One of My Favorite Toddler Things

I have an addiction… to diaper bags… mainly, to Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags.

It started with a gorgeous brocade Lemongrass Roll Shoulder Bag that I got on super sale from (which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist anymore) months before Kendall was born. I knew not the Pandora’s Box of wonder I just opened.

I have 7 (?) diaper bags in total now,three of those are Petunia Pickle Bottoms, and yet, I feel my collection isn’t complete. My heart longs for a Boxy Backpack and my life would be COMPLETE with a Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall. That said, I won’t pay even close to full price for one, never have. I’ve bought every single PPB from hugely discounted sales like Regents Secrets or, where I bought the current bag of choice, a Cross Town Clutch, for less than $50 (maybe far less, can’t remember).

This is actually one of my favorite toddler must-haves. Around the time Kendall turned 2, I didn’t need to haul the giant diaper bag with me everywhere, but I still needed things like wipes and a changing pad for the occaisional accident, and I needed to fit an extra pair of undies, pants and a plastic bag (plus a few lollipops for bribes and some antibacterial wipes for nasty toilet seats). The Cross Town Clutch holds everything I need, plus my basics just perfectly.

From the back- Changing pad and plastic bag, the pockets hold my credit card holder, cell phone and crocheted coffee cozy, the main pocket holds fruit leathers, lollipops, lip gloss, various other bits, with a pair of undies and shorts on top, in front of that is the pocket that holds the wipes container

Before we began potty training, this bag still functioned nicely for us, even with cloth diapers. I could fit a wet bag and one Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diaper in it with no problems (could have maybe stuffed 2, but never needed more than one).

I clip my keys to the outside removable strap and throw it on my wrist. Then I have two free hands and ache-free shoulders to chase my wild and crazy 2 year old.

It helps that it’s gorgeous. That’s always been my favorite part about Petunia Pickle Bottoms. People ask me, “Why carry such a nice diaper bag? It’s *just* a diaper bag.” The way I see it, it’s not *just* for diapers. It’s my 3rd arm, it’s like an appendage. It goes everywhere I go, it holds everything I need for my baby AND me, and it took the place of all the fun, trendy, stylish or just plain pretty handbags I used to carry. Not that I was ever much of a purse whore, I really wasn’t. I had a few nice Coach bags I got from the Coach outlet and some cheapies for fun, but I was never as attached to a a purse as I have been my diaper bags.

A big part of it, I think, is that there are days as a mother where you will feel, and most likely look, like absolute hell. You will be exhausted, smell like sour milk, your hair will be in disarray and you’ll be trying to pull off some ill-fitting outfit because your body is in that horrible limbo stage where you can’t wear maternity clothes any more but you don’t fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes yet, and so help you, you are NOT buying jeans in a bigger size. On those days, it is so nice to have something with you that is pretty, that makes you feel a little more put together, that doesn’t scream BABY! (I mean, I know it’s a diaper bag, and you wouldn’t be carrying it if you didn’t have a baby, but there are no cartoon characters on it, you know?) At least, that’s the way I always looked at it. That’s why I firmly believe in treating yourself to a pretty diaper bag.

This bag has been through a lot this summer, and I need to freshen up the embroidery with a few swipes of my Tide pen.

I actually love this bag so much, that even when I’m traveling without Kendall I still take it with me as my purse (sans extra undies and shorts… but I keep the lollipops and fruit leathers).

What about you? Do you have pretty diaper bags? If not, what is something you believe in splurging on as a mom? is having a big sale on diaper bags, including Petunia Pickle Bottom, OiOi, and a few more, starting tonight at 8 p.m. CDT. If you aren’t already a member of (they have some amazing children’s sales), you can sign up using my invitation link here. The sale will be listed under the Children’s tab. I don’t know if they will have any clutches, but last time they had quite a few of them for a really great price. I’ve also purchased a shoulder bag from them for $80, which is well below the full retail price. I’ll be checking in as soon as it goes live, keeping my fingers crossed for a Boxy or a Cake!

Full disclosure- I get a $25 credit each time someone I invite makes their first purchase. Once you sign up, you can invite your friends and earn credits, too! PPB didn’t ask me to review this bag, and I didn’t get it for free. I just love it that much.

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  1. I have a Vera Bradley bag that I love. It is big and definitely a diaper bag but the paisley print on it is so pretty and girly that I never mind carrying it around. I actually feel like I’m missing something when I’m out with just a purse and not the bag.

  2. I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag I found at TJMaxx for $40 and people NEVER believe me when I tell them it’s really a diaper bag. I have to pull out the changing pad to prove it.

    Sadly, it’s not quite big enough for the stuff I carry around on a regular basis – especially sippy cups and my DSLR so I bought a big floppy tote at Target and happily used it all summer. But the straps broke last week so maybe it’s time for a new, bigger PPB.

  3. I LOVE my Jujube diaper bags!!!! My hubby was against me buying expensive diaper bags at first, but then I told him they are kinda replacing my expensive purses for the next few years… They do make me feel better when I feel like I look like, well, a disheveled and bum-y mom!

  4. I have two bags: One big and one little. Basic black. The big one has a beige circle pattern. I kept it pretty neutral because we both (hubby and I) use the bags.

    I can’t imagine transferring stuff from bag to bag to bag. It’s hard enough to make sure my two bags are stocked, much less any more.

    I also wouldn’t know where to store them all.

    I do think those bags are pretty – I especially liked that clutch you saw at the tag sale – but I’m definitely not a purse girl.

    • Usually I use one bag for a long stretch of time and then switch out for another. Or, I’ll use a big one specifically for road trips, a waterproof one/washable one for the pool. So I’m not having to switch out that often, but I get what you’re saying.

  5. I have a sickness when it comes to bags in general and diaper bags are no exception. I have 3 bags and recently purchased my 4th from a baby bargain website for over half off. I never would have purchased the bag at full price, an OiOi. I love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag and it’s a nice leather hobo style so it’s comfortable on the shoulder and can fit a ton of stuff, my old bags either didn’t fit my stuff or weren’t comfortable/convenient to wear. I really hope this is it for my diaper bags, at least that’s what the DH hopes.

  6. I never had a “nice” diaper bag for #1, but this time I feel like I really want to splurge and get one. I’ve been on the hunt… looked at Coach, but just didn’t love it enough to justify the price tag, even at outlet prices. I’ve been looking at SkipHop and PPB and OiOi… and I signed up for Gilt yesterday under your link so I can see what’s available tonight… yay!

  7. I have a PBB bpxy backpack and LOVE it! I knw when I gave up the designer purse I HAD to have the designer diaper bag, LOL!!! I absolutely ADORE mine, it is gorgeous and holds everything great!!!

  8. I bought a PPB boxy bag after swooning every time I saw a friend with one. Once I got it, I HATED it–seriously HATE consumed me every time I picked it up. It was pretty to look at until it go super dirty and needed dry-cleaning. The backpack straps dug into my back and there were never enough pockets. I gave up and found my favorite bag…at Target on super clearance. They make adorable bags for working gals that have millions of useful pockets. Plus when it inevitably gets banged up and messy, I don’t feel so bad about the $15 I spent on it. I used the PPB for less than a month and my Target find has been with me for well over a year now.

    • Oh no! That’s a bummer 🙁 I will say the brocade is hard to keep clean. That’s why my 2 most recent purchases from PPB are for glazed bags. They stay looking nice and new much longer.

  9. Oooh. OOOOOOOOOH. PPB bags are so lust-worthy, and it never occurred to me to check the discount sites for ’em. Maybe an upgrade from my dinky Skip Hop is in order…

  10. Do you know if Canadians can become members? I tried to sign up through your invitation link, but there was no option other than zipcode, and it wouldn’t accept a postal code number.

    • I honestly have no idea. I thought someone posted on my FB page that they were able to get it to work for Canadians. Sorry I’m not much help with that.

  11. I love my Jujube Be All with its 101 pockets and zippered pouches and key fob and sunglasses holder – it really helps me stay organized. I keep my stuff in one outer pocket (wallet, makeup, etc) and use the other pockets for sunscreen, Balmex, snacks, toys, sippy cups, etc. This bag is a workhorse and keeps going – just wipe off spills, sand, whatever and it looks great. The only downside is the shoulder strap is not super comfortable for long walks. You need to be able to dangle it from the stroller handle.

    I got a PPB shoulder bag – it was on 70% off or something crazy at a boutique and I was swayed by the prestige of the brand. Plus I’ve found that for long trips, having a second bag is really helpful. However, the brocade is fraying so it looks beat up. The inside is dark brown with one pocket so it’s like a black hole if you’re trying to locate something. It’s pretty, sure, but the functionality is limited.

  12. I love love love my Matt & Nat diaper bag, and I use it as my purse as well. I love the brand and always wanted a handbag by them so when I found a gorgeous dipe bag for nearly 1/2 off on Beyond the Rack (similar to Gilt) while pregnant, I took it as a sign. I’m sure it will become an addiction, as carrying a purse AND a diaper bag just seems silly to me.

  13. PPB had been my #1 lust. I wanted one before I got pregnant. I hate that the Cake line isn’t included in 99% of sales. It’s hard to shell out $300+ for a diaper bag. I keep reminding the mister he buys me a nice Dooney every Christmas. They cost about the same and this one will be carried for at least two years, thus saving him money. I hope Santa-Hubby loves me as much as I love PPB.

  14. Holy impulse decision. I’m too cheap to be a designer whore, but I’ve been craving a good, sturdy, decent-sized diaper bag with usable pockets. And I couldn’t find one.

    So I justified the $90 I just spent two ways: #1, I didn’t spend anywhere near the $155 everyone who knows Oilily will think I spent; and #2, all your cloth diaper tips and tutorial are probably saving me a few hundred bucks over sposies, so I can afford a little treat.

    Besides that, I really like saying Oilily (pronounced “oh-lily”, as I learned by googling the name so I don’t sound like an ass when everyone gushes over my bag and asks “who is it?).

    So that makes sense, right?

    Let’s not mention the fact that I’m now also on the waiting list for hte PPB clutch, desparately e-mailing all the gals I know so I can rack up credits for one more splurge.

    Holy shit, I just spent $90 on a purse.

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