BornFree Sends me to #Blogher11, A Giveaway, And GLITTER!

It’s that time of year again, when I get to abandon my children with my husband and escape to a place where other women (thousands of them) all come together in the name of blogging and overall geekiness, dressed up with fancy parties and glitter.

It’s Blogher time.

(I can hear the collective “Ughs” now.)

Okay, I’ll try not to innundate you with all the details this year, as I get that most of my readers don’t really care. BUT, I will be forced to share with you all anything super awesome and hilarious that happens, like that time I sprayed my boobs pink last year and cried to my roomies to “GET IT OFF!”

Also, I think you’re ALL going to want to know how to win this sweet giveaway from my sponsor (for the 2nd year in a row) BornFree!

In honor of us teaming up for the conference again, they’re giving away one prize pack, valued at over $500, that includes:

1 Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor
1 Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seat (new to the market, not available until September)
1 BornFree gift set 

Here’s the coolest part: ANYONE can win this Blogher swag, even those of you at home. Even those of you without a blog! I’ll have more details on how to enter to win next Thursday, August 4th, so stay tuned. I think we’ll also try to do some more #homeher giveaways this year for those of you on Twitter who can’t make it to Blogher.

How awesome that I get to represent them again?! We use and love their safe feeding products (and pacifiers!) more this year than ever before. BornFree bottles + momma’s breastmilk freezer stash + a daddy who can rock the single parenting thing for 5 days = a mommy who gets a much needed escape!

I leave next Wednesday and have a panic-inducing list of things to get done before then, including the following:

Get hair cut and colored for the first time since last October
Mani/pedi so I don’t cut anyone with my rough and gnarly nails
Purchase shoes coated in glitter for 2 very glitter worthy parties

In other words, Blogher has turned into an awesome excuse to finally stop looking like a troll post-baby, and possibly an excuse to dress in clothes covered in craft herpes (if you don’t get it, I promise that link is worth clicking on).

Also going down this weekend????

NEW BLOG DESIGN. Finally, finally, FINALLY. It’s been a year in the making!

It’s going to be a pretty epic couple of weeks around here, so if I’m slow to respond to an email, tweet, or comment, please forgive!

And with that, I’m off! I think I shall make it my mission to find my glitter shoes tonight. Oh yes, these will be mine. ::crosses fingers Kohls still has them in stock::


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  1. Those shoes are amazing! I really hope you get them. I promise I won’t steal them but I might get some of my drool on them.

    And a new blog design? I cannot wait to see it! Hope it all goes smoothly!

    I am really really happy that it’s almost here. Can’t wait to meet ya in person.

  2. *sigh* NOW I wish I were going to BlogHer this year so I could get you drunk and steal those shoes from you.

    I’m so, soooo jealous of your no-family vacation. I’m feeling very I-will-never-get-to-be-alone-forever-for-the-rest-of-my-life-ever-never with the vampire baby hanging on my tit 24/7 these days. She’ll get older, right? RIGHT?!

    I, for one, DO wanna hear about BlogHer, so spill it all when you can. I’m living vicariously through you this year.

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