I Interrupt Cloth Diaper Week To Let You Know

I’m NOT in labor.

Really. I know these contractions, which have been coming every 3ish minutes for the past hour or two and only lasting 30-40 seconds each are NOT the real thing. This is totally a false start, which is why I’m having my husband bring me some wine back from Target (where he happens to be picking up some other things for the bag I’m going to pack to take to the hospital when this IS the real thing, which is not tonight). I’m going to have a glass of wine and take another bath (because I already took one).

They’re just way too frequent and short to be real. It’s totally false labor.

Which is great because there is still much to do. I really need to get to the eye doctor tomorrow because my last pair of contacts are killing me and I just need one more pair to get me through the next couple months before I can go in for an eye appointment, and I totally don’t want to hang out in my glasses.

And my feet are HIDEOUS. I planned to get a pedicure tonight… and maybe I still will after that bath. And I definitely need to shave.

And I JUST lined up back up child-care for K today because it will take my mom about 6 or 7 hours to get up here. And K still has a bit of whatever he was sick with yesterday and there is NO way I can send my sick kid to a woman’s house Β when that woman happens to be 8 months pregnant and, for whatever reason, has been kind enough to watch him for us.

So, there’s no way that this is actually happening. I know this is just a false alarm. But it’s an annoying false alarm that’s making it hard to sit down and blog about cloth diapers, so I just wanted to let you all know that as soon as I can get these to LEAVE ME ALONE, I will get back to Cloth Diaper Week. My apologies.

Kendall is 2.5ish and I’m 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow

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  1. I’ll tell you they’re not real. NOT NOT NOT. We’ll keep saying they’re NOT until a baby’s head pokes out, whether that be tonight, or in a couple weeks.

    But the good news is you now have permission to drink an entire bottle of wine if that’s what it takes to either make them stop, or make you stop caring. πŸ™‚

  2. Prodromal labor, it can last on and off for days. Good news is when real labor starts you will probably be dilated quite a bit. But man they suck. I’m guessing baby is coming within the week.

    • Yes me too. My sevond baby was just like that– contractions never longer than 45 or so seconds, coming every 2-3 minutes. Midwife said it wasn’t real, too. Finally started getting more painful. (but same durations). Baby girl was born less than 10 minutes after arriving at the hospital, midwife had yet to arrive.

      Be careful with denial! Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Good luck with all that πŸ™‚ When I labored with Mo I never had a single contraction that made it past 50 seconds (but that due to his positioning). Had I not had a midwife appointment, I’m not sure I ever would have went to the birthing center lol.

  4. If it is false, at least it’ll motivate you to finish up that last minute stuff quickly! I was in preterm labor for weeks so I know how it feels to contract all the live-long day… You enjoy that glass of wine. Because you deserve it! Hope it works!

  5. I am SO jealous. My due date is today and it’s not looking like baby girl is trying at all to come out. They’ve scheduled me for induction next Tuesday and I’m guessing she’ll make me wait until then…. FUN. Good luck!

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