The Curse Of The Impossibly Photogenic Husband

I have a freakishly photogenic husband. The man has no bad angles. He never takes a bad picture.

And it seems like his photogenic genes wear off on the kids in all the pictures they take together. Maybe that’s how we could nearly effortlessly snag this beauty Easter morning. (No, that’s not a purple chick trapped on Leyna’s head with a gigantic headband. Just a bow. Oh yes, I am *that* mom who may be guilty of abusing the large-bow-on-headband-with-a-splash-of-feather-boa. You can laugh, but I need to start creating blackmail material now for future prom dates.)

Or, it could just be that I rock it behind the camera. Let’s just say that. Either way, the pictures of me and the kids (yes, I’m really trying to get more of ME in them these days), always end up looking something like this.

Or this.

And eventually, this. THIS is my “I’m done, turn of that damn camera. SERIOUSLY, this is never happening” face.

That last one, I think, just might make the mantel.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Haha!! The way Leyna is looking at you in that last one is cracking me up!!

    I never get any pictures of me either. Unless I’m taking one with an outstretched arm of the two of us. Such is life as the photographer.

  2. haha, I love that look on your face in the last one, priceless!

    you should have let your hubbi take the pics of you & the kids 1st while they were behaving!

  3. seriously dying over Leyna’s faces in the photos with you. My husband never thinks to pick up the camera (while I tote it around to every single thing we do) so I am rarely in a photo as well… : /

  4. Yup! That’s my household too. When I had my daughter I remembered your old post about making sure the Mom gets in more pictures. I nag my husband all of the time to take the camera. He does so and they are all awful. Whenever we are lucky enough to get someone else to take a picture of all three of us? Shouldn’t even bother 🙁

  5. I completely agree with the theory that you need to take pictures with the kids first. Or at least trade off.

    Maybe that’s why his are so good, he gets them when they’re fine having their picture taken and then pinches them when it’s time for him to take pictures.

    Just a thought.

  6. Jill, you are so lovely. I mean, it’s just surprising how pretty you are 😉

    My issue is that NOBODY else knows how to use my camera. So while the entire family has lovely photos of their little families on Easter, the picture of me & Nate & Harry came out with a hint of orange & a huge yellow cord running through the background.

  7. This is what photoshop is for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stitched together two or more images to get smiles, eyes open, non- blurry, or non- screaming shots when kids are involved!;)

  8. LOL !! I have the same problem, except mine have come out so hideous I can’t even bare to post them anywhere. It’s not fair…I have so many pictures of Matt with the boys and all of them look great. I probably have 2 or 3 pictures of myself and the boys where we don’t look like a freak show.

  9. My little man (9 months) always takes better pictures with my husband as well. I always chalk it up to his being attached to me, so when I’m in front of him with the camera, I get the better smiles TOWARD the camera. So it’s really just because they love you more.

  10. The question needs to be asked: what is your husband doing to result in the kids making the funny faces or wild gestures?

    On a related note, you are also super photogenic. I’m jealous.

  11. I’m thinking your husband is just lacking in photography skills. You are gorgeous, and apparently know how to get your kids and husband to all look at the camera without being goofy!

  12. I share your curse! My hubby is incredibly photogenic & our house is filled with awesome pics of the boys with him. Oh well.
    I think Leyna has the most expressive little baby face I’ve ever seen! Too cute!

  13. I’m cracking up. I will go with “you rock behind the camera” because the same damn thing happens to me. We get maybe five pictures of me and they’re ALL screwy in some fashion whilst my husband has 7 gabillion perfect shots. NOT FAIR!!!

  14. I have to say that I am totally disgusted by every picture I see of myself, so I use this phenomenon to my advantage. But I really think it’s just because kids know they can push mom’s buttons. Have you ever held someone else’s squirmy whiney baby, only to have them behave wonderfully for you? I have.

    BTW who knew saying “my husband is photogenic” was another way of saying “my husband is smokin’ hot” Lucky girl! hehe. 😉

  15. I have that problem too. Although I tend to blame it on the fact that my husband is a terrible photographer. 🙂 It’s easier to blame it on that. Although, my husband does tend to always look very nice in pictures as well.

  16. Catching up.

    I cannot believe I missed the darn photo class give away. Damn it!

    Anyhoo – I realized as I was trying to write Brigham’s 1 year blog post that I am in like NO photos. It made me sad. So keep trying!

  17. Ok, I scanned the comments, and am surprised no one else noticed (or at least pointed it out) that with where y’all chose to take the photo, it also appears to give you wings. Like a butterfly or fairy. 🙂 hehehe

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