She Laughs! She Loves Him!

Before Leyna was born, I had a hard time imagining how her puzzle piece would squeeze it’s way into what felt like an already complete puzzle. I worried that Kendall would suffer because of it, or that she wouldn’t get the attention she deserves.

Our puzzle pieces still aren’t perfectly aligned yet. There are some gaps to fill in and some rearranging to do, but every day we get a little closer to forming a perfect new picture from the new pieces.Β Last night two pieces slid next to each other… and they finally fit.

Kendall and Leyna have had small interactions here and there, but they’ve mainly been ships passing, a sheepish smile or a quick hello exchanged before they moved on. Leyna does adore Kendall, she watches his every move and smiles any time he acknowledges her.

Leyna lives for Kendall to bounce toward her on the trampoline. She lights up every time.

We’ve been trying to get Leyna to laugh for a couple weeks now. She opens her mouth and makes the silent gasp-y laugh, but never anything more. At dinner last night, Kendall let out a loud laugh over who knows what, and Leyna immediately responded, which in turn made Kendall laugh harder, which in turn made Leyna. It was the first of many inside jokes shared between the two of them… and I caught it on camera.


Warms my puzzle piece shaped heart.

Kendall is 2 years 11 months and Leyna is 3 months old

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  1. With my son’s first birthday on Sunday, we’ve been talking about baby #2. And, of course, I start to freak out. OMG ANOTHER BABY?! How do people HAVE more than one baby?!

    … And then I see videos like this. And I know, without a doubt, that I so want to see these moments with my son and his little sibling(s).

  2. I have to say, in the weeks before my daughter (now 3 months) was born, I cried… a lot.. over how worried I was about my son (now almost 3 years). I felt guilty and afraid that I would crush his little heart when he had a new baby. I worried about not being able to have time to have a special relationship with him any more, I worried about the baby and how I would find an ounce of time or love for her. I just WORRIED, and cried and felt guilty. But now, 3 months in to it all, I am amazed at how everything is working. I manage to have enough love for everyone (just live everyone told me I would), and my kids love eachother and seem really natural together, as if it had always been this way. Amazing.

  3. Adorable! And the best part is that it gets better. My boys are now 4 and 2 and while I spend a good part of my day frustrated over hearing things like “Mommy, he won’t share his train!” and “Help, he is standing on me!” all of that melts away when I hear the two of them laughing together or catch them hugging each other (when they don’t know I am watching).

  4. So incredibly sweet! Just wish we could’ve seen a little of Kendall in the video too. πŸ™‚ Love the interaction. I’m looking forward to seeing my little guy as a big brother some day.

  5. There is NOTHING in the world like the sound of a baby laughing! How wonderful he got to get the first one out of her. I love the trampoline photo, too. πŸ™‚

  6. A baby laughing is one of the greatest sounds in the world to hear. I love to hear Isaac laugh, his smile lights up the room when he does.

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