My Baby Is Crying It Out In The Car

Because apparently 10 hours in a car is her cut off. Her “good baby” well has run dry. We’ve been road-tripping it all day and we have to press on if we are to get there before midnight.

She’s not going to take it. NO, she’s not going to take it. She’s not going to take it anymore.

She’s fed, she’s clean, she’s exhausted. She actually fell soundly asleep after dinner, just in time for my Party Like A Kid contributors conference call, only to wake, screaming at the sound of my voice trying to carry on a conversation with Mae like I’m NOT attempting to discuss business from a car full of unhappy children and the “wiggle, wiggle” song on in the background.

We pulled off to feed her again, check her diaper again, snuggle, cuddle, kisses. But we cant stay the night at a seedy truck stop. And so she’s still crying.

And this is why brief stints of crying for things like sleep training (at an appropriate age) don’t bother me. There are times in my babies lives that they are just going to have to cry. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them or that I’m not RIGHT HERE. Both my kids have cried for far longer in the backseat of a car then Kendall ever did when we did modified Ferber (sleep training) when he was 6 months old.

Annnnd… Now she sleeps. Shhhhhhh.

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  1. Those days suck, but at least you’re not one of those mothers who drug their children just to get them to sleep on car trips. I have a cousin who does that and it just boils my blood!

  2. It’s not necessarily crying it out if you’re trying to comfort her but it doesn’t work. Like you said, there are times where there’s just nothing you can do about it.

  3. I agree with you. My 4 month old cries a lot during the day. I try to soothe him, but sometimes he just has to cry (when in the car, or when I have to change big brother’s diaper…). Perhaps it’s a bit of self-preservation, but I have to believe that a little crying here and there isn’t going to permanently damage him, otherwise I’d drown in a pool of mommy guilt.

  4. Yeah, I agree with Adam. It is not crying it out if you are being present and taking the time to stop the car and comfort your baby just like you did. SO not CIO at all.
    Also, on a totally side note and total soapbox. I hate how people talk about how they do CIO and Ferber, but in a totally distorted way. CIO does not mean you leave your baby alone in their crib and you close the door. That is not what Ferberizing is at all. PHEW! Soap box over. 🙂

  5. Ugh! A crying baby in the car is the worst! There’s no escape. Mine used to scream every time we were in the car. Every. Time. For about 4 months. Torture! GL with your travels! I’ll be sending solid quiet car vibes your way!

  6. So it sounds like there isn’t much to catch up on? lol. So sorry for your long road trip with two kids, I can only imagine how hellishly stressful that was.

  7. We quickly learned on our roadtrip to Florida that B’s falls apart if we are still on the road at 8PM. Oh man that first night we learned the hard way. so.much.screaming

  8. We were lucky during our trip yesterday that O only woke up screaming with 20 minutes left to go. I’m sure we’ll pay for it on the trip home. And now he is 6 months, so a little sleep training will be happening once we get home! Momma who sleeps = happy momma = happy family 🙂

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