Hang In There BIG Guy!

We officially have the most awesome Santa ever. We’ve been going to him since Kendall’s first Christmas, and just had another amazing visit tonight. Look at the beauty we scored. Not a single hesitant tear was shed.

Kendall climbed right up in his lap, introduced himself, “Hi, my name Kendall!” and when asked what he wanted, he simply replied, “I want candy!” Easy enough. Guess this Buzz Lightyear and SweetPea3 MP3 player are overkill. I’ll just fill his stocking with Skittles and call it a day.

We’ve always been impressed with this guy (the “Big Guy” at The Villiage At Allen, for you local folks who may be interested). In years past, he’s had his own live reindeer outside, and while they were notably missing this year, I’m happy to report the addition of the new call ahead/reserve your place in line feature MORE than made up for it.

We called around 6 and were told 59 people were ahead of us in line, with an approximate wait time of 239 minutes. I figured that was probably a gross over-estimation and that people would drop like flies. Sure enough, 20 minutes later we got a text saying our wait time was down to 50 minutes (this was all while we were out running errands). By the time we left Toys R’ Us 30 minutes later, we got a phone call saying it would be our turn in 10 minutes. It was heavenly. We arrived just in time to get in line and watch about 5 other kids take pictures, the whole time prepping Kendall and talking the whole thing up. He was a pro!

I love that we get to add this to our growing collection of pictures of this particular Santa and Kendall over the years.

Not the "official" 1st year photo, I was too lazy to scan that one.

The 09 official pic, taken moments before the big meltdown.

In fact, I’m so attached to this particular Santa and the outstanding pictures he always yields, I’m a bit concerned about his health. I mean, he is QUITE…. jolly, and I just want to ask him, “Are you taking care of yourself? For the children? For the parents who are obsessed with you?” Because I will sob the day he retires, or, God forbid… I don’t even want to go there.

So, Big Guy, please tell me you hit the treadmill hard from January through June… but wait, I guess then you would be a yo-yo dieter, and well, I’m not so sure that’s any better.

Seriously, though, for those of you in the Dallas area, it is so worth the trip to Allen to see this guy. He is incredibly kind, amazing with kids, the staff are super helpful, the setup is perfect, and that new call ahead line is a parent’s dream come true! And? I think he might really be the REAL Santa.

Kendall is 2.5 and I’m 37 weeks pregnant, making not having to stand in line for an hour even that much more magical.

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  1. Oh my God your baby looks like he belongs on Hallmark cards! What a beautiful little boy you have! I love the Santa as well, fabulous pictures, thank you for sharing!

  2. That’s our Santa too! We went there last year (Avery’s first Xmas) and she loved him. This year she was hesitant but quickly warmed up to him. I bet it was the beard. She’s a sucker for bearded men. He is the sweetest man we will go back to him every year!

  3. We have a pretty great Santa in Portland, Maine, too… I am pretty convinced he might be “the one”. We are making the Santa picture attempt today… I wish we had the call ahead reservation, that would make life so much easier to get two kids organized and ready to sit on a stranger’s lap!

  4. That is an adorable Santa picture. But that whole call ahead feature ROCKS! Phoenix’s first Christmas we actually forgot to do Santa pictures. Go figure. So last year I made sure we did it and with an antsy 16 month old it was a pain in the ass standing in line. Trying to decide when to go this year.

  5. I love that the Santa changes it up a bit and doesn’t just wear the red suit. His tights (socks? leg warmers?) are too cute and I love that his shirts change from year to year!

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