A Little Christmas List Help?

It’s really no secret that I’m not a huge fashionista. And since I’ve submerged myself in my bubble of maternity wear the last 6 months, I haven’t even allowed myself to glance at all the cute new styles, which makes me very sad because fall fashion is where it’s at for me. I LOVE ME SOME SWEATERS AND SCARVES IN JEWEL TONES.

But there’s a light at the tunnel, yo. This kid exits in 5ish weeks.

So when my husband whined at me- AGAIN- that he doesn’t know what to get me for Christmas, instead of rolling my eyes and lecturing him all about the glorious Sephora and DKNY Cozy Wrap– AGAIN- I took it upon myself to set up a Wishpot.com account. I will fill it with a plethora of sparkly, pretty, superfluous, superficial, mostly non-practical items for him to choose from. Because left to his own devices, I will end up with another panini grill. <<What? It’s practical.

I would also like to a few fashion-y things, like maybe a new scarf because a cold neck is a sad neck. And maybe some *gasp* leggings and tunics (breastfeeding friendly and tummy pouch concealing, of course). And shoes. I need new winter shoes.

But what shoes? I don’t really anticipate wearing anything with much of a heel as I balance a newborn on my hip while chasing a toddler. My flats are all a little thin and chilly, though. Everything I find that’s a compromise of the two looks a lot like an Ugg, and well, I just don’t think I can go there. I already caved to the Crocs this year, people (for the toddler… only for the toddler!). I’m trying to maintain a shred of dignity in the eyes of my sister and friends.

I would love suggestions. Also, if you have any suggestions for tops that make great, warm, breastfeeding friendly transition pieces, that would be spectacular. Of course, this could all be for naught. My husband could look past all my impractical and stylish requests and get me some steel toe boots and coveralls from his favorite store- Lowes.

And tell me, what is on your Christmas list? Now what do you think your significant other will get you?

Kendall is 2.5 and I’m 35.5 weeks pregnant… and the size of a house. The stretchmarks are out of control. There are NEW ones. Apparently I didn’t produce enough the first time around to accommodate the canon ball growing inside me now.

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  1. I know you probably already know about them, but I loved all my shirts from motherwear…and they’re always having sales!! Unfortunately we’re not exchanging gifts except for our Christmas jammies..

  2. are you a fan of the fur trimmed/lined boots? they are super warm…comfortable and look cute over the aforementioned leggings. I am currently in love with the Skechers Grand Jams in Charcoal! Not so sure about the clothing though! i usually live in jeans and hoodies!

    As for me….i am in nursing school….so i have B&N gift cards, black leather tennis shoes and a Nook on my Christmas list! 🙂

    • I had my eye on some Skecher slip ons that are faux fur lined, but my sister made fun of them and told me they look like house shoes. I honestly don’t think I care at this point, though.

  3. I know you are against them, but I recently got gray one button Uggs and I am in LOVE! They are like wearing freaking slippers ALL day! And, they are so warm! I wear mine with no socks (I bought the freshening spray), and the wool is just amazing. I also got some jeggings (yes, I swore I would never get a pair). Wear the jeggings–very stretchy, comfy and post baby friendly–with an oversized sweater and Uggs. I think it looks super cute and stylish. And it is so freakin comfy and warm!

  4. okay, Jill. My husband DID buy me the cozy last year after YOU suggested it. I still remember our tweet convo. Let me say its worth every penny. I wore it last year, until it was INAPPROPRIATE. Then, pulled it out this season as soon as humanly possible. It looks amazeballs will black pants, leggings, or skinny jeans and boots. I feel so grown up and rich in it to be quite honest. so I still think it would be a stellar gift.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! I am 98% sure that Jack bought me a panini press this year. And I am THRILLED. But I live for practical gifts.

    As for shoes, flats flats flats. They’re stylish and practical.

  6. I have the uggs bailey button and they are the mid height one and even though I love the warmth, they fold down over the button and the taller mid calf ones would be more practical.However, with the amount of snow (3″ in 4 days already) the suede is not practical and they are wet by the end of the day.

    A girl I go to school with has leather/pleather? slouchy flat boots. I love them and they look great with legging/jeggings or under regular jeans.

  7. My biggest gift requests this year were for Bento gear, a handheld GPS unit, and the classic high top Chucks I’ve been wanting to get (again) for years. There’s also a few books, movies, and CDs on the list for good measure. I also have a slot left ever-open for a tattoo gift card. 🙂

    4 gifts arrived for me today. My husband is SO ahead of me on the shopping! I’m fairly certain they are all bento gear.

  8. Alright, it may not help you much with the specific items you’re looking for, but here’s my Christmas list. Scott may find some cute (and perhaps also practical) stocking stuffers here: http://notsuperjustmom.blogspot.com/2010/11/top-ten-tuesday-internet-christmas.html

    As for shoes, I’m seriously considering a pair of taller Uggs or F-Uggs (faux uggs) for winter. I’ve resisted for so long, but I’m thinking it might be time to just give up the fight. Weather here is very similar to weather there, so flats with my skinny jeans are going to leave me freezing this winter.

  9. Well, first, you cannot go wrong with flats. I’ve been wearing flats with leggings all season. I know Texas can be similar to Oklahoma is terms of wacky weather. Flats are great for those days that get up to 60-ish even though it’s -12 at 6 am. Also, what about a great pair of slouchy boots? Plus a fabric like suede will help you dress them up a little.

  10. My chirstmas list = a rolling composter and a frivolous piece of (inexpensive) jewelry. And yes. I tell him what I want. Sometimes directly and sometimes more vaguely. And sometimes we don’t exchange. Who needs the pressure or the expectations or the disappointment if your SO is not the most imaginative gifter?

  11. give in and get uggs. you wont be sorry. Im form AZ and when people started wearing them I SWORE i wouldnt go there. EVER. that they were the ugliest thing I had ever seen. then I moved to CA. and im freezing. and I wear uggs almost every day of the winter. and I love them 🙂

  12. I loved the ballet type flats for when I was chasing after kids w/ an infant. I didn’t worry about my heel slipping out and I didn’t have to bend over to get them on. Did you nurse Kendall? I can’t remember what you’ve said about that, but when I nursed my 3 I found that, for me, those ‘nursing cami’s’ were awesome. I had to wear a nursing bra w/ them b/c I was too big for just the cami, but the cami kept my belly covered, I’d pull up my shirt, unhook the cami and bra latch them on and be comfy. After a week or two I could do the hook/unhook one handed. The belly being covered was a big thing for me. Especially after #3! So excited you’re almost there!

  13. i can not be that big of a help on warm flats, i have some uggs i will probably be wearing. but until it gets really cold, i’ll be sporting these


    and for breastfeeding friendly tops these were my favs. i have versions of both.



    unfortunately i am asking for some boring gifts this year. a mirror for our bedroom, some body lotion, and slippers. i did put some things in my favorites on etsy, i use it as my wish list and the hubs peeks and orders thru his own account. so maybe i’ll get some fun ear rings. we’ll see.

    happy holiday’s

  14. Riding boots! Piperlime has some great ones and leather knee high riding boots are awesome.

    And I have no idea what I’m asking for, for Christmas. Maybe a Badgley Mishka bag.

  15. For shoes try clogs. They aren’t flat but are very comfortable. Sanita has some great styles. In fact get them now as they are so easy to slip on and you don’t even have to bend over.

  16. I went clicking on the links to past posts at the bottom of your current post, and found this one – exactly 4 years ago today, and I am in the same situation: 3-year-old and 35.5 weeks pregnant. 😀 This post *speaks* to me. All I want for Christmas is not to go into labor!

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