#NintendoEnthused And Loving It! My Solo Seattle Trip Re-cap

I’m sure you all can gather that everyone survived my trip to Seattle last week. I am actually NOT needed to produce the oxygen that keeps my children and husband breathing, it seems. Though, I could argue that in my absence my children end up looking a wee bit ridiculous (or we could just call it “cute”).

"Dad? Is this really appropriate attire for the batting cages? On that note, BATTING CAGES?"

Don’t worry, I’m told he actually didn’t take them *inside* the batting cages. I don’t know what’s cuter, the above ensemble or the dress she wore to pick me up that was on backwards.

You know how I was saying I sort of hoped my husband wouldn’t have an “easy” time with them? I got a lovely dose of validation in the form of text message the 2nd night I was gone.

Going to bed early. Kids wiped me out. Preparing for tomorrow.

I received it while sitting at a super fancy sushi dinner with hilarious, inspiring bloggers I idolize. It was a pretty great moment, knowing I wasn’t the one in the trenches by myself this time, but instead the one networking and talking shop over an alcoholic beverage in an outfit that was completely free of any and all baby spit up.

And that wasn’t even the coolest part.

Nintendo really outdid themselves for this Nintendo 3DS Summit. We stayed at the lovely Bellevue Hyatt. I had an entire king sized bed and, most importantly, bathroom all to myself for two nights.

"Squish!" That's what it sounded like when I fell onto it. So soft. So fluffy. So obviously missing wandering pacifiers and bed-hog dogs.

And the view!! Beautifully gray. Yes, the gray was actually charming. People from Seattle kept apologizing for the weather, which confused me. Isn’t rainy and gray to be expected in Seattle? Let me tell you, if you come to Texas in August, I’m not going to feel compelled to apologize for our 95+ temps. You, after all, get to leave.

So, the whole point of the trip actually wasn’t to send me on a sanity saving vacation (but super awesome bonus!). It was actually to show me and about 100+ others the MIND BLOWING new Nintendo 3DS. This thing is not your grade school Game Boy. I am not exaggerating one bit when I say this is the coolest game playing device ever (at least in my opinion). It’s 3D without the glasses. And yeah, it may make you feel drunk sometimes (although I learned it’s easy to control this feeling by turning down the amount of 3D on the device by the slide of a switch on the face).

After a super secret behind the scenes tour of the Nintendo building, including a welcome from President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime, and some time trying out a few of the new 3DS games (Nintendogs & Cats makes me wonder if I could convince the family to adopt just virtual pets from now on), we all came home with our very own Nintendo 3DS!

The best part about having a toddler and a newborn is I don’t have to share! Actually, I do plan on letting Kendall play a few games every now and then, especially on long car trips, but I’ll be sure to go into the parental controls first to completely disable the 3D option since it’s not advisable for children under 7 to be exposed to 3D, according to Nintendo.

Y’all, have I told you how much I love this blog and the opportunities it keeps brining me? It has been a dream to align with Nintendo over the last 6 months. They are a brand that’s really doing social media and blogger outreach right. And that is so refreshing, not to mention an honor to be a part of.

Now, I know I still need to get that EA Active group together for those of you who want to workout with me on your Wii. It’s making it’s way back to the top of my priority list, and I’ll let you all know when I have more details. For now, I’m going to sign off, still riding my high from my child free 2.5 days, and go help my husband get the kids in bed. Yeah, okay…. so maybe I missed them. A lot.

Kendall is 2 years 11 months, Leyna is 3 months old, and that Nintendo 3DS is allllll mine!

**Disclosure- Nintendo flew me out to Seattle, all expenses paid, and also provided me the Nintendo 3DS at no cost. All opinions are completely my own.

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  1. OMG that pic is the greatest thing ever. I will be leaving the kiddos with Kevin for 4 days next month and seriously hope for just as awesome fashion choices for Paige.

  2. I have to say, the backwards dress is probably more impressive than the amazing outfit. I mean, they have tags for things like that, right? (I have a boy so I don’t know these things)

  3. Ha! you think that is bad, you should see what my daughter was dressed in when she came to meet me one day, courtesy of her dad:
    A thick green, red and blue jersey
    pink and blue floral skirt
    pink, purple and white striped thermal pants
    no socks or shoes
    and messy sticky up hair.
    I think dads need a ‘how to dress little girls’ lesson

  4. So how was it you got in on this deal with Nintendo? I’m not a big gamer, but have other companies in mind. Actually, I’d like to align with a large pet store chain with my other blog. It is all about arachnids.

    Arachnid Menagerie

    The longer term plan is to hit the road, doing arachnid presentations to groups of children through schools and other organizations. A sponsor would be a PERFECT partnership!

  5. LOL! My 11mo showed up at her grandma’s birthday dinner while I was there wearing a pink and black party dress, a onesies underneath, and purple ruffled socks! I only wish they had taken a picture instead of just telling me about it!

    What a great trip!

  6. I didn’t mind Seattle weather. Honestly, I would choose it any day over Texas weather (or North Carolina weather for that matter). And I have nothing more to add. It was an amazing trip all the way around. So many great women who were really fun!

  7. I’m so glad you had fun! It sounds like the perfect blogger/brand relationship – the likes of which I still have yet to see.

    ::taps foot impatiently::

    I’ve no idea how to make it happen! But score for you, girl. I think 2.5 days of kid freedom is awesome, albeit difficult to leave. It’s great to come back though, isn’t it?

  8. Sounds like fun!

    However, I was a little disappointed that there are no details about the pumping/storing/breastfeeding you did and how your husband coped with the feedings.

    I’m going away for a few days for the first time and was really looking for some info from another nursing mom.

    Idea for your next blog, perchance?

  9. Well, now I feel like a dork. I just backtracked and read your last post. Somehow I missed it. Please feel free to delete my last comment!


  10. That sounds like an AWESOME trip (though, admittedly I have zero interest whatsoever in video games, and sold our Wii after a few unused months last year.) But a free trip? WITHOUT THE KIDS?! YES!!!!

    (as I sit here with a horrible headcold at 39 wks pregnant while my kids scream bloody murder, and my only respite are the times I get to leave the house to go to school. Ugh.)

  11. Oh dads and their sense of feminine fashion! Are those baby legs, or did he put an actual onesie over leggings? Ha! Either way, so cute! She’s working it!

    And what I wouldn’t do for two nights in a king-sized bed alone!

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