My First Video Review (And Giveaway)! The BLANQI Body Styler

I ramble on a bit in this, so I’ll just cut to the chase and post the video so you can check it out. Forgive the audio! It’s my very first stab at this video blogging or vlogging thing. I’ll get better. Promise! (If you’re viewing this from the preview on my blog homepage, make sure to click the title to go to full view to see giveaway details.)

And now for the codes. If you’re convinced you want to get one right now, you’re in luck. They have a Cyber Monday sale going on for buy one get one half off. Enter CYBERMONDAY. For anytime after that, enter babyrabies to get free shipping. (Or you could try entering both today and see if they’ll let you combine codes. I’m not quite sure.) Update- they WILL let you combine codes today only!

Now, the giveaway. One lucky winner will be able to choose the body styler in the size, length and color of their choice. To enter, comment below telling me what color and length you would get (you can check them out here- don’t worry, won’t hold you to it). You MUST do this first before you can do extra entries. For extra entries do any or all of the following:

Follow the @BLANQIgirls on Twitter
Follow @BabyRabies on Twitter
Like Baby Rabies on Facebook
Perform a random act of kindness and tell me about it


I’ll have help me chose a winner on Friday, the 3rd… unless I’m in labor.

**NOTE- I moderate comments and I’m not always at my computer or Iphone so it may take a while for yours to show up. Please don’t freak out if it doesn’t show up at first (there is no message that pops up telling you it’s waiting for moderation because my blog theme is junk and that is why I’m working on a new one… well, that and a billion other reasons… but I digress). Give it a few hours and check back. Thanks!

**CONTEST CLOSED** A winner has been chosen via Commenter #26, Gil, is the lucky gal! Thanks to everyone for entering.

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    • You’re very sweet, but flattery is not going to work for an official entry… unless that is your random act of kindness 😉

  1. Kendal Barriere on

    Love this! I want a Deepest Black one in the regular length. I just might have to get one before I hit the 6 month mark!

  2. “who doesnt get a little back fat late in their pregnancy” HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! you are a funny girl 😉

    (and please dont enter me- im dont having babies!)

  3. oooooo! I want one! Black regular length. I hate how my pants are always drooping now. No random acts of kindness today but I do have a moderately uninteresting story…Tony Romo nearly rear ended me in his $140,000 Mercedes today. (We are in DFW too). I yelled various expletives after this car nearly hit me (apparently he doesn’t have to stop before right one red) and my husband looked at the driver and was like, hey that’s Tony Romo! He drives like a douche.

  4. see, I need to have more babies so I can have all these cool new products! No need to enter me, just want to say you did a great job w/ the vlog. You’re a rockin’ pregnant momma!

  5. Ok for real, what is the deal with the peeing when I sneeze thing? Is this going to happen the WHOLE pregnancy? Harrupf!

  6. Oh, and my random act of kindness : I am 25 weeks pregnant, and did not, in fact, kill my boss today when he mentioned that I was starting to look like a bowling ball. YAY for me! lol 🙂

  7. I would definitely get the regular length in black. And my random act of kindness is one I try to repeat around the holidays–I let someone who looks rushed or tired or who is dragging cranky kids around cut in front of me in line. Since I’m pregnant, though, I’ve noticed people are less likely to accept this offer and are much nicer to me. An unexpected pregnancy benefit!

  8. Don’t add me in the draw- my preggo days are over but I just wanted to say- your voice is so SWEET. And if you are from texas
    (That comment about texas summers) your accent sounds kind of Canadian:) I could be biased.
    And your adorable (Just what every pregnant woman wants to hear right?:)How about I add adorably pretty. I wish they would have had that bump support a few years ago. I always hated tugging at everything.

    Well, cheers to a beautiful birth for you.

  9. I would love a regular black body styler for when my belly gets bigger in a couple months. This is such an awesome giveaway! I wish I had one of these with my last pregnancy.

  10. Oh, pick me, pick me! 🙂

    Regular, Deepest Black, my best guess is small.

    I relate to everything you said and I’m 31 weeks pregnant. If you have a review on a good bra I’d love to hear about that too.

  11. Funny you blogged/vlogged about this b/c I was going to ask what you ended up buying for support.

    I’d get regular (I think?) and black.

  12. I would love to have the pale nude in the longer length since at 21 weeks my pelvis is already feeling like it’s going to break in two!

  13. Random act of kindness: I gave one of my students lunch money today. He never eats lunch and when finally confronted about it, I learn his dad was laid off and money is tight. I also got him the paperwork to apply for the free/reduced lunch program so that I don’t go broke. Teachers aren’t rich. =)

  14. My God girl. You look adorable. I ALMOST bought some today after reading your post on FB, but since we’re not even trying for #2 until this summer, I bought new boots instead 🙂 I’ll definitely get one next pregnancy, though!

    I’d love the regular black one. Ideally, a long one, too 🙂

  15. Love your video! I’d loove to have the regular length in black! If I don’t win and I’ll definitely be picking one up 🙂

  16. Okay, I don’t really need this considering I think we’re done. But I have to tell you that I watched this just so I could hear what you sound like. I mean, I read all these darn blogs and NEVER actually get to talk to my e-friends. It was nice to finally hear what someone sounded like.

    And you are too cute, Jill! Have you discussed your plans for birth? I mean, I know you’re going med-free but will you be at a hospital?

  17. id get a regular length in black!

    and thanks! i had no idea something like this existed. i want to try one to see if it will help me with my uncomfortable-ness too!!

  18. I’m not pregnant and probably won’t be for a while so I don’t really need the BLANQI but it seems like a great product and makes me wonder where it was when I was pregnant with my first…
    And the reason I’m commenting is because I just wanted to tell you that you look GREAT!
    And it’s nice to see you “in person” after reading your blog forever. 🙂

  19. I love their product! they are amazing moms who have set out to help support us and make pregnancy comfortable. It already is sexy 🙂
    I would love a black LONG size medium. looking forward to getting prego again and being able to run with this extra support.
    and yes— you look great! congrats on your newest bundle of love!

  20. I follow you on twitter, just liked you on FB, and I would love one of those someday. You are too cute in your first video post! xoxo

  21. Ahhh! Your voice is nothing like it sounded in my head…how stalker does that sound?! Really though, your voice is higher and has a southern twang that I don’t “hear” when I read your blog – very interesting. You look fab and congrats on taking the leap into video…and at 37 weeks – what a brave girl!

    Anyway, I don’t need a BLANQI but wanted to comment. Good luck!

  22. Awww you are so cute in video. I am so not pulling off the cute preggo thing. I am glad you blogged about this. It looks like its going to become a must have for me. Also I kept thinking during the vlog, do you ever want to lick your fireplace? With the rough brick it was just looking so rocky and a little yummy.

  23. I like Baby Rabies on Facebook!

    I agree, your voice did sound a lot different than what I pictured in my head for some reason.

  24. I don’t need one, but I just wanted to say the video was great! You did a wonderful job, very clear and fun, and the explanations were great! Anyway, just wanted to tell you. 🙂

    And the product does look like a very nice item to have – you look great!

  25. This sounds GREAT to me, since I’m 38 weeks pregnant and getting more and more uncomfortable. I’d choose the regular length in black b/c we all know that black makes you look skinnier…. as if that’s possible during pregnancy?? Ha!

  26. Looks fantastic! I’m due 12/26 and would love this for these final weeks! Black, regular.

  27. This thing looks so nice! I would love to have a black/regular. I’m due 02/03/11 and think it would be so comfy for the last few weeks.

  28. Our random act of kindness.. we were shopping at Toys R Us this weekend and a man came up to us asking for money.. we hesitated, but then hubby pulled all of the ones out of his wallet and gave them to him. 🙂 Made me feel good.. even if he did end up using it for beer.. LOL!

  29. I have to agree, you did sound different then you do in my head 🙂

    I would get the black regular…for whenever #2 happens

  30. My random act of kindness: I gave my 30% off coupon at DSW to a lady buying cute boots, cuz I couldnt use it with my purchase, and it expired that day

  31. Random act of kindness: I picked up pizza for everyone at work today because….it’s Friday!

  32. I would love the black in regular. This looks awesome, WISH I had it with my other three pregnancies…but we’ll be having at least one more so here’s hoping. 🙂

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