Hello world! So nice to re-join you.

I figured I’m due for a pregnancy update, so basically it goes something like this:

You know, when I was in the thick of the 1st trimester exhaustion and non-stop hangover I sort of felt lame, like maybe I was being a wuss for complaining so much and doing so much laying around and sleeping and bitching about food. But now that I’m starting to feel better, SO MUCH better, I’ve got to cut my 1st trimester self some slack. That was not really that much fun. at. all. Granted, I certainly didn’t have it as bad as so many (with the puking, thank goodness I didn’t have the puking), but it wasn’t pleasant. I’ll give myself that.

So I try to keep that in mind when I’m doing things like cleaning our house that was neglected for the last three months. Don’t get me wrong, we kept it in livable condition (and by we I mean my husband while I laid on the couch and moaned/cat napped/pressed play on another episode of Diego/threw fruit leathers at the toddler), but you know, there are certain things that will go untouched when it’s left up to my husband… like the microwave… with chunks of chili stuck to the roof.

I don’t know if it will ever be possible to get back on top of things around here, to get this house sanitized and smelling less like… pee before the baby comes. I had a mini-tantrum today as I cleaned the play room and started ranting about how I’m so sick of disgusting things like dog pee and cat vomit and toddler pee ruining my day and making my house smell. I’m one crazy hair away from ripping all the carpet (which has been steam cleaned and scrubbed with nearly every chemical I can bring myself to exposing our family to) out and living with concrete floors until we can get wood/laminate floors put in. At least I could spray it down with a hose. (I’m only half joking.) But I take this new found interest in the cleanliness of our home as a good sign because a month ago I didn’t know, nor care to remember the last time I vacuumed.

(Seriously. If anyone has any secrets to getting dog pee smells out of carpet with chemicals that aren’t going to make my baby grow a second head, please cough it up.)

I’ve also got to reclaim the television as Kendall now thinks he is the master of it and is quite disappointed when I don’t allow him to watch 4 episodes of Diego in a row. True story, that totally happened. A lot.

While I won’t venture to say I have the energy of a marathon runner these days, I will say that I now only need a small nap (1-ish hours) instead of a 4 hour nap and an 8 o’clock bedtime. The food aversions are fading, and I’m still in LOVE with all things red meat covered in BBQ sauce. I need to get back into the gym soon, especially now that I really want to E-A-T.  Maternity clothes are just now starting to look not so ridiculous on me, although I’m not nearly as big at this point as I thought I’d be. I guess I was super bloated in the beginning. Now, there are days I wake up that I really don’t look pregnant at all. Of course, 12 hours and a couple BBQ sandwiches later it’s a totally different story. Truth be told, how pregnant I look really just depends on the last time I pooped.

So there you have it. I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow and we have an appt. on Thursday to hear the heartbeat. We’ll also schedule the big ultrasound then, so I should be able to tell you all soon when we will find out if it’s a boy or a girl. What do you think? I almost hate to type this because I might jinx it, but I have a feeling it’s a girl, but then again, I would not be at all shocked if it’s another boy (or disappointed).

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    • I tried it! I doused the whole area with it (the dog pees by the backdoor when his blood sugar is really out of whack). It’s not working, at least not up to my pregnancy super sniffer nose standards.

  1. I have been calling girl since the beginning! Besides, there is not enough room in the world for two boys of Kendall’s cuteness. We need a girl to balance it out.

  2. quazydellasue on

    I’m guessing you’ve tried Nature’s Miracle? We buy it by the gallon around here.

    This post cheers me up a bit, as I am 5.5 wks pregnant and feeling like TOTAL shite and DEFINITELY letting my child watch Diego marathons while I lay here and feel sorry for myself. It is very good to be reminded that I will eventually be my old self again.

    Although it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. Oh boy.

      • quazydellasue on

        Thank you! Yeah, I haven’t done a Twitter “announcement” or anything yet since I have a few real-life followers that I’m not going to tell for another month or so.

        ANYHOO – so glad you are feeling better! I think it’s a wonder any of us survives that dang first trimester.

  3. my husband never seem to see the gunk stuck to the sides of the microwave or the laundry basket that has been placed in the spot where he undresses….. so frustrating.

    Solution to your floor issues: Last year I woke up to my entire house full of wate. A water line that ran from the wall to the fridge came loose and sprayed water all night until 6 in the morning…I remember waking up to my baby crying and thinking that i had just stepped in dog throw up…I continued walking to his room and I get half way in the living room and I realize I’m still walking in something wet…I turn on the lights and I had water everywhere…. with our insurance check were able to get replace our vynil with tile, and our carpet with hardwoods. It was a pain to go through but… I sure do love my floors!

    • Haha, so THAT’s the problem with husbands and clothes – they actually don’t SEE the basket? Ohhh, well that makes me feel a little better. I bug mine about that very issue all the time – it’s like there’s nothing there, might as well throw them everywhere. 🙂

  4. So glad you are feeling better…I love that I can follow the adventures of another prego now that I am no longer stuffed with a baby myself! I remember the transition from ugh to this.house.needs.to.get.clean.again.now. NOW!

    I have just been soaking the pet stains with water and vinegar, blotting up as much of the liquid as possible, and then laying on the baking soda (repeatedly). The smells have slowly disappeared, but be warned that you may have to disassemble your Dyson to get all the crumbly baking soda out (I just had to do that on Saturday). Good luck…the smell of dog pee while pregnant is enough to consider letting the dogs out and never letting them back in…I was SO there!

  5. I have the cure for pee smell!!! Truly, I tell you, this concoction will kill anything. It worked on getting cat piss out of a mattress after I tried everything else, including a gallon of Nature’s Miracle. It’s only a blend of baking soda, Dawn detergent, peroxide, vinegar and water, so it’s not all chemical-filled. Here is the link:


    It is amazing and I tell everyone about it. I swear to you, this stuff works miracles. Good luck!

  6. I cannot say enough about Kids’N’Pets. You get it at Target, less than $5 a bottle, and it works better than Nature’s Miracle (IMO). Plus for a while they were running a thing on FB where if you “like” them you can get a mail-in-rebate for a free bottle. It’s the only thing I use and we have 2 dogs and a toddler.

  7. Nature’s Miracle is amazing! However, if you’ve already tried something else it may not work. I know the one for cats is not as effective and won’t do the job fully if you use anything else on the stain. Good luck!!

  8. ZEP High traffic Carpet Cleaner. Works like a CHARM! We got it as a house warming gift from my BIL who is a mechanic. It’s industrial strength but smells FANTASTIC! Plus it cleans old, dried pee spots that have been there for who knows how long and makes it like new!

  9. Another vote for Kids n Pets! Works great! Congrats on feeling better! I am in the first trimester now and not puking either but feeling so tired. It does make you crazy because you think you SHOULD be doing something! Ah well, you’re only pregnant a few times right?

    • Here’s hoping! For me, at least 🙂

      Hope you start to feel better soon, too. And I see a trip to Target in my very near future.

  10. G.Schneider on

    We use Nature’s Miracle but our child is only 5 months old so we haven’t really had to contend with toddler pee yet.

    Also, when I was pregnant with my daughter I ate/craved so much red meat I swore I was going to give birth to a chupacabra… So I say girl.

  11. I love the baking soda, it works pretty well on the cat smells but my dog never pees in the house so I can’t give any testimony on the efficacy of that remedy on dog pee. I also wholeheartedly recommend ripping up the carpet though. We finally got rid of all of ours and it’s made a huge difference.

    I’m crossing my fingers for a girl because girls are awesome. But I agree, that was my favorite test during my pregnancy because there was no bad answer!

    So glad you’re feeling better!

  12. When a pet marks the same spot over and over again its soooo hard to get out. We found the only way was to replace the carpet pad (easy to DIY)and then try your carpet cleaner of choice on the carpet. That normally works. We also have a spot bot that is AMAZING. We dont even have to use the cleaner (just water) for fresh stains. Its not cheap but is worth its weight in gold. It even cleans up throw-up BY ITSELF.

  13. I’m 11 weeks along and you described how I’m feeling EXACTLY. Thank you! No one else GETS it! The 4-hour naps, the random bloating and un-bloating…thank you thank you.

  14. At the vet clinic we used UrineOff. Its in a black and yellow spray bottle. Worked great on cat pee. Just remember to SOAK it, if the pee gets down to the pad you have to make sure the cleaner gets down there as well.

    Good luck! and YAY for feeling better!!!!

  15. I was going to say Bac-Out, but I see that’s been ineffective.

    My only other trick is vinegar, which seems to get any smell out of anything, but the thought of having to pour it all over the carpet and then take the time to soak it all up AND the possibility of a lingering pickle-smell for weeks makes me want to barf. Or go take another nap.

    I’m only a few days behind you pregnancy-wise and I’m also surprised at how not-huge I am yet. I can MAKE myself look pregnant with the right shirt and a big lunch but in the mornings I’m pleasantly surprised to still be wearing non-maternity clothes.

    And I’m casting a vote for boy, sorry, based on the red-meat thing. With Evan it was bacon and cheeseburgers 24/7 (literally, I would get up at 3 am to make bacon). Be sure to pay attention to what the heartbeat is – conventional wisdom says a higher heartbeat means it’s a girl. Even my doctor said it was often true.

    P.S. Evan’s was 142 and this one is 165. We’ll know August 5th if the old wives tale holds any truth.

  16. I have heard people say that rockin green detergent works– you make it into a solution and spray it on there I think. You can get samples for 75 cents apiece at their website.

    oh and I think girl.

  17. I say rip out the carpet and treat yourself to some wood/laminate floors. It’ll give you something to get excited about (design!), something to take your mind off of pregnancy/toddlers, and you won’t ever have to worry about pee odors. And you can do all of this while eating Chik-fil-A. (so jealous).

  18. Hey there — check out “Nok-Out”. I have used this with our cat when she’s peed and found it works great, and is safe to use with kids and pets. http://www.nokout.com/

    Hope you find the magic product soon, and glad you are feeling better!

  19. I’m glad you are feeling better! That first trimester is a PITA!

    You need some Nature’s Miracle to get rid of the urine smell. I swear by the stuff. It’s awesomesauce, and I don’t think it’s “bad” for your household. You can get it at Petco/Petsmart, etc.

  20. My vote is for girl!

    Have you tried Norwex Odor Eliminator? It works for dog pee, but I haven’t had to deal with cat or toddler pee (yet!). I’m not sure if Norwex is available in the US though (I’m Canadian), but if it is, it’s worth a try!

  21. I make my own cleaner. It’s a mix of vinegar, Borax, water and Dawn. I’ll have to look at the measurments when I get home if you are interested. It’s amazing and you can use it on ANYTHING (counters, cat piss, dog runs, bathtubs, etc.) It’s cheap and eco friendly. Shoot me an email if you want it. I am 8 weeks pregnant and their is a good chance I will forget to send it to you if not. Glad you are feeling better!

  22. Jill – you look great in your new headshot!! I just came over here and saw it, but I’m not on twitter (I know, the horror!) so I wanted to tell you here! Lovely!

  23. Good to hear you are feeling better. Also I love hearing your hubby was there for you. I just cleaned both of our microwaves earlier this week. Ewww…

    For the dog pee in the carpet thing, I am at a loss. I am a non carpet person. It is icky, germy, gross.

  24. I would try a water vinegar mix. I’m now in my 3rd trimester, but just as I started my 1st trimester we had our wood floors refinished and the smell of the poly kept me locked in our bedroom for 2 months. Then I remembered that vinegar is a natural deodorizer and tried using a vinegar/water combo to mop the new floors with. After a mopping or two I was finally able to leave my bedroom without having to vomit from the smell. So my vote is use vinegar.

  25. 1) Try ODOBAN. They sell it at Home Depot. Natural, smells awesome, and kills 99% of the ick stuff.

    2) I LIVE with concrete floors in my house. Tghat’s all we have. Stained concrete. I bitch about them all the time because i clean and clean and clean and dust shows nonstop. And then DH reminds me that all the crap I see on the floor would still be there, only hidden in carpet.

    The floors are nice in the summer…they keep the house super cool. But not so nice for a baby trying to crawl or a toddler flying when learning to walk.

    Glad you feel better!

  26. Been there, done that on


    Stumbled onto your site by accident but thought I would leave a comment considering that when I moved into my new place NOTHING would remove the dog pee smell from the bedroom rug. And believe me, I tried it all – Nature’s Miracle, baking soda, vinegar, Anti Icky Poo, the works. Then, I found Pee Be Gone. It comes in a lovely vanilla lavender scent and it WORKS!

    Now, don’t get me wrong, Nature’s Miracle is a marvelous product (note: works wonders on baby spit up, wet sheets, etc…) but when the smell has been sitting for a while and is in the pad, sometimes even the miracle needs a little help. Good luck!

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