The Rock Lust Continues

Nearing the end of this lightning fast pregnancy and I’m finding it harder and harder to settle on what I want to eat when it comes to “real” food… food that is not a rock.

My special rock, the rock I finally allowed myself to indulge in dunking in ice cold water and sucking on, the rock I sometimes put in my water bottle to make my ice water taste that much better…

Is really the only thing I legitimately CRAVE right now. I’m not even digging the BBQ beef sandwiches anymore. In fact, I’m generally repulsed by meat, which is making the whole low iron thing even that much more of a challenge.

Don’t fret. I am, in fact, eating…food. I am taking my iron supplements, though I’ll admit there are days I just can’t stomach them.

But I just so love my rock. I love it so much that sometimes sucking on it isn’t enough. Sometimes I just crave a little bit more. Sometimes I use a cheap butter knife to break up some of those delicious, grainy, sandy bits. And sometimes I eat those sandy bits.

I mean, I don’t “eat” them, like grind them between my teeth. The non-stop ice crunching has done enough damage to my teeth, I think. I just sort of swallow them. And not a lot. Probably not even a half teaspoon worth, but let me tell you, that little bit is the BEST DAMN THING I EAT ALL DAY. It satisfies my tremendous rock craving.

And I realize from the outside looking in this is all very concerning. I realize this is certifiably CRAZY to many of you. And yet, to me, at this moment, it makes perfect sense. It’s not odd to me at all to find the grout section at Home Depot mouth watering. It’s not weird to me to put a rock in my water bottle because it makes my water taste more… mineral-y. It’s not even strange to indulge in a little bit of sandy, ground rock goodness.

This baby is due to exit soon, and I really, really hope she takes this craving for rocks with her. I hope I come home from the hospital, take one look at this rock, and want to hurl at the thought of ever wanting to eat it.

I’m 39 weeks pregnant… and I don’t know how much longer this rock is going to hold out.

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  1. I must say that I am quite impressed with how well you are handling this, with an honesty and matter-of-factness that is refreshing. And I have to give you tons of credit for how nicely you are handling all of the people on twitter who ask you about iron every single time you mention pica. Hope your baby day comes soon and is everything you hope for.

  2. Dude, Discovery Health so should have done a show on you called “I’m Pregnant And… Eating Rocks.”

    At least you’re not craving dishsoap the way some Pica victims do. Then I would be really, really worried. But I don’t see your rock water being any different than pioneer women who drank water from creeks and rivers. Those were certainly filled with a lot more rock particles than your water. Drink up!

  3. Were you looking for a certain mineral? Or did that rock look particularly tasty?

    I find it strange that I don’t really have any cravings. There’s nothing specific that I always want, just the occasional scent of something that makes me think to cook something for dinner that night.

    I’m also struggling with the low iron deal and I hate having to worry about it.
    Hope your baby day is wonderful….I too was in waiting two years ago at Christmas time….now we’re aiming for Valentine’s Day.

  4. Your openness and honesty make me laugh because I really can’t think of many people who would publicly extemporize on eating rocks… except, of course, a pregnant woman with pica who knows her readers won’t judge her.
    I’m just waiting for the post a few years hence when you’ve found Little Girl in the backyard staring strangely at a rock with a knowing look in her eyes. 😉

    • It is only the most amazingly delicious rock brought back by my husband from his Spring Break Trip in 01 to the Grand Canyon. That’s pretty much all I know about. Oh, and that it’s grainy.. and pretty easy to break up, which makes it perfect.

  5. I sympathize with you. Yet, I relate to your indulgences. I am not pregnant, but very anemic and under treatment soon. I am about to start consuming clay , which is not bad for you as long as its not contaminated and etc. My major worry is simply tooth erosion. – The soft clay is smooth and chalky and can be placed in water or eatin in pieces. Anyhow- best wishes with you labor and birth, as well as your cravings.

  6. Waoo I am in the same situation right now. I am about 38 weeks pregnant and let me tell you that eating what is call rock or clay is my biggest craving since 30 weeks. My baby is due in about 2weeks and I can stop eating clay. I know there are mamy types of clay and the one I eat is directly from the ground and comes from west Africa. I am running out of it and is killing me. this is my second pregnancy by the way, i eat it with the first one but not as much as the second.

  7. If there are any pregnant ladies out there who are indulging in non-food cravings, I’d really love to hear from you. I’m doing research on the topic. Shoot me an email. Sharing your experience would be a fantastic help 🙂

  8. hey there, it’s really awesome hearing that other pregnant women are going through the same thing! I’m 36 weeks, but I’ve had cravings for soft rocks since I was 7… I’ve never been able to kick the habit, the clay like substance after chewing them up is such an addiction! surprisingly, my teeth are still perfect.. BUT I’ve never thought of putting them in water.. I think that might be my ticket to not physically chewing them again! anyways, glad there’s other people out there..

    • Hi Kayde,
      I would love to hear more about your rock cravings, I’m doing research on the subject for an upcoming documentary program. If you’re open to talking about your experience, I’m anxious to hear about it. Please send me an email at or give me a call at (202) 681-9725. I hope to hear from you.


  9. Tiffany Collins on

    Oh I know the feeling mine was Dawn dish washing when I was pregnant with my 4th! I would set there and snif it. 🙂

  10. I know exactly what you mean. I don’t so much have a special rock but ALL rocks. I just want to suck on all of them. I can’t walk outside and see a rock without picking it up and tossing it in my purse for later. I probably have about 30 small stones in my purse that I choose from daily and sometimes the same goes for dirt. Way to embarrassing to tell anyone so I have to sneak away every now and again to get my “fix” and also snow! I just can’t get enough of it I could sit outside and eat snow all day long. I sure hope this craving is gone soon!

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  12. Katraona Thatsthewayweroll Tawfik on

    I completely relate on the rock thing! I love smell of it and the feel in my mouth.

  13. If you would be willing to talk about your rock craving I would love to interview you! I work for Ohio State and we are looking to do a news story about odd cravings. Please let me know if you’d be interested.

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