Let’s Kick Off Cloth Diaper Week With a Giveaway!

I decided sort of last minute to dedicate this week on the blog to cloth diapers. I am having so much fun prepping all these tiny fluffy diapers for baby girl, and forgot how much I just love itty bitty cloth diapers. Thought I’d bring you all along for the ride this week and talk to you about some exciting cloth diaper industry news and new products out there.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my cloth diapering experiences (it has been a while since I blogged about it and Kendall is pretty much potty trained at this point), please check out my Cloth Diaper category. These two posts (here and here) seem to be the most read when it comes to the subject (although, admittedly, they are LOOOOONNNNNG winded).

While Kendall spent most of his time in cloth diapers wearing one size pocket diapers like Bum Genius 3.0s, he started out in Kissaluvs size 0 newborn fitteds with covers. (Does all of this sound Greek to you? Make sure you check in later this week when I share a Vlog breaking down the different types of diapers.)

Don't you just want to squish it?!

The Kl0s were part of a rental package from SunshineDiapers.com, and were my gateway drug to my cloth diapering addiction. Since renting these 2 and a half years ago, I’ve become friends with Rhea, the owner of SunshineDiapers.com, and she’s helped me with many cloth diaper predicaments since then. She’s a wealth of information! And incredibly kind. She’s hooked me up with a second newborn rental package for baby girl AND she wants to give one away to one of you!

What you’ll get:
24 newborn/size 0 Kissaluv fitted diapers (some will be new, some will be gently used/like new condition)
4 covers
4 overnight doublers
Free shipping code for a future order
Cloth diaper info and support from Rhea herself
(Keep in mind, this is a RENTAL, so you will have to return everything… except the free shipping and diapering advice)

All wrapped up in my favorite cover, Thirsties X-Small.

This is the PERFECT way to jump into cloth diapering from the beginning with your little one. All you’ll need to add is a cloth diaper friendly soap, like Charlie’s Soap or Rockin’ Green Soap, a couple wetbags, a diaper pail (or trash can) and a pail liner. You’ll continue to use all these things well beyond the newborn stage and with any future cloth diapers you purchase.

The rental typically lasts about 3 months, but Rhea is great about working with you to make sure you get the timing right . We only needed them for 10 weeks since Kendall was such a chunkster and grew out of them by then.

How to enter:

Comment below telling me a little about your cloth diaper experience. Have you done it before? Considered it? What interests you? (Mandatory entry, must do for others to count.)
Follow @SunshineDiapers on Twitter
Like SunshineDiapers on Facebook
Follow @BabyRabies on Twitter

(You don’t have to do all of them!)

Leave one comment for each, please. Remember, I moderate comments. If yours doesn’t show up at first, give it a few hours before trying again. I’ll use Random.org to draw a lucky winner on Friday, the 17th (assuming I’m not in labor).

This is only open to US residents (sorry!), and the winner must start the rental within 6 months of winning it.

Looking forward to sharing more with you all this week!

Kendall is 2.5 ish and daytime potty trained (yay!) and I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant.

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  1. We’re expecting our first child (a boy!) in April – I’ve been reading your blog for years now and knew I wanted to cloth diaper after reading about your experience and all their benefits! I’ve slowly begun piecing together a small stash and this rental program would be an enormous help!

  2. I am heavily into the research portion of the cloth diaper experiment. We have an almost 5 yr old who used disposable diapers, and I am currently 13 weeks preg with #2… I would love to cloth diaper the next babe. Can’t wait to hear more about it on your vlog!

  3. We’re expecting our first in June. I have to admit my first reason to cloth diaper is because I’m so damn cheap and cannot justify spending all that money on disposable diapers. Besides cloth diapers are WAY cuter!

  4. We decided to cloth diaper this time around. We’re using Thirsties Duo Diapers and are having great success with them, despite the fact that Maggie is only 8 lbs. No leaks so far, and they come with a double insert!

    My question is, what do you do for wipes? Right now we’re still using disposable wipes, because I don’t know how cloth ones work. Do you have a spray bottle there to wet them? Do you use them dry?

    • Awesome, Christina! We used the Circo washcloths (the thin ones from Target). And I just used my peri bottle I brought home from the hospital, filled with some water and a few drops of baby shampoo- usually Burts Bees. I squirted the water solution on a wipe or two, used that and then tossed it in the laundry with the diapers. Hope that helps!

  5. We’ve never cloth diapered, but would love to for #2 – due to arrive via C-Section 01.26.11! The amount of diapers a newborn goes through is just crazy and as our daughter moves to potty training in a few months, it’s something I’d love to start for #2. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  6. I’m due with our second and followed your cloth diapering experiences. I really, really want to try cloth, but I’m scared to make the leap. This would be so helpful!

  7. I’ve been CDing my baby girl for almost 17 months and I am happy to report that I have NEVER, not even one time, bought a disposable diaper. Oh yeah! Baby boy will be arriving in about 8 weeks and I can’t wait to get some tiny fluff on his tiny booty. CDing is so addictive.

  8. I actually did the Sunshine Diapers rental with Ian, my son, a little over two years ago. Now we’re expecting our second (in Feb), and I’d love to use it again!

    Ian has been in cloth most of his life (we used a few sposies in the beginning) and we’ve loved it. I love the cost savings, the environmental aspects and the fact that I have never ever had to make an emergency diaper run to Target.

  9. I use cloth diapers with my 20 month old since birth and am expecting baby #2 in May. I would love a chance to have a Kissaluvs rental! I used all prefolds in the beginning (now we use mostly BG 3.0s) and it was more difficult to use these during the whirlwind newborn months. I borrowed some Kissaluvs from a friend for about 2 months and LOVED them! Perfect for the newborn stage!

  10. We cloth diapered our son from the time he fit into our BumGenius 3.0’s (I think he was a month old) until he was a little over a year old. Then we moved and had a lot of fixer upper projects. And I got pregnant. So we started using Seventh Generation disposables, because I just had too much on my plate (and we didn’t have our new washer and dryer yet). I need to fix up our old diapers with refresher kits, plus get some new ones, because we plan on cloth diapering again when our new baby arrives in the spring. But I would love to have some newborn-sized cloth diapers so we can start the new baby in cloth!

  11. We started CDing when my son was 15 months old and we will never go back! We love BumGenius 4.0’s and can’t wait to stock up on baby #2

  12. My daughter has worn CDs since she was 2 months old (19 months now). We like OS the best, specifially SmartiPants. I have baby fever so hoping to add another little one to the family in the next year….a newborn trial would rock!

  13. We’re expecting our first child in May and are preparing for our CD’ing adventure (among many other adventures to come, I’m sure). I’m in the process of looking into rental services that offer several brand options in order to find a cloth diaper that works best for us and our baby.

  14. We did cloth the first time around, although I got a little lazy (and queasy) and switched to disposable when I got pregnant again. But I’m looking forward to cloth diapering again.

  15. I’ve been using cloth diapers with my son since he was 4 months old (he’s 23 months now) and I love them. I wish that I had started researching earlier so that he would have been in them from the get go. I’m expecting another boy in March and am excited to cloth diaper him from the beginning!

  16. We are expecting our first baby in June, just in the six month time frame for this! We really are excited about cloth diapering πŸ™‚

  17. My husband and I are expecting our first child in 3 weeks. Of course, he might have his own ideas about when he’ll arrive. My brother and sister in law cloth diaper their two boys (18 months and 4 weeks), so we’ve had some practice with cloth diapers. We would love the chance to try out some cloth diapers ourselves before we commit.

  18. Pick me, pick me! πŸ™‚ I’ve never tried prefolds, my first has always been 100% BumGenius. I’d love to try the prefolds on the new baby, due in late Feb/early March!

  19. We started CDing when my son was 15 months old and have never looked back! We love our BumGenius 4.0’s and can’t wait to fill up our stash for baby #2!

  20. I was very unsure when my wife first proposed cloth diapers but it turns out they aren’t that bad after all!

  21. We’re finally expecting our first in June and I’ve wanted to CD since I learned about them a couple of years ago. I love so many aspects of it, but you can’t deny the cost-effectiveness!

  22. My cloth diapering experience sounds exactly like yours. I have a 2 year old son who wore Kissaluvs size 0 for only a little bit because he was such a monster baby. Then he wore BG 3.0’s until he potty trained. He still sleeps in his BG’s although they are getting pretty snug. He is still a monster toddler. I am newly pregnant with baby #2 and would love these! I only have 6 newborn diapers because my son grew out of them so quickly.

  23. I am now a follower of Sunshine Diapers on Facebook and seriously considering this newborn rental program even if I don’t win the giveaway!

  24. I cloth diapered my son starting when he was 5 months and I’m so excited to start cloth right away with this next one due in April. I loved cloth diapering and thought it was so easy and great at containing those blowouts!

  25. I like Sunshine Diapers on FB. πŸ™‚

    I’m expecting baby number 2, and cloth diaper my 2 year old…. I absolutely love it! But didn’t start at the newborn stage, so I’m excited to give it a whirl with this one! LOVE the itty bitty diapers.

  26. We’re expecting our little girl in late March and while I spent a ton of time researching and trying to persuade the husband about cloth diapering, I couldn’t get him to understand the benefits. Especially when he saw the upfront costs. Renting would be a great option for us for him to practice and see how it works for our family!

  27. We switched to cloth when B was 6 months old. I loved the switch and haven’t looked back!! Because we switched so late, we have no ittybitty dipes. With number 2 coming in April we could most def. use the gift rental!!

  28. I did the “Late Start” trial for my son at about 10 months and then I got pregnant again and my first trimester exhaustion made it hard for me to get motivated to wash them. I’ve decided I want to start out using cloth diapers with my next one so that I never get used to anything else and see if that will make me do it. It’s one of those things I want to do, but can’t find enough motivation to start with my son. I blame it on the first tri.

    I already follow you on twitter!

  29. I’ve spent weeks now looking into cloth diapering options for our third baby. My husband isn’t so into the idea but I can’t wait to try it out in 12-17 weeks!

  30. We are expecting #3 and have decided this go round that we are going to use cloth! I am so excited and feel so good about this choice πŸ™‚

  31. I am 35 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I used disposables with my first child, and have no experience using cloth. My interest was turned on when I met you (Jill K.), and we started talking about cloth diapers. What interests me most about cloth diapers is that I’m not big on waste, and I like the idea of things that are reusable. I am seriously considering cloth for my 2nd baby. Even started a registry with Rhea at Sunshine diapers. I think if I won this rental it would be just the kick in the pants I need to get me completely on board.

  32. I’m due in 5 months and really want to try out cloth diapering. Your posts make it seem so do-able and the rental package seems like a great way to get started! Plus I agree they are soo cute- a disposable diaper is just not cute πŸ™‚

  33. I love cloth diapering, never used a disposable and have been doing it for two years with my son. He’s working on potty training though, so I hope he’s outta diapers before the new baby due Feb 16! I love the rental idea b/c my son grew out of his x-small diapers in just 5 weeks.

  34. Kelsey Tritabaugh on

    We’ve been researching cloth diapering for our second child due in March and this giveaway would be perfect! I’ve heard lots about the Kissaluvs brand and love the idea of a rental package. Can’t wait to see our little one in cloth diapers…so cute!

  35. I started cloth diapering my 1st when she was 3 months old, she’s now 18 months! My 2nd is due in Feb and I’m excited to start from day 1, but not sure where to start. This would definitely be a lifesaver for us πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!

  36. I currently cloth diaper 3 boys 2 and under. I’ll be happy when the twins potty train and I only have 1 in diapers, but for now they have the cutest butts on the block.

  37. Nikki Fudgestick on

    I’ve never tried cloth diapering before as I haven’t any kids. My husband and I have discussed it and he wasn’t really for it. However, my father in law is adopting and I’ll be watching the baby frequently, so I’d love to give it a trial run with her since we may be adopting in the next year as well! Plus if it’s a free trial, hubby can’t argue too much!

  38. Nikki Fudgestick on

    I’ve never tried cloth diapering before as I haven’t any kids. My husband and I have discussed it and he wasn’t really for it for the future. However, my father in law is adopting and I’ll be watching the baby frequently starting in January, so I’d love to give it a trial run with her since we may be adopting in the next year as well! Plus if it’s a free trial, hubby can’t argue too much! Cloth diapering interests me because if it’s fairly simple, is better for baby booties AND better for the Earth, well, Im all for it!

  39. Nikki Fudgestick on

    I follow you on twitter! (sorry for that double post earlier! Wasn’t trying to cheat, promise!!)

  40. I just dropped a big Holy &*^% in my office after reading this. My cloth diaper experience is still in the squeeing over cuteness phase. Our little girl in due in February, so we have not started using them yet. Right now my (small) stash consists of BG and FB, both AIO and pockets. We will be putting our girl in daycare at about 13 weeks, and this is what they will work with. I would love to try the Kissaluvs, but I would really love the support as we navigate through first time CD parents.

  41. I love cloth diapering. Have been going strong for 2 years with my son and I hope to cd one more little one πŸ™‚

  42. I did a cloth diaper trial with my son (11.5 months now) and really liked them. I felt a little overwhelmed about buying all the diapers I needed at once (he was about 6 months at the time), so I decided to wait until the next kid to use them.

    We are trying for #2 now and I’ve already started building up a stash and occassionally use some of the ones I have on my son. I can’t wait to use them full time!

  43. I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my first (it’s a boy!) and I’m pretty set on CDing but I would love to be able to try before I buy by renting.

    BTW, Jill, thank you for your cloth diaper posts. You’ve convinced me that it’s totally reasonable and doable despite all the eye rolls and comments (“you don’t need so much extra work! Disposables are so easy! You’ll see!”) I get from any one I mention my interest to. Thank you!!!

  44. we’re expecting our 2nd baby and would like to try cloth this time around. I went back to work after #1 was born and was too overwhelmed to seriously consider cloth then.

  45. I am currently a cloth diapering mama … my husband and I loved the Kissaluvs/Thirsties system so much that we never gave it up and it’s still our primary diaper system! We have a few BumGenius/FuzziBunz/MonkeyDoodlez that we use but those are always our last resort – you know, like when you pull out the laundry day undies from your own drawer? I like to claim I’ve successfully had a hand in influencing a few girlfriends to also be cloth diapering mamas! We are excited for our 2nd baby to arrive in June and I’m already on the hunt for new cloth diapers to add to my current stash!

  46. I’m a part-time CDing mama ofa 19mo old. We also started with the Sunshine Dipes trial, and it was fabulous. My BF is pg, and I’d love to gift her with this rental.

  47. I am planning to cloth diaper our first baby, due in five weeks! I am a bit hesitant to start out with newborn sizing, so I’ve created a stash of mostly one size diapers of varying types (all in ones, velcros, snaps, inserts with covers, etc.). Can’t wait to see who wins!

  48. We used disposables with my son who is now 4.5 and always regretted it but were way to overwhelmed to try cloth. I am pregnant again and I think this kind of kit would really work for us now.

  49. My first daughter has been cloth diapered for her entire life. With my daughter, we only bought infant sizes, so her diapers were way too big for the first few months. This rental would be perfect to diaper our next baby (due in a few months) with diapers that actually fit.

  50. I’ve CD my now 16 month old since she was 2 weeks old. At first she was WAY too small ( a preemie) to fit into the small prefolds and covers that I bought. This time we are having a boy and would LOVE to test drive some fitteds but I’m too cheap to buy them and try them myself for fear of not liking them. This rental would be a great chance to try them and BUY them if they work out for us!

  51. I used CD’s with my 2.5 year old and am now using them with my 3 month old. But if I win, I would give this to my SIL who would like to CD her babe that’s due at the end of March. Wouldn’t that be a great gift? Pretty sure I would be Aunt of the year… πŸ™‚

  52. This sounds AWESOME! I use cds part time with my oldest (bumgenius one size)…part time only because her daycare doesn’t take thme, but I am due for my second in april, so the timing of this would be perfect! πŸ™‚ And I plan to cd full time then because i will be staying home after i have my second. πŸ™‚

  53. I regret not having cloth diapered my first-born and am definitely going to CD our next little boy, due 2/2/11!

  54. V has had a fluff on her bum since she was about a month old. I have helped convince some of my mommy friends to try cloth. My husband has, too! (so proud of him!)

    BTW, you are beyond amazing to host giveaways and such at the end of your pregnancy. Thanks for doing this, but really, rest up!

  55. I’m planning on cloth diapering on my first baby due in April! I’ve bought a few different diapers, but nothing for newborns. I’m really confused about getting the right things for the tiny ones and in the right amounts! So much to learn!

  56. I am due in July with our second and am planning on cloth diapering this time around. This will be our first adventure into cloth diapers!

  57. My only experience with cloth diapers is from babysitting for a family that used them, but I intend on using them myself. I’m due in 5 months, so the rental package would be excellent to help figure out exactly what we’re looking for in cloth diapers.

  58. We used cloth diapers for the first 3 months. They were super inexpensive–made by someone independent on E-bay. They had the insert in them and worked really well for the short time we used them. I think I stopped because I could never decide what brand to go with and worried about the convenience of them when traveling a lot. I also worried about what to do with solid poop. I’m interested in diapers that don’t leak, allow for growth, and wash easily. I’m definately open to trying to use them longer with baby 2.

  59. I CD’d my daughter for about 6 months before I got pregnant and the MS just made the washing and changing of toddler poo unbearable, so we stopped. We started out with hybrids, then switched to prefolds and covers because I prefer the more “organic” materials. Definitely loved how much cuter CDs are, and there’s less guilt involved!

  60. I am expecting my first and I am trying to learn more about the whole process. The rental package would be a great way for me to get started. Thanks for doing this!

  61. I LOVE cloth diapers. We switched when my now 14-month-old was 2 months old. It was one of the best decisions ever. I would love to win this package because we have a little one on the way, due in May 2011, and we didn’t do newborn cloth last time. We are planning to this time, though, and this would be a great help in those first weeks!

  62. I have never done cloth diapers. Obviously. But you have given me something to think about over the last few years. I am definitely interested in saving money over the long term!!

  63. I am due with my first child in May. We’re considering cloth diapers, but are honestly a little confused about how they work (and how much work is involved).

  64. We began cloth diapering my daughter when she was a few weeks old. We used a combo of cloth & disposables for a bit, to get used to it and also because we had to wash at a laundromat (with a newborn!)

    I’m due on 12/25 and we’re planning on cloth diapering this one from the beginning, with liners for the first few poos. We have mostly prefolds and would LOVE to have a rental with lots of cute Kissaluvs!

  65. I hope I’m not too late to enter. We are having a baby in June and I’ve been very interested in cloth diapering for awhile. It’s so overwhelming though thinking about all the different styles and features. A starter pack like this would be wonderful to figure out what would best suit the needs of my baby. I’m so excited about the benefits of cloth diapering!