I’m So Unorganized I Get To Represent momAgenda!

So remember how I was all “OMG, my life is spinning out of control and I MUST find a way to organize it, and my laptop and cell phone are not gelling, and nothing is working, and AHHHHHPAPERPLANNERPLEASEHELPME!!“?

Well, I had some luck writing everything down with pencil onto my DIY paper planner, so I indulged in a momAgenda Desktop Planner shortly after. I immediately fell in love with it, used it for a few more weeks, and then Leyna was born. Then, all planning, paper or otherwise, went to crap.

I went back to my state of chaos and mental panic for a few months before I finally had a free moment to dust off the old planner, and around that time I saw an opportunity to apply to be on the momAgenda Council of Media Moms. I figured nothing would make me really dedicate the time to getting organized than to represent a company that helps women and moms do just that. My selling point on my application? That I am NOT organized, do NOT claim to be, and that I want to take my readers on my journey to organization with me since so many of you seemed to be interested in doing the same.

And guess what? They bought it. Yipee!! So now, your’s truly is on the fantabulous momAgenda COMM, alongside 8 other stellar bloggy ladies (who all are, I’m assuming, much more put together than I am).

Heather from Theta Mom
Beth Anne from The Heir To Blair
Kris from Little Tech Girl
Kim-Marie from The Luxury Travel Mom
Nicole from Momtrends
Michele from Scraps of My Geek Life
Toni from A Daily Dose of Toni
And Tara from Feels Like Home

I’ll be blogging a little here and a lot over there about my organization evolution.┬áTo get me started, momAgenda sent me a beautiful giraffe print 2011-2012 Desktop Planner, complete with my name engraved on it. I can not WAIT to use it, starting this August.

My favorite part about this planner are the spaces at the bottom of the week-at-a-view pages for me to jot down appointments for Kendall and Leyna and then to-do’s for this blog and Party Like A Kid (my 2 other babies).

Those fresh pages are just begging for my barely legible chicken scratch and drips of coffee and wine!

I really am very honored to be a part of the momAgenda COMM, and I’m looking forward to getting life under control this year. Maybe I’ll even have some tips to share with you all along the way. Although, with things like this, it always seems I end up learning more from my readers than you all do from me, so feel free to follow my journey and offer advice on what does or doesn’t work for you.

By the way, if you want to get your hands on one of these beauties (and you should totally spring to have your name put on it, in my opinion, because it makes it feel so much more official and like you can’t possibly shove it in a drawer and “forget” to use it), use the code BLOGMOM to get free shipping on orders over $45. I’m told it’s good through the summer.

Off to check off “announce momAgenda COMM on BR blog” from my to-do list!

**Disclosure- momAgenda provided my new planner to me at no charge

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  1. I am so jealous of your planner and your new position! I go through periods of awesome organizational prowess. And then it usually goes to hell. Esp since having a baby! I can’t wait to read more!

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