Karma Catches Up with Dimples Cupcakes

A lot of you may remember a couple blog posts I did around this time last year about a Dallas based cupcake chain called Dimples Cupcakes. The two posts, here and here, recounted my horrific experience with the “CEO” of the company after he sent an email threatening me when he discovered a not so favorable post I made on a local message board. I posted about my disappointment with the way a Dimples employee treated me and handled my request for a donation for a fundraiser (now I know it was the CEO, Chad’s, life  and business partner).

I will take a minute to re-iterate, again, that I was NOT disappointed with not receiving the donation, and I made that explicitly clear, but was upset with the tone and manner in which the employee dealt with me.

You can go back and read the posts if you’d like more details on what happened between me and Chad Sorrells after that, including the threatening email he sent me.

Over the last year, those two posts have continued to accumulate over 150 comments combined, the overwhelming majority unfavorable toward Dimples Cupcakes. I just kept getting stories from people who found my blog after googling “Dimples Cupcakes.” They left their accounts of ways Chad and his partner scammed them, treated them disrespectfully, etc. I kept thinking, “Somebody HAS to expose these guys!”

So when an editor from D Magazine contacted me, I was more than happy to help her connect with many of the people who commented on my original blog posts.

In the article published yesterday , October 20th, in D Magazine titled “Dimples Cupcakes Leave A Bad Taste,” the truth is finally revealed about the scam artists behind Dimples Cupcakes. It turns out, their sour attitude and threats toward me didn’t even scratch the surface of what these guys attempt to get away with every day.

And the article doesn’t even cover all the experiences I’ve heard, both in my comments section and via email, over the last year. If you’ve got the time, the comment section on this post, especially toward the end, recounts many, many more poor experiences revolving around Dimples Cupcakes and their management/ownership.

I hope Karma finally gets back to Dimples Cupcakes (although I feel bad for the unfortunate, unknowing employees who I bet will go unpaid). These guys don’t deserve a dime of anyone’s money. There are SO many excellent cupcakeries in town.  Give your business to bakeries who are supporting the local economy by actually *paying* their employees. Give it to companies who strive to treat their customers AND vendors with respect.

I can’t say I’ve visited too many cupcake places in town, so I’m not super helpful, but I’d LOVE to hear your suggestion for the best cupcake place in the Dallas area. Who would you rather give your money to?

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  1. The most AMAZING cupcakes I have ever had are from a shop in Weatherford! They are from Ultimate Cupcakes (http://ultimatecupcake.com/)! I swear they are worth the drive!!! Mmmmm makes my mouth water just thinking about them!

    There is also another pretty good one in Keller called What’s Up Cupcake? They have like 30 different flavors!

    I decided for my sons first birthday I was going to turn into a savage cupcake taste tester. My waist line did not appreciate it… and in the end I ended up going with a cake! LOL

  2. Wow. I read your original post last year and was apalled by the response from the “owner.” Cannot believe the scams they’re involved in.

    Thanks for being the much-needed virtual whistleblower.

    I hope these guys are found and prosecuted. It’s criminal. Those poor unpaid employees and contractors!

    (Oh and the piece about them using Betty Crocker or other cake-in-a-box mix makes my skin crawl).

  3. I had been wondering about this a few weeks ago! I’m so glad those jerks got what was coming to them … or at least, maybe it seems to be on the horizon for them.

  4. Sprinkles offers both a gluten-free and a vegan cupcake. That’s huge for those of us with (or with kids with) sensitivities or allergies.

    Kozy Kitchen does outstanding cakes (all available as gluten-free or “regular”), and I’ve been told they are willing to do them as cupcakes for special orders. Seriously yum!!!

  5. IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!! These scam artists are FINALLY exposed I HOPE no one will spend another dime on thier Betty Crocker cupcakes when you can buy a box and make your own!!! I hope these two burn in hell!!!!

  6. We love Creme de la Cookie’s cupcakes in Snider Plaza. Heard they also have one in Preston Hollow now. So fresh, made from scratch and they taste like moist cake, instead of muffins, which most cupcakes resemble. I hate Dimples! Disgusting people…..

  7. I live in a part of the country that doesn’t really do cupcakes yet, so I can’t recommend anyone. But this whole this is just so WEIRD. I mean, your post on The Bump barely counts as a review – it isn’t anywhere near as public as Twitter or Yelp or even a blog that comes up with a Google search or something. And you didn’t say ANYTHING about the cupcakes, which you would think was his main concern. Just…WEIRD. Well, less weird after I read the article. But OMG THE DRAMA is totally entertaining.

  8. I can’t believe people would support these guys! I love the strawberry cupcakes at Sprinkles and I love the red velvet cakeballs at Creme de la Cookie. Also at Creme de la Cookie, their restroom is in the back so when you walk through the kitchen (smells delicious!) you can see them making their goodies with real ingredients. I can’t believe Dimples charges $4 for a box-mix cupcake!

  9. The BEST cupcakes are at Society Bakery (two locations in Dallas). They make cakes as well, which are to die for. They’re perfectly moist and store very well. The icing is buttery and delicious. There are many flavors to choose from and every employee I’ve dealt with has been cheery and helpful!

  10. How completely surprising!!! Dimples Cupcakes has taken down their Facebook page – coincidence? I don’t think so!!!!!!!

  11. There’s been a lot of buzz about a new cupcake place called Trailercakes. I don’t think they are open yet, but apparantly they are going to sell them out of an Airstream (yeah, Dallas if finally catching onto the food trailer craze). I haven’t tasted one yet either, but I heard that they are amazing and have a 70’s theme to everything. Anyone know anything??

  12. There has been a lot of buzz about a new place called Trailercakes. I don’t think they are open yet, and I haven’t tasted them, but I heard they are amazing! I think they are selling them out of an Airstream (yeah Dallas finally caught onto the food trailer craze). anyone hear anything about them?

    sorry if this posts twice, my first didn’t go up so i had to retype.

  13. New place opening soon at Lovers & Inwood: Gigi’s Cupcakes
    Supposed to be great! Can’t wait!
    The owners are GREAT people!

  14. I went by the location in West Villlage and Artist square last Saturday and they were both closed. No one answers when you call them either. I guess it is no more Dimples.

  15. The people at Society Bakery are SO nice. The cupcakes are big and they donate to several charities! But, I am not a fan of several of their cupcakes. The strawberry was good, though. The icing on most of them is kind of strange. Has a weird texture to it. But— they are good people and have been nothing but accommodating and super friendly when I would go in.

  16. The best cupcake place will be sweet indulgence bakery, it is located in main street, Grapevine The web site is http://www.sicupcakes.com , they are amazing cupcakes , out of this world and they are cream filled, oh yeah and they have over 20 flavors at all Times!!!, you guys have to check it out!!!

  17. Oh Chad……I heard one of your cronies was incarcerated since last January. Go to page 42 of this Department of Justice report for 2010 – the first paragraph, “the FBI’s Dallas field office”….. highlights it all. I KNOW you are involved with BLO, Dimples was just another store front.


    To quote you in a previous post:

    All These Scams—- Have they been arrested? Have they been charged with any crimes? Have they even been interviewed by the police? Stealing all this money…… Why are they NOT in JAIL by now? What is YOUR motive? You have been saying all this for over a YEAR……. EXACTLY!!!!!!! You have sooooo MUCH to say…. GET TO EXPLAINING!!!!
    Who has some explaining to do now Chad, or should I call you Jonathan – your given name????

  18. I went on a cupcake mission earlier this year. Sprinkles is great, but you wouldn’t expect less based on Candace’s TV resume. The Cupcakery in Frisco is good, if you are out and about on that side of town. But I’ve had better for the drive (I live in the mid-cities). The one thing about The Cupcakery that sets them apart is the size of the cupcake, you NEED the fork and knife they give you! The staff was great, too. But the tase of the cake as a whole was nothing out of the ordinary. What’s Up Cupcake in Keller was out of cupcakes by 12 on Saturday, but their staff wasn’t that great so I didn’t feel compeled to wait around for the new batch or try my luck on another day. Cupcake Bliss in Bedford has wonderfull red velvet’s, but their others were just good. Not really worth 2.75 (excluding red velvet). So, the best of the best (I won’t bore you with the others I visited)… J. Rae’s off 7th St in Ft. Worth. This place is amazing! Great, great, great staff! Fun (small) establishment (don’t expect to sit down and chill for a while). They also have huge, delish sugar cookies in an array of shapes and sizes. The decorations on the goodies is top knotch. Worth the drive. Worth the money. Worth sitting in your car to eat. Go there! http://jraes.com/

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