Earth Day Everyday! Fuzzibunz Giveaway

This giveaway for a limited edition FuzziBunz Earth Day diaper was supposed to happen back, you know, around Earth Day, but then we tore our house apart and all chaos ensued. The good news is the diaper itself states that it can be Earth Day every day, so that really works in my favor. Lets just say I planned it this way. Right? Okay.

Up for grabs is one super cute, super functional, very limited, Earth Day FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diaper. I know you cloth diaper collectors are all oohing and ahhing over it right now like it’s that Garbage Pail Kids/Pokemon/Swatch Watch you always wanted.

It's the perfect accessory for her back chub.

Even those of you who are not diaper collectors as much as just plain ol’ diaper users will still like it’s reliability and the way it fits babies from 7-35 lbs. We’ve been using some FuzziBunz with Leyna since she was born and I am super impressed. I love the way they fit, no leaks, and their colors are great!

To win, leave a comment telling me one thing you or your family does to be kind to the earth.

Extra entries include any or all of the following (please leave a separate comment for each thing you do, allow time for moderation):

Follow FuzziBunz on Twitter
Like FuzziBunz on Facebook
Like BabyRabies on Facebook

This is open to US and Canada residents. I will use to draw a winner next Monday, June 13th.

Disclosure- FuzziBunz sent me the Earth Day diaper at no cost to review. All opinions are my own.

Closed! Congrats to Melissa B! chose comment #6.


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  1. I already like BabyRabies on Facebook! 😀

    P.S. We just actually picked up the Orange OS Fuzzibunz from a vendor at the local Market last weekend and REALLY love these diapers. Very nice 🙂

  2. – Our family uses only reusable containers
    – we don’t drive – we walk, bike or public transit
    – every weekend we pick up trash from the local park
    – recycle

  3. As family we have cloth diapered both our little men since birth. We also recycle here at home. After trips to the park we make sure the toddler area is always garbage free. Our 3 y/o seems to like knowing he’s helping keep things clean and that he’s doing something good for everyone. 🙂

  4. We have recently switched over to ALL eco-friendly cleaning supplies. I feel so much better knowing that we’re not polluting the earth with bleach.

  5. We use the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” rule to reduce the number of flushes in our house.

  6. Our state patrol has a 100 Days of Heat campaign to crack down on DUIs during summee, so I’m having a 100 Days of NO Heat campaign where I’m retiring my dryer completely for 100 days. 🙂

  7. My family uses cloth diapers. We also take reusable grocery bags to the store!

  8. I love my reusable grocery bags and my built-in recycling bin right by the trash can.

  9. we cloth diaper, use cloth napkins, recycle, use reusable water bottles, etc…..

  10. The one that annoys my husband the most? I wash the food off the tinfoil and reuse it…

  11. We just stared using cloth diapers to help reduce how much trash we have. We love them and feel good about the impact we are making!

  12. Our family recycles as much as possible. We also try to buy products with minimal packaging.

  13. We recycle and our house and when our new little one arrives we’ll be using cloth diapers!

  14. We cloth diaper, have a small garden in our yard, buy organic whenever it is available, built a home with soy foam insulation to reduce energy costs, my husband used to drive his diesel truck on vegetable oil, but we sold it b/c a large truck was no longer needed. I like to throw that one out there because most people think it’s pretty cool. I’m sure we do a lot more…I married an eco-friendly freak!

  15. We obviously use cloth for diapering, we are a big advocate for recycling too….Our sweet DD knows which bins to put our recycling in. 🙂

  16. We love using cloth & since we are now a fam of 2 under 2, this diaper would be a welcome addition to our stash!

  17. We use cloth diapers…it’s a win-win! Cute on his bum and good for the earth!

  18. I plan on using cloth diapers with our little boy (due 8/4!), we use cloth napkins, use reusable water bottles, and more!

  19. We use cloth napkins and towels in place of paper; we will be CDing our daughter (whenever she decides to show up).

  20. We do cloth napkins, and diapers. Try to reuse containers for toy holders etc. whenever possible.

  21. We recycle and are planning on using cloth diapers with our baby due in July.

  22. We cloth diaper, use cloth wipes, reuse/recycle/revamp/donate our trash and junk, and use vinegar for cleaning.

  23. We recycle everything, and use cloth wipes, cloth napkins, etc. instead of paper,!

  24. as a family to help the earth we try to recycle as much as possible. I really wish we still had recyclebank where we live now! that was the best!

  25. We cloth diaper, recycle (food packaging and clothing), drive only 1 vehicle, and watch our usage of water and electricity! 🙂

  26. I collect my shower water until it gets hot enough for me to get in and then use that water on my plants! Would love to win this!

  27. To be kind to the earth, we use cloth diapers and wipes, we use re-usable baggies and glasses instead of water bottles/plastic, and cloth shopping bags (most of the time, hey, we’re not perfect!)– and recycle about 1/2 our trash as cardboard, glass, aluminum and tin cans.

  28. Back chub has never looked so adorable and kissable!

    We have a mountainously-huge pile of compost in our backyard and a beautiful white kitchen trash can that has transcended that smelly, drippy, gooey condition that was the bane of my existence before.

  29. We recycle (my hubby is actually quite fanatical about it), use cloth diapers, cloth napkins, and this Summer I am going to start a compost pile AND make a rain barrel!

  30. I suppose saying that we cloth diaper is a little redundant on this post… 🙂 The thing that seems to get noticed the most around here are our reusable mesh produce bags.

  31. We cloth diaper, use reusable shopping bags, recycle, and I recently bought some cleaning rags to cut down on paper towel and Clorox wipe use.

  32. We recycle! And clean with vinegar when possible – but that part has much less to do with the Earth and more to do with, you know, not getting cancer.

  33. We cloth diaper, use non toxic cleaners as much as we can, reuse, recycle, breastfeed…. 🙂

  34. We recycle! We also cloth diaper. Thats moreso an addiction than anything. But its helping the planet, right?

  35. We use cloth diapers and wipes! We also belong to a CSA to support our local farmers. 🙂

  36. we use cloth diapers, recycle, walk as much as possible or combine trips that require driving so as to use the absolute least amount of gasoline as possible.

  37. Besides cloth diapering, we use a front loading washing machine to save on water and energy and dry our clothes outside as much as the weather permits!

  38. We do lots of things for the earth. But I’m the most proud that I’ve taught my children to compost, garden and give back to the earth. Teach them where their food comes from and how to preserve it. I like fuzzybunz on fb and follow on twitter.

  39. We use cloth grocery bags and are planning to cloth diaper our little one when she arrives!

  40. We use cloth diapers. We use vinegar to clean and reusable rags instead of paper towels. I use old burp rags as boogie rags when they’re really sick we’re doing a lot of nose wiping.

  41. I like you on FB and and Fuzzi bunz too! My daughter is an Earth day baby!! 🙂

  42. Andrea Shindeldecker on

    I exclusively CD my daughter, I make her own baby food and I also use resuable mama cloth along with a reusable cup. We also recycle and repurpose whatever we can. Luckily with 2 daughers, that’s a lot of opportunity to reduce, recycle and reuse! I already like FB on Facebook, but am now following on twitter as well. Also liked Baby Rabies! Fun BLOG!

  43. We use fuzzibunz, reusable bags and recycle anything we can! We also expanded our garden this year… can’t wait pick! 🙂

  44. crystal drumb on

    one thing we do as a family to be kind to the earth is we shut lights and tvs off when we leave a room. and we also shut the water off while brushing our teeth

  45. One thing? Just one? The biggest IMO is we plant our own garden, buy as much organic as possible, and shop the local farmers markets.

    Mandy- Ilike the “not getting cancer” part. I’m a survivor and allthough there is no link to chemicals/pesticides, I contribute my cancer to that.

  46. I have switched to cloth diapers! AND I love it!!!!!
    We recycle as much as possible and my boys bathe together to conserve water ( or atleast I only have to soak the tub water off the floor once!)

  47. breastfeed, cloth diaper & wipe, recycle, reuse, and teach kindness to our children!:)

  48. Kelli Hokamp on

    We cloth diaper, and use vinegar to clean, recycle, and make our penn laundry soap.

  49. We do a lot of things, but the thing I like is that we fill our own water bottles. I see the huge piles at the store and know that we don’t use them is refreshing.

  50. We cloth diaper and recycle we also raise most of our own food. We try to be earth friendly with everything we do.

  51. We do a lot of things but my favorite is to always find as many practical uses for things. Like…. cardboard tp tubes as seed starters….Glass Jars in place of tupperware….”Trashy” Arts and Crafts!!

  52. Jennifer Mawer on

    My 5 year old son takes recycling very seriously. In fact if I forget to bring reusable grocery bags to the store he really gets mad! We have a seven week old baby and are getting ready to make the leap into cloth diapering also.

  53. Melissa Carson on

    We use cloth diapers! We also use eco-friendly laundry soap, dish soap, and other cleaning products. We try to re-use and recycle as much as possible, we buy most of our clothing and household items at thrift stores and garage sales to cut down on waste…. Plus it saves us a ton of cash!

  54. I’ve replaced my cleaners with non-toxic, environmentally safe products. Also a good idea since I know have a toddler getting into everything!

  55. We use cloth diapers and cloth wipes and we recycle along with limiting our waste wherever we can.

  56. We filter our water and use reusable water bottles. We recycle and we use cloth diapers.

  57. We use Fuzzi Bunz, cloth wipes, recycle, compost, have a rain barrel, and are hoping to build/own a green home someday.

  58. I’m trying to work up the nerve to cloth diaper. I’m just so nervous about the whole thing! Anyway, we use reusable grocery bags and try to repurpose things

  59. Heather Coddington on

    One way we are kind to the earth is that we always use reusable bags at the store, whether it’s the grocery store, or a clothing store. I keep them in my car, so I don’t forget them!

  60. We use cloth diapers and cleaners safe for the earth to reduce our carbon foot print to counter the about of power our command center needs to operate.

  61. We are kind to the earth by cloth diapering our boys as well as using other reusable items and recycling as much as possible.

  62. Jamie Parker on

    Were kind to the environment by recycling and composting! We reuse everything we can but the rest gets disposed of as “green” as possible!!

  63. I use cloth diapers (of course), always pack our lunches in reusable lunch bags/containers, we compost, recycle, car pool, and grow our own veggies! 😀

  64. We have a compost at home.

    We recycle almost everything. And make an effort to buy products that are local and use the least amount of plastic and are biodegradable.

    We also pick up garbage on the way to the park and while at the park.

    Most importantly, we cloth diaper. That alone reduced loads of waste.

  65. We use cloth diapers and try to get other Mommy’s to switch to cloth in addition to breastfeeding and recycling cans.

  66. we cloth diaper as well . but i never used fuzzibunz and in the process on deciding on which one to use with the new baby coming . with my daughter we used blueberrys with among a few others in our diaper collection. fuzzibunz is on our list but wanted to try it out first.

  67. We cloth diaper and hang our diapers outside to dry instead of using the electric dryer. It works great, the sun bleaches any stains, and we save a ton on our electric bill.

  68. Our number one rule: Don’t throw it in the garbage! This means we recycle nearly all plastics (as well as glass & aluminum, of course), use cloth diapers & wipes, compost food scraps, donate/sell usable stuff, etc.

  69. Besides using cloth diapers, we also recycle! We keep the lights off when not needed, and the windows open instead of having an A/C run (most of the time…we live in the gets hot!) We’re also teaching our kids if you see trash on the ground, anywhere, pick it up! Lets keep our Earth clean and beautiful.

  70. We use Fuzzibunz and homemade cloth wipes to be kind to the earth. Also, we use Britta containers to purify water instead of plastic bottles.

  71. We compost, grow our own veggie, are vegetarian, recycle and reuse, most importantly I tech my children how crucial and beneficial this all is for us and our future children and the earth.

  72. My husband and I have more recycling every week than we do trash! We are also expecting our first child in October and have already registered for Fuzzibunz one size – we plan to CD thru potty training!

  73. We cloth diaper in our home and we are big on recycling. We just hope to pass these habits down to our five (almost 6) children!

  74. We plan to cloth diaper exclusively and also use cloth wipes/homemade wipe solution (already have a stash started :D.) Hopefully my little one (“due” Oct. 5) will never have a disposable diaper on his little hiney and we’ll never throw one away to sit in a landfill.

  75. Aside from cloth diapering we recycle…a lot. There are many weeks that we don’t even fill a trash bag with garbage because we are able to recycle or compost most of what would have been trash to us just a couple of years ago.

  76. Natasha Anderson on

    We compost, grow our own veggies, recycle, plant trees, etc. We love the Earth! 🙂

  77. Natasha Anderson on

    I like BabyRabies on FB (I meant to say I “like” fuzzibunz on fb, too, not follow 🙂

  78. We cloth diaper, use as many reusables as possible, and walk everywhere. Our car literally leaves the driveway twice a week. 🙂

  79. Our house loves to sing Jack Johnson’s “Three R’s” song, and we do it. We NEVER use store bags, we recycle everything (thanks to a wonderful town), we even save and conserve water. I have a three year old and a 5 month old. The three year old is already very earth friendly, to the point that he tells my Sister in Law’s husband that he is mean to the earth because he cuts down trees <3

  80. Along with cloth diapers and cloth wipes, we are a green team over here. Every week when we take the trash/recycling out to the curb I look at how we have done. If that trash is even halfway full I know we need to look at what we are purchasing. Water consumption and waste is another high priority in our house.
    I am a special education teacher and have made it my mission to spread the word to our young ones. I started a recycling program at my school (there was NO RECYCLING! can you believe it?) where my students pick up paper/plastic/alum weekly. For two years we hauled it in my car to the recycling center but then finally the district got dumpsters out behind our school and now our recycling program is running smooth! Even my non-verbal kids would be flipping over disposables and pointing out the triangle 🙂
    Recycling may have started in our home…but it spread to our community and that is what makes me happy!
    find a local can bank that gives you money for your cans and you can get a lot of kids on board with collecting recycling!

  81. megan lovejoy on

    We recycle, reuse and compost. We’ve just started using cloth diapers on our 4 month old and i’m making my own cloth wipes. I also liked fuzzibunz on fb, and follow them on twitter, go cloth!

  82. Andrea Arnold on

    Oh, my. Currently, I am making my own laundry detergent and reusing glass jars a friend of mine had to put them in. I also am cloth diapering, of course. We are in the process of making our own wipes and will get them ready as soon as these last 2 packages of store bought wipes are gone! 🙂 Currently in my town I cannot recycle, but then I live in an apartment complex that doesn’t offer it.

  83. We have used cloth diapers since my little one was born. We also recycle and are part of a freecycle community.

  84. I use cloth diapers and wipes. And rather than buy laundry or wet bags, I’ve used old pillow cases for the dirty laundry.

  85. Michelle Wulf on

    I breastfed both of our girls, love finding new uses for ALL sorts of things, use paper towels as wipes, just started cloth diapering my almost 9 month old and love growing plants–organically.

  86. The biggest thing our family does for the environment is cloth diapering our little one. I LOVE the fact that we’re not filling the landfill with diapers!

  87. We line dry our dipes, wipes, and other laundry as much as possible. We don’t even do the 10 minute machine fluff dry to soften them up afterward, even if this means crunchy clothing 😛

  88. Patrick Quirke on

    We planted a new tree when we heard we were expecting, six months later the tree is doing very well and so is our unborn baby girl Madeleine Daisy. We are very excited about cloth diapering and as they are initially very expensive we would love this earth cloth diaper to add to our collection ready for our baby to arrive.

  89. I like fuzzi bunz on facebook…and we love to use our cloth diapers to do a little part in helping the environment 🙂

  90. I liked baby rabies, fuzzibunz and I follow fuzzibunz twitter! 🙂 Gosh, we do all kinds of things to try and help our earth! We cloth diaper, make all our own organic baby food, we try to buy only wooden or bamboo toys rather than plastic, we are vegans and we are raising our children vegan, we choose not to have a car and instead walk… We try to do whatever we can for our beautiful planet! 🙂

    • Oops, I “like” FuzziBunz on Facebook, I meant 😉
      I compost, save water, plant native flowers appropriate for the region, turn off lights as I leave rooms, and make what I can at home. And, I try to convert all my friends to cloth diapering lol!

  91. We cloth diaper and recycle anything we can. Recently we have been repurposing cloths rather than getting rid of them.

  92. Monica Girrens on

    Since we have been recycling I only put the trash out once every two weeks. We take our recycling to our church which gives them points for a donation to our church.

  93. We cloth diaper our little one, and belong to a CSA from which I make babyfood!

  94. Alyssa Vivlemore on

    We use cloth diapers, recycle EVERYTHING we possibly can (trash wise) and use reusable shopping bags 🙂

  95. Joleen Burke on

    I can’t pick just one. This last year we changed so much in our house. We use cloth towels instead of paper towels, we switched from disopables to cloth(better yet, all FB!), we recycle our bottles, plastics, newspapers, cardboard etc., we donate any plastic grocery bags we get to the local thrift shop to reuse and we normally use cloth bags now, we switched to reusable snack bags from ziplocks and use reusable containers instead of Saran wrap. So you could say the one thing I do for the earth is change my whole lifestyle really:)

  96. Alyssa Vivlemore on

    Following Fuzzi Bunz on Twitter now (Twitter ID is AlyssaVivlemore)

  97. Karen Kirkpatrick on

    We grow our own organic veges, cutting down on transportation greenhouse gases! (and cloth diaper, breast feed etc etc…)

  98. We use cloth diapers (big surprise!) and I love finding ways to repurpose things as toys, organizers, or anything else I can think of!

  99. I already like fuzzibunz on facebook, that’s actually how I found out about this 🙂

  100. We open windows instead of using our air conditioner in the summer!

    I already follow fuzzibunz on twitter and like them on FB 🙂

  101. We are switching over to cloth diapers after 18 months of using disposables. Yay!

  102. We walk up the street to our local farmer’s market every Saturday morning, where we bring our own bags and purchase local produce and items for the week’s meals! Especially living in Hawaii it’s super important to eat local foods (vs. purchasing things that are shipped in from the ends of the earth – which is not earth-friendly!). Of course we bring baby along – in his practical cloth diapers!! 🙂

  103. Amber Ellenburg on

    We use cloth, reuseable bags, natural body care products, and recycle.

  104. Summer DuPree on

    Other than cloth diapering, my favorite earth friendly activity we do is drive a hybrid. We named him Eco 🙂

  105. i just graduated my 3 year old from cloth diapers, so I can’t use that one!! but i use a menstrual cup & mama cloth.

  106. We moved to a smaller home in town so we drive less, we compost & recycle, and we are going to use cloth diapers when baby is born in August!

  107. Get the most out of clothes. Wearing second hand, those given to us and hand-me-downs. When clothes are at the end of there use and can not be donated for others to use. We recycle them into wipes for my kids and Dayhome.

  108. We use cloth diapers, grow our own veggies and some fruit, recycle whatever we can, make our own wipes….

  109. Richain Herod on

    We made the switch to cloth diapers for our first child… And will start off right and use cloth for baby #2 in August.

  110. To be save the earth we cloth diaper, hang most of our clothes to dry, walk to places a mile or under away from our house, and recycle everything that this area takes 😀

  111. Along with cloth diapers, we also recycle. We follow FuzziBunz on FB and love our diapers 😉

  112. I use cloth diapers and line dry everything… also support local business whenever possible, eat organic (local when available), use all non-toxic household items, reduce-reuse-recycle, etc. 🙂

  113. kelly mellentine on

    We do lots of things to be green! We of course cloth diaper, using fuzzibunz! We also use rain barrels under the gutters for watering flowers!

  114. Shannon Stubbs on

    We recycle, use cloth diapers and wipes, and use a water cooler for drinking water instead of bottled water.

  115. My lil family uses cloth diapers, we have started growing a lots of our own veggies this summer (with some strawberries thrown in for good luck), and we compost/recycle like crazy 🙂

  116. We cloth diaper of course! 🙂 Also using natural fibers as much as possible.

  117. We use Cloth Diapers, Recycle, Shop in Bulk (Bulk bins ROCK!) and Use reusable items (cups, straws, napkins, etc)

  118. We are huge recyclers, use energy efficient bulbs, ride public transportation, use reusable bags…

  119. Aside from using cloth diapers, we have also stopped purchasing paper towels and we stopped purchasing plastic bags for snacks. Earth friendly, and good for the wallet! 😀

  120. Besides cloth diapering, we have stopped using paper towels instead use cloths and all our baby bottles and storage containers are glass!

  121. Melissa Briggs on

    We have always been environmentally conscious using natural cleaners and we make our own lotions and soap. I have my Mom to thank for turning me on to green living a long time ago, she is always ahead of the power curve on things like that. We do our best to stick to organic foods and recycle whenever possible. We are new to cloth diapers now and I am obsessed, I wish I would have started on day 1!

  122. Maggie collins on

    Cloth diaper, glass bottles and storage containers, as much all organic foods (as possible). 😉

  123. April Lynch on

    We are cloth diapering our 3rd kid now! I’ve gotten several of my friends to cloth diaper. We use cloth napkins! We buy all our baby stuff used then either sell it or freecycle it to someone else. We reuse then recycle as much as possible.

  124. We recycle, I use the cloth shopping bags, and since getting addicted to pinterest (thank you) will be trying the Green cleaning supply recipes.

  125. The Hubs and I carpool most days to work since we work down the street from eachother, even if that means I have to be at work an hour early 🙂

  126. I use cloth diapers on my baby and would love an Earthday one!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  127. I am feeling serious pregnancy brain… I know I do stuff to be green, but nothing comes to mind! However, I am really wanting to switch to cloth diapers, so THAT is what I’ll use here and why I should win this giveaway. 😉

  128. I make all my own cleaning supplies, we recycle, and grow an organic garden. We have been testing a few different ways to cloth diaper our daughter and I have been wanting to try Fuzzi Bunz diapers.

  129. We recycle EVERYTHING (except what we compost); we don’t even have trash service! We keep our A/C at 80 all summer, and heater at 65 all winter. Reusable grocery bags (oh we love those!), I try hard not to buy foods packaged in plastic containers, I don’t use those little plastic bags in the produce department for my fruits and veggies. I used to bus everywhere, but I can’t do that anymore, unfortunately. I abhor tap water, but we use the refillable 5 gallon jugs at home instead of buying cases of bottled water. And when my baby bear gets here, he’ll be SO adorable in his FuzzyBunz!

  130. We recycle, ride bikes to work, use cloth grocery bags, eat home grown organic produce and plant trees.

  131. Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, recycling, buying used, compact fluorescent bulbs, gas sipping cars…

  132. Christina Fairley on

    We make our own cleaners, use reusable bags, no paper products, careful of the body products we use.

  133. I like Fuzzibunz and Babies Rabies on Facebook and following Fuzzibunz on Twitter 🙂

  134. We use cloth diapers/wipes (even at daycare!), compost, recycle almost everything, and have a little vegetable garden. We even have one of the old fashioned lawn mowers and try to use that if the grass doesn’t get too high between mowings.

  135. We recycle, use green products, and of course cloth diapers!
    klsiegler at gmail dot com

  136. My family has a rain barrel and uses all the water for watering needs around the yard.

  137. I use cloth diapers/wipes, no paper towels or napkins only cloth, buy only organic non gmo foods(local), green laundry detergent/soaps, recycle/compost, and LOVE Fuzi bunz! I tell everyone I know about them!!!

  138. Jenny Wooster on

    We use eco-friendly home cleaning products. good for the earth, and our family!

  139. Mandy Sergent on

    We do a lot to be kind to the earth – compost our food scraps, grow a lot of our own food, eat organic foods, use natural cleaning and health products….
    sarg033 at aol dot com

  140. Jamie McMillan on

    One thing I have done to be kind to the earth is to stop using kleenix. I turned some of my son’s outgrown receiving blankets into handkerchiefs, and now we use them instead. 🙂

  141. We are new to the cloth diaper (and parenting) world but are loving it! We also recycle and my business tries to use only recycled boxes for shipments.

  142. I’d like to enter – one big thing we do is use all cloth napkins and washcloths for the kitchen (and I’m LOVING it – the husband has even gotten used to it). I’m also almost finished ridding our home of all chemicals and using earth-friendly products.

  143. As a family we recycle. My two year old even knows where and what to put in the recycle box. We also cloth diaper.

  144. We try to be kind to the earth by instilling green values into our kids so that they can engage in eco-friendly activities and help sustain mother Earth.

  145. We use reusable containers for our daughter’s preschool snack & lunch. Eventhough it’s fun to use the bento containers, it also helps support the school’s zero waste goal 🙂

  146. I use cloth diapers/wipes, diva cup/mama cloth, family cloth (part time), recycle, veggie garden, cloth shopping bags, cloth kitchen towels, cloth snack bags.

  147. Amber Houser on

    We are a cloth diapering, recycling, live off the land(as much as possible) family!

  148. we grow a huge garden every year as well as have a wet compost on our farm. I make it my goal to use as little plastic and waste material as possible. cloth dipering for me was never about the cost saving but i was inspired after reading how long and what % of landfill is from disposable diaperes

  149. i am also a fan of babyrabies on facebook…i only read the first post so far but i love it!