It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

The painting is done!

I love, love, love the colors and how it turned out. Scott did such an amazing job. He’s such a perfectionist, and this is when it really pays off.

We still have much to-do, and by “we,” I mean ME. I have a ton to do now. I made my very first crib sheet last night, and after much cussing and a little frustration, it actually turned out perfectly, despite my fabric shrinking a few inches in the pre-wash and being smaller than the measurements called for. I’m hoping to get a second sheet done tonight and a bedskirt done tomorrow. I’ll post pictures when I’m finished.

For now, I must get back to sewing, where I will likely continue to repeatedly call my sewing machine and her bitch-ass bobbin a f*cking whore for things that are entirely beyond her control and, admittedly, related to user error and incompetence… but it’s nice to have an inanimate object to take my aggressions out on, you know?

Also? MUST. HAVE. THIS. >>> Janome Ultimate Ruffler Foot (Yes, I know I can do ruffling manually. No, I don’t want to.)

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  1. Umm, yes, I want the Ruffler too. It is a pain in the rear end to gather fabric by hand and never looks neat and professional (at least when I do it).

    Also, the room looks great! Love it!

  2. I am wicked impressed by both your incredibly crisp paint lines and how prepared you are so far ahead of Baby Girl’s arrival. All I’ve got so far is a dresser. That’s still flat-packed from Ikea. Maybe my baby can just come live at your house.

  3. It looks awesome! I adore that shade of purple- great pick! I’ve been sewing curtains for our living room for going on a month now, so I feel your pain with the sewing machine hate! It’s going to look fab when you’re finished, though, and then you’ll be glad you spent all that time chained to the sewing machine.

  4. I want to eat your nursery. Seriously, that looks delicious. Perfect shades of peanut butter and grape jelly. And I should know – I’ve had plenty of those in sandwich form over the years. 🙂

  5. The nursery looks amazing. Such a great combo of colors, beautifully done and will be so easy to coordinate with when little one gets older! Nicely done. . .and by ‘nicely done’. . .I mean I’m jealous.

  6. o.m.g. I’m totally obsessed with the ruffler foot – I don’t have it yet, but so so need it (notice the emphasis on “need” not “want”. Girls = must.have.Ruffles!

  7. I love the paint! Uhm, you make me feel a little guilty though. I’m due in 3 weeks and have just finished taping the nursery!

  8. WOW you are SO organized, it’s impressive!! Great painting job as well. I didn’t have anything ready when I was pregnant with my first. I was in huge denial that a pink scrunchy little newborn would be coming home, that I just had a few diapers, a few blankets and a few little newborn nightgowns. No fancy baby room and no fancy painting job either. Can’t wait to see the room when it is all ready to go!

  9. True story–within one week of getting my sewing machine, my then 18 month old would walk over to the chair in front of the machine and say “OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ohygawwwww” One night, when she was in bed, and I’d sewn the top I was making TO THE FUCKING MACHINE, my husband let me know that he’d heard 7 ‘fucks’ and 15 ohmygawds from the other room.

    Also, there is a short-cut way to ruffle if you’re interested. I learned about it on the MADE blog (if you haven’t been there yet, RUN!). You just increase the machine’s tension and lengthen the stich and voila! Gathers!

    Lastly, the room looks great! Very sophisticated. 😉

  10. Love the paint – the colors are perfect and that stripe! In our house it would wind up all diagonal and the colors would have bled or something. Very impressed!

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