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This one wins for making me think the most this week and actually inspiring me to make a big change.



Source: via Jill on Pinterest



Ever since Leyna was born, excuses were pretty much all I could come up with when it came to getting things done for my party blog Party Like A Kid. I wanted to take a few months off, I was too busy with the house reno, I was too busy with this blog redesign… I just never made it a priority. Because? It began to feel like a chore. And when faced with the choice between chores and children, children win 90% of the time. That’s probably why this house is only clean 3 days out of every month.

So, I consulted with my contributors, and they all seemed to feel the same way. It was just too big for all of us, too much at this time in our lives. None of us could find a way to work it in because it just wasn’t that important right now.

It’s too fantastic of a place and there are too many amazing party submissions sitting in my inbox to just euthanize it; so it’s up for adoption. I’m in talks with a prospective new owner right now. She and I are making sure she has the time to give it the attention it deserves. Once the adoption is complete, I’ll be sure to let you all know so you can watch it grow and bloom into something great.

I’d been thinking of letting it go for a while, but when I read that pin, I solidified my decision.

See? Not only can Pinterest show you all the crafty things you can do with stolen free paint chips, or introduce you to any crazy turducken-esque desert creation (it’s a cookie, swallowed by a pie, enveloped in cake batter, topped with peeps!), but it can also help you make semi-major life decisions.

Now, as a bonus pin, here’s a yummy lime and coconut concoction I am SO making this weekend.





The only thing I’m debating is splurging for the coconut rum, or going with the non-acoholic version so I can share with Kendall. I know, I know… many of you are thinking this is a no-brainer. When in doubt, always go for the rum, right? But, the last time I drank coconut rum I’m pretty sure was spring break in college when I paired Parrot Bay with bloody mary mix because, well, college kids will drink anything that gets them drunk and my body was, apparently, craving veggies. Sooo… kind of a hard memory to shake.

Although, I do still love the lime in the coconut flavor combo. Just had a coconut/key lime frozen yogurt creation last night from Yogurtland and it was a pretty genius mix, if I do say so myself.

What’s your favorite pin of the week?

If you’re not on Pinterest, but would like to be and need an invite, you can leave your email address below and I’ll do my best to send you one as soon as I can, or hopefully some more kind readers will come back and invite you for me. (You guys have been so helpful with that!) I apologize if you’re following me and I’m not yet following you back. Not Β trying to be a pin snob. It’s just really hard to see who my new follows are with the way they have it set up now.

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  1. If you go with no rum and share with Kendall, you’ll never be able to put rum in it later because he won’t understand why he all-of-the-sudden can’t have the slushie he liked. So, I say deprive him early so as to train him that this is a grown-up drink! Go with rum!

  2. Go with the rum and tell Kendall that it is liquid brussel sprouts. It’s the little white lies that make motherhood a little more sane.

  3. Hey, I’d love an invite to Pinterest if you have a minute! Thank you so much!!

    PS – I’m all about streamlining life and making it what you want it to be (and not about the things that are not so important at the time), so kudos to you for taking it upon yourself to make some changes that will make you happier. πŸ™‚

  4. I love your blog and I love the fact that are kids are almost exactly the same age. I can so identify with your writing and you never fail to make me smile. Well except for the “when I’m a big boy and can play with my friends” post. That one almost did me in. Anyway thanks for writing. I feel a little more same knowing that someone else is experiencing some of the same trials I am.

    Oh and when you have time, I would love an invite. My email is

  5. Good for you for knowing your limits and being able to let go.

    Pinterest inspires me to do much more than crafts on a weekly basis!

  6. I’m super intrigued by this “pinterest” – would love an invite! Love the quote, can’t wait to be inspired!

    thisismybrainonmommy at

    And I second Mandy’s comment with Kendall always wanting a sip if there’s no rum in it. Smart thinking Mandy!

  7. And that’s exactly why I ended up letting my business go last year. I ran out of good excuses not to be there (I was pregnant, had school work, just moved – I’m not saying they weren’t GOOD excuses, but they were just that). When something is important to me, really important, I’ll move hell or high water to make it work. That was just something I wasn’t into anymore – not with all the effort it took and the zero rewards it gave. I learned something last fall, and it was this funny word called “priorities.” Three kids is sorta knocking me on my ass, and now I have to decide what’s actually important, or what can go fuck off. I’m glad you’re finding your way too! I’ve been wondering how the frig you were doing it all because I know all too well what it’s like to take on project after project.

    • Invited!

      Adding extra text because I got an error message that I’m adding comments too quickly. Who knew there was a cooling off period?

  8. I’ve been so bad about not adding pins myself, but just looking at others. Finally corrected that tonight and just added a ton of goofinesss.

  9. Sophie's mom on

    Hi! Been reading your blog since before Kendall was born. Love your writing style, always makes smile or laugh or cry. I’m a faithful reader.

    I am completely intrigued by Pinterest and would love an invite!

    sarah9278 at yahoo dot com

  10. I’d like to join Pinterest too after reading about it on THREE different blogs now.

    itmustbeher at gmail dot com

  11. Thanks for this post today- I really needed it!

    When you get a chance I’d love an invite to Pinterest robs28 at hotmail dot com

  12. I would love a pinrest invite! I am a frequent inhabitor of crafty sites and am starting up my own blog slowly. I love your blog I have a Boy and a girl that are a little older than your little ones….most of the time I read your posts I think been there done that πŸ™‚

    longcountryroad at live dot com

  13. Can you please send me an invite to Pinterest also?

    zumwaltmb at yahoo dot com


    BTW – I love your blog!

  14. Wow, I’m really late coming to this party, but may I have a Pinterest invite when you get a chance. What a crazy addicting website!

    decembergrace2 at gmail dot com

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