Pinning Is My New Favorite Verb

If you’re like me, you need a new social media addiction like a set of octuplets. Between blogging and Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and that long lost Project 365 Tumblr blog I used to keep up with, I really don’t need another reason to be glued to my computer or my phone (or my NEW iPad- thanks dad!). But for Pinterest, I will make the time. I will carve out a little here and there, give up on a TV show, let that load of dishes soak another 30 minutes.

Because it is that awesome.

If you are asking what Pinterest is, then I’m just going to go ahead and say “You’re welcome!” in advance for introducing you to the most inspiring, creative, idea-popping, time-suck EVER.

Behold. Your new addiction.

Basically, it works like this.

1. You can “pin” inspiring ideas you find across the web. Say you find the PERFECT summer shorts, a delicious margarita recipe, a superb playroom idea. Pin it. It’s easy to install a button in your toolbar that allows you to pin anything on the web without ever leaving that page.

2. You follow other pinners who are also pinning what inspires them. Then you can re-pin their ideas if they inspire you. Then others who are following you re-pin your ideas. It’s sort of like an orgy of creativity.

Check out all my pins here.

At first, it may not seem like much, but trust me, the more you pin, and the more pinners you follow, the more you’ll be inspired. Sometimes when I’m dreading cleaning my house, I hop on Pinterest for a few, check out some awesome ideas, then get my butt moving and cleaning so I can create some of the ideas I’ve pinned. Although, sometimes I just can’t quit it long enough to get anything done. It’s kind of tricky like that.

Because I love it so hard. I think I’m going to try to share my favorite pin(s) of the week every Thursday. And this week, I’m starting off with this idea I pinned to Kendall’s board.







It’s a SUPER SIMPLE tutorial for a kid’s cape. I’ve made these before for nieces and nephews, but it required lots of sewing. I keep meaning to sew one up for Kendall now that he’s old enough to enjoy his 3 year old super powers in it, but I have zero time to bust out the sewing machine. But this? This I can do in less than an hour AND I’ll get to use one of those enormous old college t-shirts we have laying around.

And maybe after I make that, I just might whip up some of these homemade tap shoes for him.



Source: via Jill on Pinterest




Today is his last day of school before a 2 week break until the summer session starts. I need to find things to keep him busy… so I can have more time to pin!

Now, it was suggested to me that I set up a Mr. Linky thingy for other’s to share their favorite pins of the week, so here goes. I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing, so forgive me if this doesn’t work. If it does, super! Go ahead and feel free to link up your own favorite pin of the week blog post. Well, forget that. I couldn’t figure it out. Will try again next week. Feel free to link up in the comments section if you want. Oh look! It worked! Go ahead and link up if you’d like.

Pinterest is still an invite only website, so if you’re not already a member and you want an invite, you can leave your email address in a comment below (I would suggest typing it out like jill at babyrabies dot com to avoid spambots). Or, you can email me. I can’t make promises that I can send invites to everyone in a timely fashion, but I’ll do my best. Maybe some of you who get invited can come back and send invites to others? I wish it wasn’t an invite only thing, but as of now, that’s just the way it is. The good news is once you’re in, you can invite as many people as you want  (up to 5 at a time).

Now, go forth and pin! Then be sure to follow me so I can follow you and we can all be part of the same creativity orgy.

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  1. you introducing pinterest to me was both heaven and the devil – love it! do they have an android app?

    • Love it! If I can step away from it long enough to do a favorite pin post to link up, I will. haha I’ve found so many great recipes (and a few duds)!
      And I asked about an android app & they promised it is coming soon 🙂

  2. wait- you want me to pick *one* fave pin from the week? lol

    maybe Ill link up whatever pin I have completed from the week… 🙂

  3. I actually signed up for the site a few days ago and have been consumed ever since. i emailed the super hero shirt link this morning to my family! Great minds think alike, or pin alike that is!

  4. I wasn’t really interested until I clicked on the link and looked at your pins… holy cow. I would LOVE an invite! Thanks Jill!

    jenni21385 at hotmail dot com

  5. I love Pintrest so much that I’m coming out of lurkdom to tell you. And now I can pin-stalk you as well! Hope that’s not too freaky!

  6. Kristen smith on

    Please, please someone invite me! Ive been dying for an invite. I feel like the ultimate uncool kid right now.
    Kristenmsmith at hotmail dot com

  7. Okay, enough of my friends are talking about this that I guess I need to try it.
    erin.gobin at please!

  8. Ahhhh! I keep hearing about this and I’ve thus far been able to stay away. My saving grace is that I don’t actually work on my computer at home very often and doubt I can add the toolbar at work…that leaves my phone, which I believe is a no-go. I’m holding strong but LOVE the idea! Of course these Thursday Pin sessions you have going on might pull me to the dark side… : )

  9. When you have time, could you send me an invite?

    maymond20 at yahoo dot com

    I’m sure the dirty dishes that are already sitting in the sink will thank you for letting them hang out there even longer now.

  10. Seeing as how i just spent probably an hour looking at your pin wall thing (LOL) I probably should (or shouldn’t?) ask for an invite ;D
    cmonstr at gmail dot com

  11. This is brilliant! I would love an invite, please! rebeccahalvorson (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you.

  12. I have been seeing buzz about Pinterest all over the place but really had no idea what it was. I guess I will have to look into it, sounds very cool.

  13. Oh I’ve seen this site before. Probably through your blog. Please invite me.

    meghart13 at gmail dot com


  14. boom. linked! Love your boards! (I barely know what I’m doing. Is that what people say? Is there secret verbage I’m not aware of? Pinside jokes?) I’m looking to pincrease my followers? I sound so lame.

  15. I love it! I’ve signed up about a month ago and have had some things pinned. I really need to get back into. I found some super cute things on there. I’m going to follow you because you have such awesome taste. I must get inspired.

  16. I’ve been seeing a ton of people talking about this lately! I’d love an invite too please!

    butterfly1979_ at hotmail dot com

  17. I just signed up the other day and I’m already obsessed! I agree that it’s super inspirational – I hung up pictures today that have been waiting since our move in February to grace our walls. I am really excited to try out some of the cool things I found on there. I don’t think I can pick just one favorite pin a week!

  18. This sounds like something I could totally become addicted to! If you could send me an invite: ashley021803 at gmail dot com

  19. Is pinning an acceptable activity to do while breastfeeding?
    I’d like an invite mrsjprince at gmail dot com


  20. I’m going to lose my mind if I’m not on there. If you get a sec – I’m at rochellekprice(at)gmail(dot)com. PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!

  21. I want all of your pins. If some one wanted to invite me I would love it.

  22. Sure sign me up!
    ryanres1 at
    and timely fashion, who cares. I probably won’t have the time to check this out for at least TWO weeks : )

  23. Yeah, I totally need to do this like I need another colicky newborn, BUT, since she holds me hostage most hours of the day with nothing to do but tightly grip my iPhone in my one free hand, clinging to virtual support from the “outside” world, I suppose now is actually a good time to form another E-diction. So, pretty please, gimme gimme gimme.


  24. I’d love an invite! I can’t tell you how many things I see online that I’d like to do and then I forget about them…. this sounds like the answer!



  25. I would LOVE an invite! I’ve been dying to start doing this but I’m so impatient since I’ve heard Pinterest can take weeks to send invites once you request them haha! Thanks in advance!!!

  26. I would LOVE an invite! I requested one about a week ago, but I’m still hanging out on the waiting list. Thank you so much, Jill! dunreth(at)hotmail(dot)com

  27. Wow, such a hot topic!

    but yes, I’d love in if someone would send me an invite

    lalagreaves gmail com


  28. I would also love an invite!
    l (dot) kilbrai (at) hotmail (dot) com

    thanks so much; I can’t wait to be part of the fun!

  29. I thought this looked a little silly, but 2 hours later, I’m still looking at all of your pins and all of the new websites I have thus discovered. It’s amazing! I’d love an invite, please! danadarcy at gmail dot com

  30. Alright. You’ve pushed me over the edge. I’m in. Pending an invitation, of course!

    ajfries at hotmail dot com

  31. Everyone above this comment should have an invite now! Let me know if you don’t get yours, be sure to check your junk mail.

    • Natalie, you didn’t used to, but I guess they re-did the login and for now you do? A way around it is to create a twitter account (that you don’t have to use) and then login that way.

  32. Help! I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and I can’t get out. I”m never going to come up for air. Ever.

  33. Thanks for talking about this really interesting website. Would love to try it!
    zayarocks2007 at yahoo.


  34. I think I might regret the time suck I’m sure this will be- thank you in advance!!! I would love and invite 🙂 jcawiezel at hotmail dot com.

  35. I’m a little late to the party, but I would love an invite! kelly (dot) lynn (dot) barlow at gmail (dot) com

  36. A little late to the game as usual, but I would like an invite if you are still able to give some out. I am sure my husband will love all of the new projects I will have for him(did you catch the sarcasm??) hyde926 at aol dot com

  37. Hello. I have been wanting to try Pinterest since I read this post. Would you please send an invite for Lori dot Voyles at Gmail dot com? My son will love that cape. Thanks so much. I thoroughly enjoy reading you.

  38. Me, too! Such a cool concept & nice that things won’t get lost in bookmarks! Thanks for sharing, Jill! Also, any tips re: potty training with cloth undies? Is Kendall there yet? My Daughter is interested but I’m scared to start! Maybe a future post idea since you inspired me to use cloth?! 😉

  39. i am addicted to pinning. I did not get invited by another member but i requested it and got the official invite a couple weeks later. i am SO addicted.. seriously..

  40. OK, so I asked for an invite a week or so ago, but had a total mommy mush-brain moment and forgot to include my email address:

    jenmcginley05 at hotmail dot com

    Typical! Thanks to whoever responds! 🙂

  41. Just found your site and LOVING it!! (made three pillowcase dresses yesterday for my little angels 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the super incredible tutorial 🙂 🙂 I know, I’m pretty late, but I’d love an inivite to pinterest if you have time 🙂


    Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

    Now back to browsing your blog 🙂 🙂

  42. Ok I’m way late to this game but with all the chatter I hear about pinterest lately I’ve got to check it out! Can you still send invites? eoland at yahoo (dot) com if you can. Thanks!

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