A Post About Poop And Popcorn

I’m just going to be up front. This post is entirely about baby poop. Yup! Total mommy blogger up in this place today. I’m writing an entire piece just about my kid’s poop.

What, you may wonder, is there worth noting in a blog post for all the internet world to read about my baby’s poop?

It smells like buttered popcorn.

Stop laughing! I’m serious! You can even ask my sister.

During a recent visit with her, she said as she was holding Leyna, “Uh… your kid, she smells like…. buttered popc0-.”

“Oh, shit. She has a dirty diaper, then,” I replied, cutting her off and reaching for the baby before a poopsplosion ruined the day for all of us.

“What?! Her poop smells like buttered popcorn? Damn, you ARE making cream for breastmilk.”

It’s not always buttered popcorn, sometimes it’s buttered oatmeal. I remember Kendall’s breastmilk poop smelled like buttered toast.

And so I must know, uhm, does anyone else’s baby poop butter?

Kendall is 3 years and 1 month, Leyna is 5 months

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  1. It definitely doesn’t smell bad, but I can’t recall ever specifically thinking buttered popcorn – I’ll have to get a good whiff next diaper change… maybe! I now feel like I need to eat better in order to achieve the buttered popcorn poop. hmmmm…

  2. Mine did!!!! (At least until we started solids…) I thought I was going crazy, so I’m glad I am not the only one!

  3. Yep! I never noticed other buttered smells, but buttered popcorn definitely. I have a friend who swears that breastfed babies smell like it so I may have been a little biased going into it.

  4. Totally! My DH thought I was mad, but my Nanny completely agreed with me. My older DD did not, but my younger DD was buttered popcorn all the way. It was so strange.

  5. YES! YES! 100% yes.

    My son is one day older than Leyna and he too rocks the buttered popcorn poop.

    Although, I think my husband and I may have furthered our description…my son’s smells more distinctly like a buttered popcorn flavored Jelly Belly tastes.

    We were vaguely embarrassed by this and kind of side-eyed one another whenever someone would say something smelled funny around the baby. I feel so good knowing there are other popcorn flavored poopers out there.

  6. My oldest son’s smelled like buttered popcorn. (He’s 4 now) So much so that when I took him to the movies last summer I couldn’t bring myself to eat the popcorn, to me it smelled like baby poop.

  7. Yes! It totally does. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day. This may be TMI but I always imagine the little yellow curdy poops to look like it too since it smells that way! Gross right… sorry.

  8. Eventually my daughter’s urine started smell like buttered popcorn, so much so that I took her to the ped. to see if maybe she had a UTI. Crazy!

  9. it always just smelled like sweet something to me, I never made the connection, but that’s soooo funny! my daughter’s breath/toys she chewed on DID smell like strawberries, though!

  10. omg you are all a bunch of weirdos. :-p

    Maybe it’s not your kid’s poop, but your noses, like to some people cilantro tastes like soap?

    My baby’s breastfed poop was certainly inoffensive – more like raw dough was what came to mind – but never anything as pungent as buttered popcorn, and I don’t recall smelling it outside her diaper.

    I still say it’s your noses.

  11. I don’t remember my daughter’s poop smelling like buttered popcorn. But I do remember for the longest time her pee smelled like soggy cherrios. She’s 2 1/2 now and her pee no longer smells like that and her poop could put any grown man to shame.
    I’ll have to remember this in a few weeks when I have my new baby. Does it smell like that right away or only after they’re a few months old?

  12. That’s what healthy breastfed baby poop is SUPPOSED to smell like. Smelling differently is actually the sign of something being up with the GI tract (or feeding them something else).

    My first had it, my second was SOUR and awful smelling, but she has an inherited GI condition, poor thing.

  13. This is fantastic.

    I don’t remember it smelling like buttered popcorn, but it didn’t smell bad.

    Not like now, for example. Now it just smells like poop.

  14. My first’s TOTALLY did. I couldn’t tell you much about my second’s EBF poops because I was too busy changes her quickly to chase a two year old to notice. I soooo win mother of the year!

  15. I remember changing Joshua’s diaper once and going “You know? His poop really smells like the old $1 theater in Athens.”

    Which smelled like old, stale popcorn and socks.

    So yes, BF poop=buttered popcorn scent.

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  17. My son’s smelled like cake! Like regular, yellow cake. My postpartum doula was the one who pointed it out to me and as soon as she did, I was like “oh yeah! that’s what it is!”

  18. Yes! Glad to know it is not just us (because I would always ask my husband thinking I was going crazy). It was that way for both my son and daughter. It is very hard for me to eat buttered popcorn.

  19. yep. and i use coconut oil on her tush (which i’m pretty sure is what they use for most movie popcorn).

  20. Yes! Yes! DD’s poop totally smelled like buttered popcorn when she was EBF. Everyone thought I was crazy for calling it that, but that’s what it smelled like. DS’s smelled like onions and garlic, I would take the popcorn over that any day :o)

  21. My baby’s poop smells like yogurt to me. The other day my husband was feeding the baby some yogurt and said “i think the baby just pooped” nope… it was the yogurt. sweet vanilla yogurt!


  22. YES! Buttered popcorn was the usual smell. It also smelled like cinnamon rolls, becuase I would treat myself once to twice a week on the way to work and pump during the day. The milk was used the next day by daddy daycare and he would always know when I had a treat!

  23. Love your honesty! We have a slightly different variation; we call it butterscotch poop! And when they are teething or sick it turns into apple cider vinegar poop. Gross!

  24. I was donating extra milk (I don’t need 12 hrs of sleep) to the human baby milk bank! They tested my milk, said it was a 16 of a possible 20, just a touch low on fat content, and no matter what I ate, it would never go up significantly.So, no butter diapers here. It was really interesting to be tested. I did not know that was to occur. Really low fat content milk would have been a 13. Who knew? I was a touch below average… though…btw.. We did the extended Breastfeeding ages something to consider.I’m vegan… ish…

  25. My baby is just six weeks old and he too has buttered popcorn smelling poo! I as well thought I was imagining things- the first time I smelled it all I could think of was seeing Juno at the Cineplex in Florida!! Buttered popcorn all the way!!! Glad Im not the only one:-)

  26. This JUST started happening in our household, and so I’ve been frantically trying to figure out where I’d recently read about somebody else’s baby whose poop smelled like popcorn 😉 I’m so glad to know I’m in good company! (And also, that this time it doesn’t mean there is something the matter with how I wash his cloth diapers. Last time I was blaming him for having poop that smelled like horses, until I started reading a bunch of laundry forums and wait, “Oh, sorry little one, I guess that’s not your fault, after all!”) 🙂

  27. My 4 month old sons poop smells exactly like old popcorn but the smell is so strong that it lasts! For the past few days I’ve been looking everywhere for a poopy diaper that might be hiding somewhere but I’ve found nothing!! I finally have relized that it’s his farts that smell like it too lol I’m glad my lil man isn’t the only popcorn butt around 🙂

  28. Our son had to change to hypoallergenic formula, hes not allergic to cows milk, but because the regular formula was too thick and causing pain and gas in his intestines. Ever since he has had the worst smelling poop. Before that his father was immune to baby poop and never smelled a thing. Since we switched formula my husband keeps asking why it smells like cake. Haha the first day he thought I was baking a cake and didn’t believe when I said no

  29. Hillarie Gilliland on

    Bahaha yes my baby girl angels like buttered popcorn too. Even get breath smells like butter tho. Glad i not just crazy smelling butter all the time!

  30. Ok so I’m not crazy. My 7 month old son’s breath and poop smell like buttered popcorn too. I was concerned about this cut now see that this is normal lol

  31. To me there is nothing more intoxicating than the smell of breasted baby poop. I remember standing by the washing machine at 4 years old just to smell the buttery sweet goodness of my new baby brother’s cloth diapers in the wash. It was a soothing scent that lit up undiscovered parts of my brain, probably prompting surges of dopeamine. Interestingly, I had a very maternal bond with that brother. When I went on to have my own babies these highs were revisited with each diaper change. The smell of true love.

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