What Home Means To Me

I’ve got another guest post up over at Joanna’s blog, Raising Madison, today. It’s all about what home means to me. Joanna asked me and some other bloggers to do some guest posts for her as she puts her energy into getting her house on the market and focuses on downsizing. Not unlike so many, Joanna and her family have been affected by the downturn in the economy, and they’re having to make some very real, very grown up decisions. I’m so impressed by her commitment to put her family’s happiness and stability first, even though that means leaving behind their *once* “dream house.” I wish her and her family all the best finding a new home. I know, without a doubt, it will make a great setting for a new chapter in their lives. Read my post here, then tell Joanna what home means to you.

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  1. Next month my husband and I — along with our 4 mo. old — are moving into the second floor of our friend’s house to save money while my husband continues to look for a job. It’s been an emotional decision for me… On the one hand, I know we’re doing what’s best for our family financially, but on the other hand I can’t shake this nagging feeling that somehow we’re failures for not providing a home for our daughter. Great post.

  2. Ashleigh – you may not be providing a “house” for your daughter but as long as you’re providing a safe, loving place to live, you are definitely giving her a home.

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