY. They are so cute!!

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