If This Were A Movie, You’d Tell Me to Run

It seems my child is developing quite the imagination. It started innocently enough- pretend snoring while laying on our bed, pretending to make “fruit sabad” out of his wooden food. A Facebook fan once commented on a status about his new-found imagination that I should beware that the next developmental step might be night terrors. I mean, I guess that makes sense. Once you have the ability to imagine you’re something you’re not, you also have the ability to imagine scary things are there.

He’s taken to reading the Little Golden Book 101 Dalmatians. He’s never seen the movie, nor do I think he’d sit though it since it’s one of those old fashioned 2-d cartoons that looks nothing like what Pixar puts out these days, but he sure does love the book. His favorite part? Finding Cruella De Vil(or “Cwoowella DoBill”). He finds her, points to her, slyly smiles and whispers, “I find her…. she’s spooky.”

Uhm, little creepy, no?


“Cwoowella DoBill is coming, mommy,” said, again, in a whisper.

“She is? Where? Why is she coming?”

“She is coming in da door. She is coming to take mah animals,” glances around at his gaggle of stuffed animals on his bed and pulls them all close.


“NO, Go AWAY!” he screams from bed at 6:45 am. It’s still dark outside.

I ask him when I finally stumble to his room, “Who were you yelling at to go away?”

“Cwoowella DoBill… She is coming.”

I have an unhealthy fear of Cruella De Vil now, I don’t want to read that damn book one more time. But he? Still loves it. He asks to read it before every nap and every night. He still delights in going through the pages, finding her and pointing out that she’s “spooky”… always said in a whisper with a smile.



Kendall is 2 1/3 and if I see him riding his trike down the hall in the middle of the night, I think I will shit myself.

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  1. OMG, I am laughing out loud. Sorry to laugh at your horror….but OMG too funny. 101 Dalmatians was my little Sister’s favorite when she was little, she had a Dalmatian plantation, but Cruella, thankfully, never visited us in the night. So funny.

  2. I hate when kids do a “Sixth Sense” type thing. The other day I was in the basement with my daughter, and she stared up to the stair landing and told me, “There’s a little boy there.” I thought she meant a picture on one of the boxes or something piled in the corner. Nope. I asked what he was doing, and she majorly upped the creep factor by telling me he was smiling at her. Another night she stared out a window from across the room, telling me she she could see a little girl’s eyes outside.

    Here’s hoping his attention span burns out soon and he moves on to a new favorite book – and that none of this translates into true nightmares. I’m now petrified of potential “nightly visitations.”

  3. Too f-ing funny!

    And, to be honest, I felt a little creeped out just reading it. You’re handling it better than I would–I probably would have every light in the house on at night!

  4. Haha! I love reading your stories since our kids are so close in age. (My daughter turned 2 in July) Lily told me last week, “the dinosaurs coming…dinosaurs coming, eat my toes!” Yeah, we stopped watching “Dinosaur Train” on PBS for a few days after that!

  5. What is it with kids being creepy like that? We took my son to a Halloween store yesterday and he loved those creepy kid decorations that sit on the floor. He was saying that they were saying hello to him. Ummm…not okay. 🙂

  6. Give him 30 more years and he’ll be like my husband, who still sleepwalks! I’ve caught him standing on the bed unscrewing lightbulbs from the cieling fan, TWICE. He’ll also frequently yell to “look out!” and that’s how I wake up, with him pulling me to the side of the bed to save me from whatever he dreams about. The first time he ever did that, he was telling me to look out for a snake and I was terrified tha there really was a snake until I realized that was what his mom had warned me about.

    Let’s hope your son grows out of it! And that my son hasn’t inherited it…

  7. Too funny! I find it creepy that Caroline quotes Ursula the Evil Sea Witch from Little Mermaid. She knows every. word. that she says. Particularly creepy…”But, You’ll have your maaaaaannnnnn!!! Bwwwaaaahhahahaha!!”

    Crazy, evil children.

  8. Poor boy. Funny thing, when I was a girl my sister had night terrors about Cruella De Ville too! This was like 30 years ago though but even all these years later she is still a freaking looking lady!

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